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Neat idea. Looks very great and polished.

ok, booted it up in unity, and it's great. So much polish and fun as well. Man I feel so bad.

Nice art, higher enemy spawn rate would have been nice.

Nice controls and really nice music. but the AI is a bit janky.

Yeah, the physics are not perfect, i had to fake a bit of it to make it in time for the jam.

Simple yet effective.

Some more levels would have been nice.

Can't seem to get past the drop dice part. Seemed like a good game.

Really fun gameplay, and unique take as well. It's so good. Though the paddle is too slow imo. If it was a bit more fast it would have been a lot better.
But Upgrades and stuff are really cool as well.

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Pretty nice twist on the theme and good story you got there.

That's some really good art.

That's some really good art.

It looks great and the music is top notch. Pretty fun game as well.

I love the sound effects, especially the beeps lmao

pretty fun, kinda feels like a rhythm game

don't run the bliff.exe, run the bliff.bat to play the game. also bliff.exe is a malware according to virustotal

well, its a game jam too, theres nothing to be sorry about

hmm, it worked but took a few clicks, i thought you needed to grab those keys lying and the hanging, were some visual bugs tho

my pc couldn't handle it so voted based on the video, looks sweet and them animations

can't really get to interact with anything, like the intro

lmao, make sure BEAT those cute slimes. BTW, i learned a lot from that jam I did with you. Thank You

Does this arrow point me to a easter egg, i followed for 4 minutes without any result

Do it. I give you permission. Also remember to steal some evidence before doing so.

Read the notes section of the game's description in main page... lmao ;)

ahhh Another VN! also, the intro, THE INTROOO! it's epic and kinda AAA

I would've thought no one will will a vn, I'm really glad someone did

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I can't seem to find a way to move the transmitter, cool game ntl

This is so cool! Can't believe it's made in 2 hrs. I wanna do something like this too.

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Man!! i was thinking about making this game. It's nice, but no Dracula!
owww .... i'll go for TPP.

score 70. the game is nice and relaxing with a nice atmosphere almost like Alto's Adventures.