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Nice review!

Interesting and challenging!

It took me a few moments to immediately understand the challenge herein; this applies to the controls too. Perhaps an onscreen explanation would benefit the game.

However, I was soon able to play the game; the game mechanics are super challenging but also immediately rewarding.

The color spectrum and and neon look compliment the game well too. Perhaps the music audio can be adjust a bit more (it was sort of low for me), but that's a minor complaint.

Overall, great entry. Great job!

P.S. Would you mind playing and rating my team's game; I think you would appreciate it!

Sure, let's swap rates!

Here's a link to my Alien-inspired chill-horror adventure game:


I was having a tough time getting the game started; I tried multiple times with a reboot. The game does look great though in the screencaps -- look forward to an update, if possible!

P.S. My team also made a space-themed game! May you please rate and check it out -- I think you might like it!

I would love your take! I'll be playing and rating your game momentarily. Thank you in advance!

Would love your take on my team's Alien inspired game:

Color spectrum galore!

Perhaps what drew me into this game's world was the combination of the graphics and choices in the color spectrum; super pleasant to look at! Great choices!

Game mechanics have some room for improvement, obviously, but what's here is already great and very promising -- I'd super look forward to future updates. Great job!

P.S. Please consider checking out and rating my horror adventure game -- I think you might like it!

Challenging interface!

I appreciate the inherent challenge these old-school types of games present to players; I respect it. That being said, I would recommend some form of guideline in the game's introduction or, even more so, a permanent inclusion that visible to the player as a helpline.

I will look forward to revisiting this title if there are updates! Great job.

P.S. May you please check out my adventure horror game; I think you may appreciate it!

Simple, compelling gameplay!

I found the movement and minimalist blue design of the walls like something out of a nightmare, lol -- both creepy and cerebral. I hope there are more variations of the setting and perhaps additional monster designs -- if so, I'd be super into checking it out! Great job!

P.S. I'd like to invite you to check out and rate my team's horror adventure game -- I think you would appreciate it!

This game blew me away -- holy smokes!

Talk about atmosphere -- playing this game was like walking in a dream, where robot automatons patrol the streets in the low light dusk of some semi-futuristic city. I just loved every second of the experience. 

Perhaps there is more to do in a future update for this game, and I'd be super into seeing progress made. However, what's here is tremendous! Great job!

P.S. I'd like to invite you to check out and rate my team's game; I think you might appreciate it!

Cute art style and fun mechanics!

Something about the layout of the minimalist map/grid worked with the graphic animations, of which were simple but effective overall. I had a great time playing this! I would be super interested in seeing future updates that might include a bit more textures.

Great job!

P.S. May you please take a moment to consider my team's game? I think you may appreciate it!

Super fun concept and a unique game loop!

I take it the learning curve might currently be a bit tough, but that didn't stop me from trying my best. What's here is already a super impressive build. With some tweaking to the level design and perhaps updates to the player's experience (perhaps highlighting the current player's clone), I think you have a super entertaining game on your hands. Great job!

P.S. Would you mind checking out and rating my team's game? I'd super appreciate it!

Fun concept!

I couldn't get far into the OpenGL build, but what I did experience looked like the foundation of a fun platformer with an interesting concept. I'd look forward to future updates.

P.S. Check out my team's game; I think you might appreciate it!

Fantastic concept and unique graphic art!

The controls work great right out of the gate, which worked in this game's favor since the concept demands that the graphics and concept mesh well -- and they do! The animations that have you punching at enemies with a teddy are amazing -- love it! 

I'd super look forward to future updates -- great job!

P.S. Please consider checking out and rating my team's horror game; I think you might appreciate it.

Great atmosphere and graphics!

I was taken by the character and level design. The jumping mechanic was fun too!  I could tell there was probably a lot left that this game wanted to do before being able to do, and I'd look forward to future progress and updates. However, what's present already is super impressive -- great job!

P.S. Maybe you could please check out and rate my team's game? I think you might appreciate it.

Fun stealth mechanic!

The graphic design and gameplay were smooth, and I enjoyed the little circular detector that informed me how much I needed to stay away from others.  Fun concept overall!

I'd recommend a more challenging mode with less time or perhaps more people to avoid.

Well done!

P.S. Would you mind checking out and rating my game? I have a hunch that you'd enjoy it!

Super exciting concept; there's something here that I'd be interested in seeing developed.  The assets might need to be spruced up, but the core concept mechanics that are in place work great! Well done.

P.S. Please consider checking out and rating my game! 

Thank you for your comments, Katatsumi!

We worked super hard on both graphics and audio -- thank you for giving that a shout-out!

No worries, Guy -- hopefully, we can make a future version of the game available for Mac.

Thank you, oimeow!

Our team worked super hard on the audio and mixing -- so it means a lot; we will most certainly check out your game.

Rewarding, fun gameplay!

First, the art style is dope -- excellent color spectrum and quality character design. It also meshed super well with the run/jumping mechanics of the characters. It's got the juice, as they say.

Secondly, the gameplay's mechanics are super rewarding due to carefully considering both level design and how you can repeat the level on death. It's a seemingly simple 101 game dev, but it can be hard to hone and perfect -- this game does just that.

Challenging, fun puzzle-solving mechanics are a plus, too -- it was fun figuring out how the mechanics work and how to complete each level. 

There's a ton to be proud of here; great job overall!

I look forward to future projects from this developer.

My team made an adventure first-person horror game set in deep space; fully voiced acted and excellent floating mechanics! We're very proud of it and would love if you rated and featured it.

First-person horror adventure game set in deep space! Thank you in advance for checking it out!

Do you like first-person horror adventure games set in space? Let us know what you think:

Also, look forward to playing your game too!

My team has an adventure space horror game that we'd love to get feedback on:


Highly addictive gameplay, fantastic sound, a clever meta-narrative, and graphics that simply work to serve the formerly mentioned qualities.  It's the kind of game every game dev wants to make.

Also, outstanding job on the mechanics! Frustrating at first with a clean difficulty curve is extremely tough to hone in a game like this -- but it's here in this game. I'll be recommending this to others simply for the rewarding challenges herein.

If anyone deserves to win a chocolate factory, it's this game -- it's both seemingly humble but layered with a genius quality that cannot be ignored. Well done.

P.S. I'd be super honored if you considered playing my game for this jam and letting me know what you think.

Great audio/music!

There are concepts here that run well enough on their own, but I was really into the methodically slow music -- it was very soothing and kept me wanting to try again and again, which is always helpful. 
Great job!

Hey! We wanted to make an entertaining game about picking up trash and my team made it happen, lol! 

I am so stoked you enjoyed the game, the floating mechanics, and the voice acting. Thank you for playing!

Have an awesome day!

Thank you for appreciating our efforts both in design and our character voices -- it's validating to know some folks enjoyed these specific efforts.

Have a great rest of your day!

Tremendous feedback!  Thank you, FasePlay!

Our team will consider how to close the overall game loop, so there's new, exciting stuff to do while listening to the audio tapes. Additionally, I think you've detailed a fair enough reason why there should be more closure to the story.

Additionally, we're super glad you enjoyed the flight mechanics. This game depends mainly on your ability to enjoy floating through space. We're happy you were impressed. 

Thanks again; have a great day!

This may be the best-pixelated art I've seen in this game jam thus far; it's primarily due to the clean animations and design of both character and setting. 

Additionally, I can appreciate the gameplay's design and mechanics of which are both smooth and easy to pick up and play. There's a quality to the layout of the first 3 areas that can be make or break if not done correctly -- but that's not a problem here. Great job!

Look forward to updates and what's next!

Wonderfully addicting and marvelous to look at!

What immediately drew me into the gameplay was the color spectrum and design. Simplistic and pleasant. The UI might benefit from another go-round of perhaps more specific detailing, but this is a minor nitpick.

Overall, the intended gameplay is super addictive and I can only see this getting better with more updates. I look forward to what's next!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Interesting concept! 

The minimalist style plays well for the intended, spooky effect. I wasn't sure of the echo effects were being utilized correctly, so I may suggest adding more 1:1 instructions at the very beginning of the game. 

What is here is very promising -- I would look forward to updates to this!

Amazing concept!

The handling is ridiculously well-honed and fun. I hope there will be future updates to this going forward! The graphical textures were easy on the eyes as well. Great job!

Thank you for your feedback, ExterabisStudios!

The entire game relies on the space physics created by our engineers; I'm happy you found the results interesting.

Have a great day!

Super stoked you enjoyed the floating mechanics in this game; thanks for leaving some feedback!

Excellent concept and art style!

From a design standpoint, this game stands out to me as both well-executed in gameplay and in concept/theme. It looks and feels great!

More so, it feels super polished -- props to the design team for making the game seem like it's been in production for longer than x1 week. 

I look forward to updates and future projects!