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I'm not so sure about this. Juice galaxy isn't exactly a game meant for speedrunning, so I don't really see a speedrun mode being added. I'm not the dev though, so I wouldn't know what he thinks.

To anyone wondering, the server is unfortunately locked and it will probably remain that way due to Fishlicka wanting to get more work done on the game along with some other reasons, that's why the link is expired

They are basically the same as far as I know.

Probably not. This game is not a virus.

As far as I know there are no current plans for a mobile port. Maybe some time in the future.

Currently you can't find him. There are plans for a Swirly D boss fight however

You can play with a controller I'm pretty sure. Have you checked the settings?

You don't seem to play a lot of fun singleplayer games. But honestly this arguing is stupid. Let's just agree that both singleplayer games and multiplayer games are equally replayable. Also I just want to say that I think one of the major reasons minecraft and Gmod are still popular it's because of modding. Not necessarily the multiplayer.

Singleplayer games can have replayability. Play something like dishonored and you will understand

I'm pretty sure there are in-game settings for controller support. I never use controller though so I have no idea for how that works.

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there are two ways: you either reinstall the game or you can install the app and it will update the game automatically

I do have friends. but since you want multiplayer so badly, maybe you should try actually talking to people in the real world. there are already plenty of multiplayer games. Multiplayer only limits the possibilities of what you can do.  Also, even if fishlicka does decide to make multiplayer, he'll just be wasting time and money coding that stuff because multiplayer games usually aren't "alive" very long, with a few exceptions like minecraft, TF2 and roblox.

It is not a virus. Don't worry. Sometimes antiviruses can be a bit overprotective.

based noise pfp

Kind of but I can see the appeal of multiplayer. I was mostly just sick of people always asking single player game developers for multiplayer

The dev is currently working on the main story














He is going to release it on steam eventually, he just wants to add a bit more to the game first

Creator update isn't abandoned, don't worry. It might come out on saturday/friday

Fishlicka is planning on releasing the game on steam eventually so probably. He does have a patreon though and you CAN donate to him when downloading the game on itch so I guess only time will tell.

no, it really doesn't.

Fish has said that he is probably not gonna add multiplayer.

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it will come to steam eventually. It's confirmed

Hey I was wondering, if you are going to nerf flying in the future, will you add dodging? like when you are fighting monsters you can dodge their attacks in any direction?

There's been a few updates but you should really play the game again and see for yourself.

It is free though

there will probably be multiplayer eventually

I have to admit that combat is not juice galaxy's strongest point. I have three ideas on how to fix this regarding the weapons.

1. Make the weapons stand out from each other a bit more.

although the weapons have different designs and do different amounts of damage, they usually don't stand out from each other a lot in my opinion. An idea was that maybe you would need to like charge some weapons before they do any real damage? I don't know it's just an idea.

2. Ammo.

Currently, you don't really need to worry about losing ammo when using for example the pineapplegun. To make the game a bit more challenging, maybe add different variants of ammo scattered around the world. It would make guns more valuable than they are in the game right now.

3. Hoagen.

Hoagen isn't very useful right now in my opinion. The only thing he really does is make your weapons larger and harder to swing and more impactful. I think it would be cooler if the weapons had a stat system kind of like the player stats. Basically you would be able to change the blade of the weapon and make the weapon harder to break and things like that. It would still cost juice of course but it would make Hoagen more useful and more of an actual blacksmith.

of course these are all just my stupid ideas and opinions as always but I would like to hear your point on this! I always appreciate feedback.

The idea with the regions is actually really cool. It would open possibilities of dungeons or mini games where you have to fight through waves of monsters

I agree with you on that one

It's hard to do that you can't just immediately make a mobile port.

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Idea: what if there was a part where you don't have the ability to fly and you can only jump. I think it would be fun. Maybe for example a monster has stolen some of your powers and items and you need to get them back. I think this idea would be cool because The flying ability is very OP right now and I would like to have more platforming in the game. Please tell me what you think about this.

go to sleep again

I think it would be a cool feature to add poisonous juice(juice that was too evil) or something. It could open possibilities to new mechanics. IDK just and idea lol

holy crap the update released the same day I posted this

I was just wondering why the terrain update is taking so long. I'm not trying to stress you out I'm just curious. 

Ahh yes a strok