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Sail Through IceView game page

Find your way out of the ice maze
Submitted by Arroslin — 2 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Technical Implementation#1172.6303.143

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game implement the focus, Multi-Use?
Use your crew in multiple ways to achieve your goal of finding a way out of the ice maze. Use fuel and supplies wisely as they are limited and are need to power your ship and feed your crew.

Team Size

Pair (2)


Unfinished Prototype

What tools did your team use to construct the game?
Construct 2, Inkscape, Audacity

Which art and audio did you / your team NOT create?
Self Made

Which art & audio did you / your team create BEFORE the jam started?
Self Made

Which diversifiers did you use, if any?

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Interesting concept that could be expanded upon and the sounds were a nice addition. Great job. :D


Thank you for playing and the feedback. The mechanic design is something new to us so there is some tuning needed.


It wouldn't actually show the ship or crew, just the sun. I'm on Chrome on Windows.


That is weird never knew that. But did it work later or not?


Very cool game!

The story elements are great and i love the funny sound affects.


Thank you. Given the art style thought that would be appropriate for the cartoony artwork. 


Wowie, What A Cool Game, Never Expect Something Like That From This Theme And Focus, I More Expected Cooking Games ;P


Thank you for playing. Indeed, the possibility of interpreting the theme is endless. So far there a vast amount of interesting games to still play and try out to see how others interpreted the given conditions.


Okay Shakespeare...


Screw you, polar bear! :D I really like the idea and setting of the game, it reminds me a bit of FTL without the combat. It's quite rough around the edges but with some polish it could become a pretty nice game. I love the cute sound effect of the sailors when they succeed! Well done!


Thank you Marcus Himself for playing the game.

What we tried implementing in this game was the text-based game mechanic like in Echo Bazzar (now called Fallen London) or Sunless Sea (similar to FTL) but more with visual interaction. Turned out that an interactive visual story is more difficult to make than a simple read the text mechanic. 

 Again thank you for playing and providing the constructive feedback.


I enjoyed the theme and art! To add some non-random challenge, maybe there could be some sort of threat that's chasing you? A kraken or pirate ship maybe?


Thank you blazecus for playing and providing feedback.

Adding enemies on screen, which the player has to avoid, could add some more tension to the game. Sadly, we had to say no to that mechanic since things were not working with player interacting with ice blocks and abandoned shelter.


I like the icebreaker exploration theme; it's quite unusual. The implementation of the theme is very intuitive.

With the exception of one time when I couldn't get the game started (all the buttons on the opening screen had no labels, and didn't work), I didn't notice any bugs; the game seems to work quite smoothly.

The graphics are serviceable to get across the overall appearance of an icy sea. The  sound effects are a little weird.

What I think would really elevate this project is more granular detail about what exactly goes on during those encounters. And I don't just mean flavor text, but some associated variety of challenges to the player. Minigames perhaps? Smaller-scale simulations?


Thank you FllingWallGames for playing and the feedback.

Question: The one time you couldn't get the game started did restarting the game by pressing spacebar work or not? In addition, did the buttons display as an empty box after that?

 With adding, more detail on what occurs during the player's encounter does sounds like a good idea. Since in text-based games that can improve player’s engagement with the game. But that depends on the game core structure. 

 Again thank you for playing and the feedback.


I don't remember if I tried using the spacebar, sorry. I know that I clicked the buttons and that did nothing. I refreshed the browser tab and everything loaded correctly.


That is interesting. Probably the CSS file did no load correctly and hence the buttons displayed nothing. At least for next time I now know that I should add some sort of a delay for the CSS and text data to load into the game before throwing the player straight away into the game. 
Thank you again.