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Done, my bad

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Grace Hopper: Bug Rescue is currently in development and has its first demo available on the page. Continued development is planned to take this tiny snapshot into a fully fledged game with story arch, collectibles, level creation, and puzzles... lots and lots of fun cute puzzles.

Thanks again to the team for getting us this far!

Thanks very much!!! we're planning on adding some polish so will let you know

some visual feedback when your in different states would help, like an orb around the characters or something.. Coudnt really work out how to get them both jumping and in the right state at the right time, so maybe it needs an easier start too and prehaps a stimpulation thats it co-op, as its pretty tough controlling both at the same time

ahhh, nice. I really like it generally, think maybe the insight could be tested without death maybe... but hey good work

like the idea but by god was it hard to control, think it would work as a great co-op game though

couldnt run on mac :(

bum, yeah couldnt run it, sorry

good work

really slick! the UI takes some getting used to, but the games is great!

couldnt work it out but looks fun

great game! got stuck on the bridge bit. but really well put together!

good game

characters are pretty janky for some reason, but game is good!

really good, congrats!

art is mad in a good way. could move between two heads but couldnt really do anything else

Fun. but too hard.

Fun. but too hard.

Didnt seem to move for me

cool idea! made a prototype for something similar but with programming a year ago. Quite hard to play, and unforgiving, but still cool

difficult ui/controlls but nice game

looks greats, pretty  hard game!

works well, could be more obvious in presentatio

lovely puzzle game, well done!

love the idea! great work

rock hard

Really nice chilled out game, well done!

Cute. Didnt work on firefox, but did on chrome. think the colours incoming could be brighter and therefore match more obviously. GG

how do you unzip a rar on mac?

The idea was to get to areas of signal in order to "score", send back txt replies. Sorry, theres info on the game page here:

We decided to make the areas of full signals non-obvious so you have to use the (hot and cold) signal stregth to guide you towards it, however you should see a faint circle when your close.

To move, click and drag the mouse in the direction you want to go, if you drag longer and hold down longer you go further :) Arrow keys to move the camera left and right.

What is this game being developed in?

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Mac or linux build pleaaaaaase?

Great game, well done

I got 125 mins