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Also, I recommend creating a backup of your savefile before messing with it, just in case!

Sure! The black screen issue tends to happen when there is a +maxHealth mod on the item with a very high number. I'm going to assume you are on Windows, here is a tutorial on finding your save files:

How to access your saves and error log on Windows. - YouTube

Once you've found it, open it with notepad (it is a .json file, which is pretty easy for us humans to read) and delete your draginslayer, or reduce the value of its maxHealth modifier to something like 0 or 100.

Naw we fine. I haven't signed any new contract, but even if I do, the new policy seems to not care until the game makes more than $200k, which we are faaar off from lol

Working on uncapped levels now!

Lool, fantastic news!

Hi! This is my fault, a bug with the fountain that I am hoping to fix with the next update. It happens because you've set some of your stats to very high numbers via the console. It should be fixed if you open the console and type 'set all 0' to reset your skills.

Oh no! You need to travel out past about monster lvl 30 before they start spawning. If it is truly bugged, then you'll be able to find roads out in the wilderness that start and stop at flat empty areas, where the buildings are supposed to spawn. 

If you find these empty areas, please let me know!

You are not late at all, and thank you for the video!

I think you are left clicking the juice-- You need to right click it and then click "Use On ..." and then click the target item.

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That's not good, thanks for the report.

I tried to reproduce the issue, but I was able to use juice just fine-- not that I don't believe you!

Would you mind sending me an error log? You should be able to produce one using the 'Bug Report' button in settings, or following the instructions in this video:

How to access your saves and error log on Windows. - YouTube

You can email it to me at

Ty for the reports, I think this should be fixed in the next update, which should come out sometime this week. If not, please let me know again!

How to access your saves and error log on Windows. - YouTube

Hey, thanks for the report! This looks like a problem with corrupted save files.

Could you follow the instructions in this video to:

1. Delete your savefile

2. Send me a copy of the error log (the file named Player.log) to

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Thanks for the reports! Always great to get some feedback from a linux user ^^

I'll work on the menu bug, that happened to me recently too. 

I think the weird colors are intentional-- we've had 'elite' monsters in for a while and they always have a unique color scheme. Maybe that's not what you are talking about though.

Yet, when I go "outwards", the game does slow down for a couple seconds after some distance.

So if I understand correctly, the framerate decreases for a few seconds and then normalizes? Is it one continuous slowdown, or several fairly short slowdowns in the space of a few seconds?

You can just redownload it from the game page:
Juice Galaxy (formerly Juice World) by fishlicka (
or use the app which will auto-update the game:
Download App -

That's a fine idea! I was already planning to add a 'hide crosshair' setting, 'always show crosshair' can be a part of that. I'll try and remember to do that.

I absolutely agree! It's on the list of things I'd like to do next. I also hope to upgrade the crafting system in general to be a bit less clunky (auto pickup, infinite stacking, and dedicated crafting tab)

btw Hellsing is sick, nice taste.

Hey, thanks for letting me know! This has been an ongoing issue I'm trying to collect more info on-- would you mind posting a screenshot of your "About This Mac" info?

Should look something like this:


Possibly in the future-- not til after the steam release though!


What happens when you try to run the game? You double click the icon, and then...

1. Do any windows pop up at all?
2. Does the game open, but then close?
3. Does the game open to a black screen?
4. Is there any sound?

Thanks for letting me know.

Sorry, could you elaborate on that? Are asking me to enable the hat in true first person mode? That would be the same as the "Keep Hat" option in the menu below "True First Person".

Wow, that's so unfortunate... it's just weird that it worked up until now.

I'm going to get back to work on the next update and keep thinking on this. I'll let you know here if I come up with any new leads.

Thanks again for your reports and all your testing! Sorry I haven't found a fix yet.

All right, one more try if you don't mind!

I've upgraded from Unity 2019 to Unity 2021, and fiddled with the menu system a bit more. If this doesn't fix it, idk what will.

The link to the test build is the same as before:   /   password: plswork

It's alright, I don't need the error log anymore.

Darn, I was really confident I'd fixed it. I changed a lot with the main menu last update, so I was kind of expecting there to be new issues. There have been other reports of issues with the GUI, so hopefully I can figure it out soon.

I will give this another shot within the next couple days, thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

I've uploaded a test build that may fix this issue--

If you wouldn't mind running it and letting me know if it works, I'd appreciate it!   /   password: plswork

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Thank you for the report!

Would you be willing to send me the error log and possibly a screenshot of the pixelated menu? It would help me a lot.

My email is:

Here's a tutorial on how to do that if you are on Windows:

Thanks for the report! I've added a fix that will come out in the next update.

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Thanks for getting back to me!

I'm actually at a loss for what could be causing this. Would you mind sending me the error log?

You can find it at:
~/Library/Logs/Fishlicka/Juice Galaxy/Player.log
and send it to:

to access the Library folder, you may have to hold the Option key while using the Go menu in Finder.

Ah sorry, I thought it fit the theme of the player being stretchy a bit more. 

Hey there, thank you for your report!

So, if I understand correctly, the buttons show up but cannot be clicked on?
I cannot get the issue to occur on my own Mac computers-- but one thing you can try is simply reinstalling.

If that doesn't work, can you answer a couple questions for me?
1. What version of Mac OS do you have?
2. Do you usually install using the app, or simply download from the JG web page?

I look forward to fixing this for you,  sorry for the trouble.

I apologize, I haven't been accepting help on that front because it feels strange to use another's art. I do plan to make it possible for modders to create weapons and armor soon though, maybe you would be interested in that when it is ready!
Thank you for the kind offer though!

I've added you to my list of prospective voice actors. Thank you for reaching out!

I would never! Don't worry.

Yes, sorry! I've just now uploaded a hotfix for that! You'll have to re-download, or check for update if you're using the app. Thanks for the report!

Nevermind, found the issue- working on a hotfix. Should be out in the next hour tops. Thank you for the report!

Can you guys try disabling gamepad in the controls settings?

Hey there! Thank you for the report!
There are two things you can try:

1. Send me the error log so I can hunt down the bug

2. Delete/hide your save files

There are instructions for how to do both in the following video.

It shouldn't be-- you need to get eaten by the huge vampire bat before it is unlocked tho. Try drinking the good juice in the graveyard, or he'll come on his own if you have enough juice.

Phew, that is such a relief ^^ glad it all worked out!

Could you send me the error log? I made a tutorial on how to access it, posted above.  You can send it to
That'll probably tell me where it's going wrong. Thanks in advance!

Awesome, thanks for letting me know!