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Excellent job!

Yep, that's been a common complaint. I added an infographic to the game's page a bit late, and honestly that should have been added into the actual game. Thanks for playing, though!

Cool concept, did get some bugs though. Once I got in the van and left the van stopped and then nothing happened. Based on other comments there's more than one house? I thought maybe I was supposed to not get caught in order to progress, so I restarted the game, got everything into position, but then couldn't get in the van.
Pretty neat idea, though!

Thanks! Thinking about it, the game over screens were somewhat of a last minute addition so they may actually be bugged.
And yeah,  if I decide to polish this up I'd add some icons to the screen to indicate when an ability is ready, how much it costs, and whether it's available as well. There's a cooldown for each one.
You can actually knock things down! For instance, the objects on the tables in the piano room are all interactable. They don't really do much except pick a random direction and move slightly(also all of them move at once for some reason?) but they are interactable.

As a robot I approve. Great work!

Very nice, great job!

Good job, that was a pretty cool game!

Cool Idea! I think there's a problem with the game logic though, since I stood in front of the priest for a good while before the Fear meter started filling up, and even though I eventually led him to the objects the game didn't end after they were all three found. I also got both endings, because I could still move around after the game ended. Good job overall, though!

Thanks! I've heard this same criticism from others, ideally there'd be more of a UI to indicate what ghost powers are available and what buttons to use for them, but I ran out of time!

Yep, we're in pretty good company, too. Thanks!

Thanks! And wow, what a coincidence! There is actually an ending screen for getting the Heart Rate over 220, were you near the piano at all? I've had previous feedback say that can cause a crash as well

Thanks! Yeah, I should add some kind of feedback to let players know what can be interacted with.

Gotcha, I'm guessing you were using the keyboard? Yeah, I'll admit that was a weird choice, and I probably should have play tested more with the keyboard. Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome art style, and extremely well done gameplay. Nice job!

Awesome art style, and extremely well done gameplay. Nice job!

Very cool idea!
I wish the play space was a little bit bigger so we had some room to move around a bit, but other than that great work!

Ah gotcha. Good to know!

You'd think the fishermen would get tired after a while.
Pretty cool game, though!

Great job!
Does your dark power recharge over time? I didn't notice if it did. It seems to deplete pretty quickly

It will forever remain a mystery

Super fun! Good job!

Interesting, I wonder what caused that crash.
When you say the controls were clunky, are you talking about how the game felt to control or the control scheme itself?
And thanks, the voice lines were a lot of fun to record!

I feel like I've seen this anime.
One thing is the hitbox for the truck seems a little wide, definitely hit some regular people without actually hitting them

Super cool! Love the art style and the concept. Would love to see this get taken further!

Very cool!

Very cool! It'd probably be a good idea to have the walls block the light, though. I got game over'd by that a few times.

Very cool! I kinda wish I could see where the victim was in the house, like some kind of arrow that points to them.

Absolutely, submitting something is better than nothing, especially for jam projects! And I understand overscoping, there's a lot of my game I had to cut

I liked this! Reminds me of Super Monkey Ball and Mojo. The one critique I have is the camera after you get the hole in one, since it goes into the level geometry. Should be an easy enough fix, though!

I love golf games, this is a nice one. Though I have to say, I forgot to fill out my scorecard.
It'd be interesting to see this develop more, maybe with more ghost powers?

Pretty neat, I like all the different animations. Others have said there should be more of a challenge, which I agree with. Maybe a raising of the stakes? Could also have some kind of randomization. Maybe the house gets bigger with every level, different rooms, different people in them? Maybe one character doesn't get scared by a TV turning on but does with the monster under the bed?

Cool concept, it'd be interesting to see where this goes

I feel like the controls would feel better if the screen didn't move with the mouse, I feel like that should be separate. Pretty cool, though!