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no, it really doesn't.


maybe you're just lonely


I am very lonely ☺


sounds like you have no friends


I do have friends. but since you want multiplayer so badly, maybe you should try actually talking to people in the real world. there are already plenty of multiplayer games. Multiplayer only limits the possibilities of what you can do.  Also, even if fishlicka does decide to make multiplayer, he'll just be wasting time and money coding that stuff because multiplayer games usually aren't "alive" very long, with a few exceptions like minecraft, TF2 and roblox.

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I feel like single player games tend to be "alive" for shorter because once you're done doing stuff then there isn't much incentive to continue playing also   C O P E

Singleplayer games can have replayability. Play something like dishonored and you will understand

play deez nuts bitch

but in all seriousness something like Garry's mod or Minecraft have much more replayability because you can play it with your friends and Dishonored might have multiple ways to play and complete but the multiplayer game will always be the most replayable and least predictable.

You don't seem to play a lot of fun singleplayer games. But honestly this arguing is stupid. Let's just agree that both singleplayer games and multiplayer games are equally replayable. Also I just want to say that I think one of the major reasons minecraft and Gmod are still popular it's because of modding. Not necessarily the multiplayer.


dude co-op

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I have been playing this game myself and I feel petrified at every second I don't have someone to talk to, so multiplayer helps me stay in game for a bit longer because I wouldn't be terrified for the whole experience. So yes, for me, it DOES make it alot better of an experience.

(Then again, I have no friends :'c)