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Juice Galaxy (formerly Juice World)

Floppy ragdoll rpg sandbox with physics-based combat · By fishlicka

will this game ever have a overall objective/story?

A topic by CandyWolf2006 created Feb 11, 2023 Views: 383 Replies: 3
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I mean this game is so good for its randomness, but it also seems a little bit directionless bc of that. I would like to talk about it in the comments! (i still like the game not saying its bad)

The dev is currently working on the main story

kinda late but i cant wait to see swirly d's wearabouts XD <33

I mean, it would be better if it weren't for no type of endings or whatsoever, technically there are only "mini-endings" (I like to call them that, as they're just different routes of endings.), but that is just not enough.