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Juice Galaxy (formerly Juice World)

Floppy ragdoll rpg sandbox with physics-based combat · By fishlicka

i made a discord for fans of this game :)

A topic by megamanx503 created Mar 26, 2020 Views: 2,046 Replies: 8
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Thank you! This is awesome.


I'm adding your link to the main page, I hope that is okay!

that's awesome

i would like to be reinvited since i was cought up in a troll raid and id like to join back.  Smile#6249

Wow only 6 days after the server was created and it was already raided??

yo its expired

expired :(

To anyone wondering, the server is unfortunately locked and it will probably remain that way due to Fishlicka wanting to get more work done on the game along with some other reasons, that's why the link is expired