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Yes! They are stored in a separate location in your computer. You can delete your old copy of the game.

They should all be scattered on those stick things surrounding the cabin-- there may be one on top of the roof too, I don't remember.

One trick: they show a little bit through the fog, so you can just try to spy them from far away

This will be a very different run in 0.1.22.

I didn't even know you could play on the steam deck x)

This is a known issue for linux machines and some windows. I haven't solved it yet, but I plan to address it in a future update. 

Until then I think there is not much you can do, sorry.

If you use the app ( it will update automatically :)

otherwise just download the latest version off the game page, your game saves will be preserved

Haha no problem, also if you use the app it will auto-update the game as I release new updates.

You can, characters are saved in an external folder and will transfer between updates ^^

Sí :) en descanso por ahora pero aún en desarrollo.
- Google Translate

Ah yeah true. Your arm actually is a bit weaker when you have 0 energy, but maybe I should increase the weakness.

I used to have it so if your stamina ran out, your arm becomes floppy until the bar fully recharges but I didn't wanna confuse new players.

Right click the juice in your inventory, click "Use On ..." and then click on the item you want to apply it to! It'll say what each type of juice does if you just hover your mouse over it.

Hmm, how did you install it? Maybe its a permissions issue or something weird with your computer. If the game crashed, it's possible that some of the files were "still in use" by the process, in which case you could restart the computer and try to delete it again.

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Lmao not good- I will try and prevent that happening soon. In the meantime, deleting your savefile should work!

If you are on windows:

  1. Open the File Explorer
  2. Type "%appdata%" into the address bar
  3. You will go to a hidden folder called AppData/Roaming
  4. Go up one level to the AppData folder, then go into LocalLow/Fishlicka/Juice Galaxy. 
    1. The full path should look like: "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Fishlicka\Juice Galaxy"
  5. Delete the "saves" folder, or go into it and delete the specific character that has the tiny head

It's not. Antivirus sometimes raises a warning, but as long as you've downloaded from the official page at, I guarantee I did not program a virus.

Can I use this in a video?

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It'd take some additional work, so I'll avoid it if the AssetBundle approach renders it unnecessary. 3D model importing for example can be done as an AssetBundle but it is a little less convenient since the modder must download Unity first. We'll have to cross that bridge when we get there.

Man how time flies. I looked into it a bit more and it looks like I can just write an "AssetBundle Loader" so that modders can just export AssetBundles from Unity and players can import them via a mods menu/Steam Workshop support. I'll try and get on that soon ^^

Doing good! Ty for asking. Got busy with irl stuff and haven't been very vocal about next update. 0.1.20 looks like its coming out very soon and then updates should come pretty regularly again.

Awesome, thank you haha glad to hear it! I had a lot of fun making that update. Lookin forward to making more bosses! Esp. moderately spooky ones.

I agree, I've been thinking a lot about villages. I like the idea of them creating an angry mob, we'll see!

I appreciate the feedback! Actually, for the next update I am experimenting with monster aggro radius as you suggested. They will wander around independently, and become more likely to walk in your direction the closer you get. I'm considering making them bigger and stronger now because you will fight fewer of them at a time. Glad to head you like the game so far, and ty for the compliments ^^

Thank you :) I'm working on merch!

I agree! The last melee weapons change was partly to make way for multi-part weapons such as that. In due time.

Did you rename/move the skin image you were using? If so, you'll need to rename it or move it back to where it was.

Yes the rocks are dumb as hell right now, I'l def work on pet AI soon!

Tods and Fwogs are amazing names and I can imagine a skinny Tod man running at you and inflating, honestly sounds like a ton of fun to program/fight. I may indeed take your idea, thank you!

I agree, I actually really enjoy just jumping and flipping around. I think a monster that casts a debuff, or areas that prohibit flight are definitely possible.

Thank you, this will be fixed in the next update!

In the meantime you should be able to get around it by first loading another (or a new) character in the main overworld, then backing to the menu and loading the character who is stuck.

Lool what a relief, I thought we had a new scene loading bug ^^ thanks!

Thanks for letting me know! Does this occur frequently?

<3 Thank you 

Ooh that'd be fun, been thinking about crumbling buildings at least. It won't be anytime soon tho, gotta add some more bosses, spells, and areas now ^^

True, it's probably about time I fixed that lol

Thank you!

Thank you for the detailed reports! I didn't know about half of these so I appreciate the help.

Haha yeah, big coincidence. It took a while because it was a big project to rewrite the terrain, and I got sidetracked and made other stuff too xD

Thanks for the feedback! I've been thinking of making the compass 3 dimensional (so it can point to things in the sky) and when I do, I could add a setting to put waypoints on the compass instead of the screen.

I agree in valuing exploration, and only added the waypoints as a kind of last resort for players who are totally lost. You can disable them in the quest menu for now.

I'm sorry Ryarod, I know lol.

Things will be moving fast again soon!

I appreciate it <3

Just getting the skills added o the game is a big priority-- some different dashes and moves for melee combat would really spice up the gameplay and enable melee to play faster. We'll see, there'll probably be trainer NPCs for them.

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I usually do:

  • set playerscale 0
  • set noclip 1
  • set playergravity 0

and then zoom all the way out.

As for your earlier question about sound files, I don't know of an easy way short of just sending them to you lol. Maybe you could try decompiling the game? Some modders have had success, though I don't know how.