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Juice Galaxy (formerly Juice World)

Floppy ragdoll rpg sandbox with physics-based combat · By fishlicka

Make juice galaxy a free app game

A topic by Http guy created Mar 26, 2022 Views: 257 Replies: 3
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the reason I say this is that I don’t have a pc so it’s best for fish licks to make juice galaxy a free mobile game on App Store and google play please Fishlicka I’m begging you to make juice galaxy into an app

Do it now

It's hard to do that you can't just immediately make a mobile port.

I think a mobile port would be cool, knowing Fishlicka I'm sure it won't be polluted with ads and in-app purchases. But I think it would be cool if there was a button that just plays an ad for no reason other than to support Fishlicka via ad revenue