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I really like the 2D style of it, while also feeling a bit like a zoomed out Doom TD, just with zombies. I would say you could make the gunshots a little quieter in comparison to the zombies, it is a bit overwhelming to just hear loud sounds for that long. Overall, very good game, have to say it is well made, I like the detailed, yet low res look of everything, good job!

This devlog chain is for updates about my first game with Unity, Blocked Out. It will include most minor patches, and all major patches. I hope you enjoy!

So in version 1.1 of Blocked Out, my first game ever with Unity, I have added some music for you to play with, it can be muted if you don't like it, so don't worry. I also made some small bug fixes and whatnot. But if you want to leave feedback on the music that would be greatly appreciated, I have never made music before this, so I am not the best. Thanks!

Worked perfectly on 
Intel Core 15 4690K
Asus Strix GTX 1060 6GB

Win10 x64


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I am working on a new project in Unity right now, the name is "Find your own way out" (Going to change 100%) it is a resource collection game that once you get enough resources, you build a ship to the next planet, very simple, very short, very basic. If anyone who knows how to model low poly stuff very well (Specifically plants, environment stuff, or even small spaceships), or anyone who wants to help for this project on the development side please notify me so we can talk over discord. (Just a warning, this is not a paid project, it will not be monetized, but if we get donations all will be shared evenly.)
This is a very relaxed project, we are all chill here, no strict deadlines, all friendly, and very communicative. If age is an issue for you please notify as I am 15.


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If you know how to make small soundtracks for games, please contact me, I am looking for someone who is able to use something like FL studio or Bosca Ceoil to make a small, action based soundtrack for my game, "Blocked Out".

Link to game:
Blocked Out

I am willing to pay $5 for a 5-10 minute soundtrack. Discord is preferred for communication, but if you know how to make a good soundtrack please contact me! Thank you!

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So, it has taken a few months to learn how to use Unity, but it has paid off! I have finally finished (at least to a playable level) my first game, "Blocked Out". I got a lot of inspiration from Brackeys on YouTube, so special thanks to him! I am already working on a new, more adventurous project, but this is quite the achievement for me. If any of you guys on here are fans of reflex avoidance games I recommend you check "Blocked Out" out. I also encourage you to check out Brackeys on YouTube @ Brackeys YouTube Channel

Link to game:
Blocked Out

The game has a score function, highscore function, custom slow time function, random block spawning, and more. Your objective is to use 'A' and 'D' to avoid falling blocks while your score goes up, if you get hit, you die. Simple as that. The game can be played on the browser for almost any computer that supports WebGL.
Some pictures:

Thank you all for checking out this post, as well as inspiring me to keep working through my issues. I truly look forward to what you think about the game if you decide to check it out, I want to hear your feedback. Have a great day!