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[Development/Modeling] Looking for dedicated modelers/developers!

A topic by Aura created Apr 06, 2018 Views: 45
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I am working on a new project in Unity right now, the name is "Find your own way out" (Going to change 100%) it is a resource collection game that once you get enough resources, you build a ship to the next planet, very simple, very short, very basic. If anyone who knows how to model low poly stuff very well (Specifically plants, environment stuff, or even small spaceships), or anyone who wants to help for this project on the development side please notify me so we can talk over discord. (Just a warning, this is not a paid project, it will not be monetized, but if we get donations all will be shared evenly.)
This is a very relaxed project, we are all chill here, no strict deadlines, all friendly, and very communicative. If age is an issue for you please notify as I am 15.