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Fish has said that he is probably not gonna add multiplayer.

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it will come to steam eventually. It's confirmed

Hey I was wondering, if you are going to nerf flying in the future, will you add dodging? like when you are fighting monsters you can dodge their attacks in any direction?

There's been a few updates but you should really play the game again and see for yourself.

It is free though

there will probably be multiplayer eventually

I have to admit that combat is not juice galaxy's strongest point. I have three ideas on how to fix this regarding the weapons.

1. Make the weapons stand out from each other a bit more.

although the weapons have different designs and do different amounts of damage, they usually don't stand out from each other a lot in my opinion. An idea was that maybe you would need to like charge some weapons before they do any real damage? I don't know it's just an idea.

2. Ammo.

Currently, you don't really need to worry about losing ammo when using for example the pineapplegun. To make the game a bit more challenging, maybe add different variants of ammo scattered around the world. It would make guns more valuable than they are in the game right now.

3. Hoagen.

Hoagen isn't very useful right now in my opinion. The only thing he really does is make your weapons larger and harder to swing and more impactful. I think it would be cooler if the weapons had a stat system kind of like the player stats. Basically you would be able to change the blade of the weapon and make the weapon harder to break and things like that. It would still cost juice of course but it would make Hoagen more useful and more of an actual blacksmith.

of course these are all just my stupid ideas and opinions as always but I would like to hear your point on this! I always appreciate feedback.

The idea with the regions is actually really cool. It would open possibilities of dungeons or mini games where you have to fight through waves of monsters

I agree with you on that one

It's hard to do that you can't just immediately make a mobile port.

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Idea: what if there was a part where you don't have the ability to fly and you can only jump. I think it would be fun. Maybe for example a monster has stolen some of your powers and items and you need to get them back. I think this idea would be cool because The flying ability is very OP right now and I would like to have more platforming in the game. Please tell me what you think about this.

I think first person could work. maybe there would be a button that if you push it, you would go to first person until you move.

go to sleep again

I think it would be a cool feature to add poisonous juice(juice that was too evil) or something. It could open possibilities to new mechanics. IDK just and idea lol

holy crap the update released the same day I posted this

I was just wondering why the terrain update is taking so long. I'm not trying to stress you out I'm just curious. 

Ahh yes a strok

Rn fishlicka is working on the new terrain generation.


He has existed in all the juice galaxy versions I believe? I remembered that the koaladog used to stand next to the graveyard and do nothing.

I have an idea. What if there was an NPC that you could give juice to(or something) so that he teaches you fighting moves? It would be epic and it would add a bit to the game in my opinion.

I had another dream about a worm update where there were new worms and there were 3 types of them. The update was called like "IDK" or something.

After you beat swirly D it would be cool if you got a new grimoire called "swirling" where you swirl monsters. It doesn't have to be OP it's just a fun idea in my opinion.


I had a strange dream about juice galaxy a few weeks ago. I've had a lot of weird dreams about juice galaxy before but this one took the price. It was a dream about monsters now having genders. The females and males had different designs from each other. There was also a rocket ship in the game for some reason and it took you to swirly D on the moon I think? I can't remember the exact details but it was still a pretty funny dream in my opinion. If you had any strange dreams too feel free to share them down below.

The problem with this is that you have such short arms so it's very easy to get hit by an enemy.

I also don't know if this was intentional but the dream eater actually grabs you. Or well... It's more like his fingers stick to you.

I have a question. The whole dream sequence reminded me a lot of psychonauts when [ALSO SPOILERS] coach oleander becomes little Ollie. Is the dream sequence inspired by that scene in psychonauts? 

I was wondering if you would every add something with jelly physics? Like an enemy or something. It would be pretty funny.


Yeah I was just wondering

Just wondering, you're not posting anything so I was just wondering if you would post something soon? I heard that you're working on the story and characters and new places right now.

I agree. In another post fishlicka said that he's currently working more on bosses and new places I think.

Go out into the fog and try to find a wawsp nest. They spawn randomly so you'll find one eventually.

A flexible neck would be hilarious lol


I think you need to get more juice.  He doesn't appear directly.



In the new update, There is the worm gun. That's why I was wondering if there will be worms as an enemy as well?