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Thanks for playing! Will check out the issue ~

Amazing art and fun mechanic ^^ I like detective games. It was a bit difficult and I had multiple wrong answers, but my second best guess left me with just one wrong answer. That final one I brute-forced it ^^' but made sense. Great game!

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Thank you ☺️

Nice xD ahah that will be funny

Just wanted to report I also wrote "Boats"

Great Puzzles! I liked the twist of having to lose health to progress. The art is very cool too. Congrats!

I also never want to get out of the couch, need this home! I loved the game, I relate to the smart devices that never just work. This is awesome. Great work :)

The art looks very very good, like a polished game! The gameplay was fun, and great health visualization in the actual character. Great work :)

Very cool! I found the balloons really funny. At first I didn't read the instructions, so I used them to balance because that made kinda sense, but then the little guys started flying away ahah! This game is really polished, awesome for the time of the jam. Congrats!

Loved the art style and building the playground. I also really liked the hiding/running gameplay, the vision circle you added was very clear. Well done!

Nice game! The audio fit really nicely. Congrats :) 

Nice puzzles, I really enjoyed the added mechanic of considering the meteor trails especially when it makes you rethink the order in which to solve parts of it. Congrats!

Really good puzzles, and very quick/smooth level transition. I was able to get in the zoom and just play through a few. Great work :) 

Really great use of the limitation, very clever to start at the point you are already wounded and the movement is ended lethal. Great work!

Very cool and unique concept. I would like to see it animate between the poses so I can preview the movement as I make it (I think you mentioned you didn't have time below but I just wanted to mention it). This had really unique and creative mechanics. Great work!

Fun game and the visuals, sound, and everything were very tight. I wasn't sure about the use of the limitation until I accidentally hit some co-workers ahah Congrats!

Thanks for playing! Happy you enjoyed it :) 

Thanks for playing! I tried to make the art style look cute to balance with the topic :) I'm glad you liked it

Thanks for playing! It was just a proof of concept so it was bit of a difficult puzzle since I only had time to do one. I would've like to expand to have a few with increasing difficulties to help ease into it.

At first I got stuck with the projectiles and it felt kinda easy, but once I got unstuck I just flew off with the wind ahah Nice game, I like the colors and art style. I didn't quite get why you need the staff, maybe something to do with the wind direction? Congrats!

I love the art style and concept of this game. It took me some time to get the mechanics. I think the instructions on the page could be improved to be easier to read the controls, it's a bit mixed in with the text. I would love to be able to keep the current tool without having to go to inventory each time.

Great game, congrats :)

I love the cardboard art style! Congrats to you and your sister for the game :)

Lovely colors and simple yet fun gameplay. Great use of the limitation with having the ice melt as it moves. Congrats!

Wow! This is amazing. Not just super polished but also really creative concept. I started making up in my head what the mystery happening in the 3D space could be. Would be curious to see this being expanded on :) Great work!

Yey I made it! ...but I got stuck on Level 3 and gave up before I saw here in the comments there were hints ahah needed hints for Level 3 but felt clever to make it on the next ones :) 

Very clever use of the limitation and very nice puzzles. Congrats on the game!

The inhabitants sure are brittle! At first I was like ?? but then it all made sense ahah I love the art and colors, and the audio is perfect. It was sad to see the balloons pop, I did my best but still couldn't save them. There were some interesting level design moments too. Like mentioned below, a droplet count would be nice. Congrats on the game :)

Thanks for playing! There are 3 lose conditions: If your hunger bar gets full, If you have more than 3 leaks, or If you didn't complete enough Daily Tasks when the day rollover. Did you see this screen? If so, the reason appears in the second line (if you didn't get it, might've been a bug). If you say you went through the restaurant, then it may be the leaks or Daily Task condition. Let me know :)  Lose Screen

Very polished game! Even the page looks awesome. I really appreciated the Leaderboard feature (though I couldn't even get close to making it ahah). It took me a few tries to understand the movement but I got it and then it was pretty fun to bound around :) Congrats!

I really loved the art style, I think it fits the idea perfectly. I am sorry I stepped on so many humans :< 

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a challenge to balance it within the time I had as a solo dev but I tried to do it as best as I could ^^ Appreciate the positive feedback.

Thank you for playing and the kind words! I was a bit reticent about what would be everyone's reaction so I really appreciate to see it positively received :) 

Definitely based on memories of having played those too ^^ Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing and the kind words! Yes, I would have loved to have some music - something like Guitarra Portuguesa but ran out of time (and also audio is my Achilles heel, need to get some skills there ahah). Thanks again :)

The ship gameplay feels really nice, with the waves, sounds, and steering. I wasn't sure when to use the sails, I left them always on after the first time I toggled them... maybe that's why I sank in the storm? I was going to give some feedback about the UI elements being too far away and the camera moving when I move the mouse to it, but I think that is because I am on a widescreen... I was thinking maybe the Captain Log and Sail toggle could be incorporated in the ship itself so they are handier as well as more integrated. Great game!

The art is so amazing! It was also great to learn about the history that inspired the game. Thanks for making it and congrats on the game :)

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Really nice art! Hat and pickaxe were super helpful but I couldn't make it past 11 :'( Congrats on the game, really fun ^^

This was awesome! Really well polished. I liked the graphic style a lot, and the animations on the text. Feels very on theme. The gameplay was simple but really fun, a great way to learn this bit of Canadian History. Congrats!

Thanks for playing!

Really enjoyed optimizing outposts and re-routing based on the production objectives. A lot of small useful pieces of feedback to tell you where you can't place and such. Really fun to play! Well done :)

Filo is so cute! I really loved the character and the self-aware alternate history. 'It could have been different...' Very nice game :)