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No problem. Thanks for playing again and checking out those checkpoints.

Thanks for playing. The doors are the checkpoint. So if you die the player respawns from the last exited door instead of restarting the game.

Forgot to implement a global variable for total ammo count that the player has.

So yes for now in this game you have infinite ammo. Thank you for playing our game.

Thank you for the feedback. Very much appreciated.

Simply because of easy the overall game play was the checkpoints pretty much didn't play any function in the game.
The checkpoints in this game are the doors so whenever the player dies the player respawns from the last exited door. 

Thanks for playing it. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Very nice and simple. The only issue would be the mini map covering up the right hand side of the game. Next time just add more additional blank space to the right for your UI elements (i.e. mini map, timer, instructions, etc. ) to be located.

But overall well done. 

Overall very well done. Simple and straightforward.

Yeah no problem. One thought I had was providing the player with immunity (by disabling their collisions) for 3 seconds or so after respawn after which you re-enable the player collision box to trigger the player death event.

We also noticed that and was because we forgot to include the code to clear that text once the player pickups the ammo.

We tried to make it similar to the 2d shooter platformer flash games but it proved to be a bit too much for the jam.  

Still thanks for playing and pointing out the bug. Always good to have feedback.

A pretty cool design idea. And a well designed puzzle game to think about.

At first was a bit confused what to do but later got the hang of it. Some levels are tricky and in others you can get stuck in an infinite loop of death. Took some time to figure out how to get out of the never ending death loop. Here are some images of what that looks like,

But overall a pretty fun puzzle game. A job well done and executed.

Thanks for playing and the feedback. 

 The grab mechanic was accidentally discovered when designing the level. And was a result of how the player collision box was defined as trapezoid head and a box body.

Thank you for the feedback. The lighting is new to us so we played around with it to try and see what we could do with it.

Because we made the game too easy the checkpoints pretty much didn't get noticed by players which are the doors. So if the player died you would respawn at the last door from which you exited from instead of restarting the level.

Thanks for playing and taking your time to point this out.

The checkpoints are the doors so if the player dies you respawn at the door instead of having to restart the entire level. We’ve kept the level design to be as simple as possible so that the player doesn’t become frustrated with clearing the level.

So at some point in the design we have made the game too easy where the checkpoints were unnecessary.

But thanks for the feedback and playing the game. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for playing and feedback. The first enemies are the small and fast ones which are pretty hard to hit. Next should just make them bigger.

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This is a really well done project. It takes a while to understand what you are doing but otherwise you have nailed it.

Overall well designed. Keep up the work.

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For both the French and British Campaigns Level 1 your unit must be the first one to open fire. Both of those Level 1 start of the same way where the player unit can get 2 shots off on the first enemy unit.

The second enemy unit will be close and approaching you on Turn 3 at this point you must retreat. See the attached images to see where you must retreat to and end turn. An example below illustrates the French Campaign Level 1.

At this point you should be able to kill the first enemy unit while the second enemy unit will waste two moves to get to you. Once again when it is your turn open fire on the enemy unit and repeat until you win

Thank you for playing and the feedback. The mechanic design is something new to us so there is some tuning needed.

Fun, simple, straight to the point, takes time to learn, difficulty curve rises at an appropriate rate makes you want to try again each time differently.

Only issue found was in the system response of item pick up. Item becomes highlight pressed space bar multiple time for the pick up to register. Tuning that mechanic to become more responsive would allow the game to grow at an appropriate rate becoming near the end fast passed and intense.

Overall, well done polished, working, and fun to play!

A well-designed game core mechanic of a strategy defense game. Not intuitive as to what happens with your troops at first so adding a morale bar would help clear up the confusion. And also a health bar for enemies to turn on once they take damage.

Characters on screen compared to the overall screen size are small so adjusting their size could improve player’s focus on the gameplay. Along with adjusting the amount of unused screen space (skies) to further, improve the attention to the game.

Overall, an excellent thought out idea and implemented. The gameplay is fun and choice selection of order execution to obtain most cost-effective solution in game feels rewarding. Well done!

Game core mechanics are executed fantastically and everything works well. The main element missing is the incentive for the player to move anywhere since there is no in game benefit for the player of doing that. 

Otherwise to spice up the overall gameplay designing a goal like player collects parts to fix his ship to escape the aliens would give the incentive for the player to move around the map to explore and collect items to achieve the given goal. 

Overall, the gameplay is solid and fixed with an understandable amount of complexity in your implemented game mechanics.

That is weird never knew that. But did it work later or not?

Well-designed puzzle game with built in tutorial through playing the game teaching the player what to do without giving direct instructions.

The movement is really the only thing that requires tuning to make the game play feel smoother. Alongside with that some polishing of the UI like showing the player is freezing by changing the borders of the screen turning into ice.

Overall, short and simple gets the point across straight away.

Thank you. Given the art style thought that would be appropriate for the cartoony artwork. 

Thank you for playing. Indeed, the possibility of interpreting the theme is endless. So far there a vast amount of interesting games to still play and try out to see how others interpreted the given conditions.

Simple and fun game with intuitive controls.

Adding additional enemies such as small and fast with big and strong aliens would make the gameplay a little more diverse. Which would then lead to a possible additional game mechanic design with allowing player to choose between additional abilities. Such as quick dash, explosive damage, or anything that would be easiest to make and test.

Overall, satisfying gameplay with a recognizable game structure. Well done.

Not badly done for a first game.

You did not over scope, which is crucial in game design.

Minor improvement left mouse button hold to shoot (at a fixed rate) instead of constantly clicking to shoot. This will prevent player from fatigue of repeatedly left clicking.

Overall, a well retained scope of the game design.

Very well planned and executed.

Intuitive gameplay that gets adjust based on gained abilities. The levels (or stages) are well designed that is based on initial selection of ability the player can play through the game with a breeze and each time differently.

Minor improvement would be to add some texture in the background to make the differentiation between stages easier (dotted, brick, strip, etc. backgrounds), because at some point I would lose track of who is who and who is where. Nevertheless, this is not a crucial component of gameplay but just for visual identification of game elements.

Overall, fun to play around the levels each time differently.

That is interesting. Probably the CSS file did no load correctly and hence the buttons displayed nothing. At least for next time I now know that I should add some sort of a delay for the CSS and text data to load into the game before throwing the player straight away into the game. 
Thank you again. 

Thank you Marcus Himself for playing the game.

What we tried implementing in this game was the text-based game mechanic like in Echo Bazzar (now called Fallen London) or Sunless Sea (similar to FTL) but more with visual interaction. Turned out that an interactive visual story is more difficult to make than a simple read the text mechanic. 

 Again thank you for playing and providing the constructive feedback.

Thank you blazecus for playing and providing feedback.

Adding enemies on screen, which the player has to avoid, could add some more tension to the game. Sadly, we had to say no to that mechanic since things were not working with player interacting with ice blocks and abandoned shelter.

Thank you FllingWallGames for playing and the feedback.

Question: The one time you couldn't get the game started did restarting the game by pressing spacebar work or not? In addition, did the buttons display as an empty box after that?

 With adding, more detail on what occurs during the player's encounter does sounds like a good idea. Since in text-based games that can improve player’s engagement with the game. But that depends on the game core structure. 

 Again thank you for playing and the feedback.

Next time when you design a game similar to this one focus on; 

Enemy Wave Spawn - Avoid spawning too many enemies because the game began to glitch and slow down.

Use of screen space - Around 80% of the screen is blank and not used. In the case of your game design you could zoom in onto the player a bit more (having around 50% or less of the screen dark).

Level Design - Make the level layout smaller in size to have the player not feel they are running  in the middle of nowhere forever.

Overall, not a bad use of fog of war element along with the pick and drop mechanics of items.

Really well done and executed!

Solid gameplay. Clean and distinctive art. Fitting sound effects and music. 

Fits the game jam focus and theme.

Overall, a very well polished game and a job well done.

 We were thinking of allowing for such option for light weapons like pistols and melee enabling the option to attack while.

Thank you for playing the game and providing feedback on he gameplay.

Yeah that would require some planning and executing to make the game complete. But hopefully over time of playing the game I will observe the puzzle game mechanic you have designed in your game so that I can provide a more technical feedback on your game from a players perspective that can be constructive. 

But overall the game is not badly done.

Not badly done just that by choosing to make a turn based strategy (TBS) game you choose a high level of difficulty to complete. Since in TBS games the design can become very complicated in a very short period time of development. When making TBS you should try to keep the game mechanics at its most primative level of structure as over time with addition of AI and game rules the game mechanic will begin to vary drastically.

But never the less the gameplay is interesting one problem was when scrolling in you zoom out and just a little bit of too much content introduced to the player at once. Graphics fit the overall game design along with the audio.

Overall nicely done and when in future you design TBS games is concentrate on creating smaller elements of the TBS genre (player controls, AI decision, game space) and then combine those small elements to see the overall affect. All in all the game you made is well done.

Overall I am still confused on how to play this game. Spent an lot of time trying to figure out what and how to do in this game. Probably to much information being presented at one time in one go.

But overall I liked the graphics.

Really well done, planned, designed, executed, and completed. No discrepancies found needed to be pointed in this game.

Overall a nice simple game to play and learn. Amazing job done.

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It seem that you have over scoped in your project design. It would benefit more from simplifying the game mechanics being introduced to the player over time with the overall complexity. Basically start small from the core which is your basic game concept. Then add changes to your initial game design and observe the affects it has on the gameplay (through user feedback).

Overall interesting turn based strategy game mechanic to investigate. Well done.

The UI design we completely left it out but yes a lot of work is needed there to be done so that it integrates well with the game graphics and provides necessary information to know about. And as for the Player we initially thought of adding the option to choose which side to fight for along with character choice but due to time cutting short scrapped that idea out.

But thank you for playing and the constructive feedback. Hopefully in the future when time allows we will tweak and polish the game until the desired end result is achieved.

Yes the shooting visual could have used some animation for visual indication of action taking place.
Thank you for the feedback and playing the game.