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Looks like i need to renew the SSL certs. You can check it out here: in the meantime. I'll take a stab at fixing it up this week though!

ok! I've updated the game with some small quality of life patches + fixed the map loader. The game with these fixes is not longer 13KB, but I'v confirmed that even Safari can load and play the game now with the correct map layout :D Give it a try and let me know.

(I'm using a PNG to encode the map and your map looks wrong in both cases haha)

I'll see if I can make a less optimized build that doesn't rely on the browser's PNG decoder... Very very weird and not something I'd expect to vary across browsers X_X

Haven't changed anything with this recently, so not totally sure what you're seeing. The game does leverage some pretty specific PNG encoding stuff (optimized for JS13KGames) and as a result some browsers misbehave. I've used mostly Chrome. I've tested lightly in Firefox and Edge too. Safari is a consistent failure though :(

Any chance you could share your browser + some pictures of the issue?

Had a great time running around, exploring, saving moles, and beating up rocks. I made it to the second area (brown and sandy looking). I started to explore there and got stuck in a pit that I couldn't jump out of it... at that point it was GG for me :/

1. The aesthetics were great and gave a good sense of a big underground mole world.

2. The combat / punching was a bit awkward. Could've used some more audio-visual feedback ... but it was mechanically functional.

3. I wish the timer bombs had a more clear indication of when they were going to blow up. As it stand, you have some 3-4 second timer and just have to guess based on when you walked near it.

4. I want a map! It was very easy to get lost especially with all the same-looking terrain everywhere.

Overall, this was a great entry and a very ambitious one too. A 3D metroid-style platformer is no small task -- congrats!

The visual and audio style here were excellent! However, there were some core mechanics that were a bit too clunky to enjoy the experience. Here's what happened for me:

1. First play through on a new game, I had the dialogue text appear and say "And now a final third attack" or something.

2. I refreshed the game and selected "continue". That's when a new text box appeared saying "You should not be seeing this text." I laughed.

3. I started a new game, killed all the enemies in Room 1, got the secondary attack, made it to room 2, then fell to my death. Unfortunately, I didn't die... I just kept falling and was softlocked. I had to restart the game again. After reaching there a second time and falling again, I gave up :/

4. Aside the buggy behaviors on game flow described above, the main recommendation I have for you to fix is the feeling of the combat. Right now, your attack is SLOW. It's so slow that if you were to start attacking after an enemy, they're guaranteed to hit you first. Which btw, the enemies have almost no "tell" indicating when their attack is going to happen, it's nearly instant and not really interesting to play against. More important than any of the other feedback is this one: DO NOT LET THE ENEMY'S ATTACK CANCEL YOUR SLOW-TO-USE ATTACK. That was infuriating. I would essentially be caught in a loop of trying to attack and not being able to because the enemy just kept zapping me indefinitely and revoking all control from the player... Spamming the attack button eventually worked, but it felt terrible. Designing an enjoyable attack system is tough. The ones that work best are typically the highly responsive ones. If you want a game based on long buildups for the attack, then make the enemies and environment more conducive to that playstyle.

Brief and enjoyable experience. I enjoyed the animations of the main player quite a bit, nice work with that. I have some feelings about the level design though:

1. The acrobatics aspect was very neat (though seemingly unrelated to the game). I felt like it required a bit too long of a spinup time for me to enjoy using frequently. I used it when I had to.

2. I'd frequently fall to my death since I could not see beneath me :(

3. I found the gas caves and the game put a checkpoint down there for me. This meant that every time I was trying to climb back out I kept respawning down there and I was sad...

4. I found the flashlight + helmet before I knew I was even looking for them! Would be nice to force the player's discovery order of "Oh this place is dark, if only I had a helmet with a flashlight!"

5. The final boss / flood sequence was fun! My only feedback here is that the final enemy's motion pattern phase was RUTHLESS. If you were not way ahead of schedule, you were effectively guaranteed to be slowed down and die because of that final enemy. Consider removing it completely or make it move faster or something of the sort. There's a balance between "Fun because challenging" and "Annoying because unintentionally challenging" :p It seemed like the two paths to reach the top changed the phase of the enemy because they had different path lengths. One of the paths would always put the enemy in the wrong phase!

That's all I've got. Nice work with this little piece :)

Well done on the project!  Huge praise to the graphics + audio design on this. Good variety of enemies and game progression elements. Some room for improvement here:

1. The sword attack mechanic should be the first thing that is fixed. It is slow to trigger (which could be by design, but it didn't feel good). Furthermore, sometimes I'd try using my attack and it wouldn't trigger. This could be because I tested on a trackpad though! So in that case having an alternate button for attack on keyboard would be nice :)

2. The motion controls on slopes felt very awkward. It honestly got the job done, but I felt like I was sliding and not running half the time.

3. What's the purpose of the coins? They seemed like a health system similar to Sonic with the rings. I'd love to see the coin mechanic have a bit more depth -- especially because pirates LOVE COINS. Can you buy bullets? Do you need to pay bribes to reach certain areas? Playing with currency that doubles as health feels like a fun way to leverage this mechanic for all its worth.

All around great job and thanks for the submission!

Cool concept and hilarious ending.

1. Using the sword to get out of the top-right cavern after gaining double jump was downright unenjoyable. That level design should be adjusted or the combat should be changed. As it stands, that part as paaaainful to play.

2. The core mechanic of packing your abilities in to an active loadout is very cool. However, you didn't let the player explore that at all! The only time that mattered was for using double jump at the very end of the game. If you're going to make a cool core mechanic, you should lean in to it as the main thing you want the player to engage with.

Other than that, this is a nice little piece. Thanks for sharing it!

The concept of your hero being invisible is a great one, but the execution of the mechanic is very important. As it stand, I don't know where I am at all unless I'm attacking! All the enemies know where I am, but I don't :( Having consistent dust trails behind the player would help (I saw them sometimes, but not always). The combat mechanics were a bit confusing too, I couldn't get the sword to attack all the time -- as though there was some cooldown I couldn't figure out. 

Let me ask this, what would be different about this game if the player were visible? Are there game mechanics that don't make sense if the player can be seen? I couldn't make it too far in the game, but from what I played it seems like the player being invisible was of no consequence except to frustrate the player. Mechanics that are worth exploring:

1. Lack of motion should make you truly invisible to enemies.

2. Differentiate walking which is silent from running which makes noise.

3. Make sound in one place as a distraction so you can sneak by somewhere else.

4. Have mechanics that reveal the player temporarily (like dust / water falling on them).

Lean in to your core mechanic!

This is an excellent entry. wow. I love the core mechanic of whacking enemies and collecting their resources, then using those resources to craft your upgrades. I didn't make it through the whole game but I gave it a good 30 minute playthrough. Some random feedback:

1. The mechanics were overall super tight. Except for the wall jump... I found the wall jump painful to use :( Everything else was on-point.

2. The bomb throwing was sooooo annoying since the bombs would always roll away from the target. Consider making them not roll at all unless there's a good reason to make them.

3. For a while I was confused why I couldn't build anything with my infinite supply of crabshells and other resources. I eventually realized that I need to find recipes and put them to use. It would've been AMAZING to let me craft something as part of the tutorial and not only after getting lost for a while. I almost gave up until my first successful crafting.

4. I'd love there to be a use for all these extra resources I'm collecting. It seems like their only purpose was to build up the core abilities to continue advancing. I'm just sayin' I had a LOT of crabshells I wish I could use for something.

5. The audio distortion under water was an excellent touch :) Nice.

And that's that --- Great game!

Nice little piece. I was sort of just running and gunning without much thinking. I somehow found all of the abilities that I needed and got to the ending. That said, I didn't think I'd find any of it since I felt lost the whole time haha. I didn't know I was looking for a key, but I found one. Then I had a access to a door that I didn't know I was trying to open in the first place! Showing the player objectives early is a good way to engage their minds. For example, show me the door EARLY ON, then finding the key will make sense and be more rewarding.

Good job on putting your first game together and sharing it in this game jam! Hopefully you learned quite a bit along the way :) I have some constructive feedback I'd like to give on my experience playing through this:

1. Do not force playing to restart from the beginning of the game when dying. It's rude to the player's time UNLESS that's part of the game's core mechanics.

2. The player controls. The jumping was single-height and the left-right controls were very floaty. Even basic platforming challenges felt irritating to complete because I'd whiff past a platform due to the unresponsiveness of the controls. Again, this could be by design, but I assume that floaty platforming was not actually the focus of the game.

3. The final boss -- I think I did damage to him once (he flashed red), but I wasn't sure how to reproduce that again. There wasn't much feedback on if I was successfully hitting him until I saw that red flash once! If only I knew how to do it again...

All that said, congrats to you both on putting this project together! This sort of game genre is a very ambitious first step :)

The variety of enemies was nice and player progression in gaining abilities was well built too. The combat was sort of confusing to me though. Sometimes my attack would push back enemies letting me combo them nicely. Other times, they'd just keep walking right at me. The unpredictable nature of how the enemies would respond to my hits made it tough for me to enjoy the combat. That aside, I do love the graphical style, sound effects, and design . Good work!

Definitely meets the requirements for metroidvania and explores some fresh core mechanics. My primary feedback is around game design:

1. Please add coyote time to the jumps. Falling off ledges due to jumping one frame too late is a curse in platforming.

2. The doors looked too much like walls and the spikes did too. Consider making the spikes way more menacing so the player doesn't have to look so hard to spot them. Same for the doors, make them stand out from the default wall color.

Other than those things, I enjoyed playing. Thanks for sharing!

Strong showing on many fronts! Easy controls, good level design, enjoyable graphics. Could have used a bit more love in the music department, but the solemn vibes of an old factory were cool too... Great work.

Hey there swoopie. Glad you checked out the game and enjoyed it :)

1. I've made a few adjustments to the camera + level design to hopefully make some of the awkward moments less problematic. The vertical behavior of the camera isn't perfect, but it's a bit better!

2. Sorry about the lack of hard saving on refresh. That didn't make the original "budget" of the game since it was sort of meant to be a 45-minute-sitting game. I'll be incrementally adding some features and load/save is on the list.

Thanks again for playing!

Truly great submission. One of the few games in this jam I could successfully play all the way through and reach the victory screen (and wanted to!). Had a nice variety of units and the controls did what I expected. Some feedback:

1. The acceleration profiles of the units are super awkward. No vehicle accelerates and stops quite like these ones do. Their top speed is great for making the game fast paced, but the behavior is very unnatural.

2. Killing units with your gunships takes an eternity. Ultimately, I just built a bunch of defense turrets because they had better bang per buck against the enemy ships. At least that's how it felt.

3. The terrain was cool and fit the theme, but did not impact the game mechanics at all. You could essentially free roam and there was no strategic benefit to map control.

That's all I've got! Thanks for making this game :)

This game was FUN. I played it probably the longest in one sitting relative to other games in the jam. I eventually gave up on trying to win since I wasn't sure if I was progressing based on skill or some obscure self-trained heuristic of where to click! While the style doesn't bring me back to the 1998 RTS Golden Era, the lofi style is reminiscent of older style  games. Well made game that's quite different than all the other submissions!

The style and audio are well executed! There seems to be a bug in the UI (at least for me) where the build menu continues to regenerate and the buttons continuously get smaller. That made it quite difficult to play through :/

I like the mockup picture in the docs and wish you could have given us that! As it turns out, making an RTS is damn hard.

Ok finally getting around to rating this. I've playing the game about 4 times now over the past few weeks. First off: HOLY COW the game looks great. The sound is on point and rings true to the 1998 RTS style. The menus and theme of the whole game are just excellent in execution.

The two main issues I experienced while playing were:

1. Some performance issues where the game would glitch and temporarily freeze up. It happened pretty frequently, but luckily didn't interfere with the high level game flow.

2. I felt like I had no control over my units sometimes... I'd build two tanks and try to use them to kite the opponents. Instead, my tanks would drive up, aim their turrets and then shoot one bullet and never shoot again. I experienced similar issues with the turret built in my base not behaving as expected.

So overall this is an outstanding piece of work. If the game controls were more reliable, I'd play more until getting the win :)

Choosing a project like this with small scope was very wise. The game knows exactly what it wants to be and executes on that very well. Mechanically I figured everything out pretty quickly so kudos for keeping the UI simple enough to pick up with no instructions.

Some minor feedback on the playability of the game now:

1. Your resources should be visible at the top of the screen ALWAYS. Having to click on a main tower to check my stats was more tedious than it was "a fun part of the mechanics".

2. Can I destroy buildings? If I box myself in with farms is it game over?

3. During combat, I couldn't tell what my health was when clicking my units. Was just throwing everything I had at the enemy and hoping for the best.

I enjoyed the simplicity of the style, though some texture on the fully blue landscape would help convey "motion" when panning the camera. The unit controls seemed decent but could be improved still I think -- having selection indicators would definitely help.

As for the RTSness, I wasn't really sure where to go initially. I saw an infinite blue ocean and my units were autospawning so I sort of just camped out. After a bit of time I saw that enemies were coming for the top-right of the map so I began going to combat them. I got absolutely destroyed by the enemy units!! I had a tough time knowing how to be better than the opponent :O

I believe the game needs some controls for choosing which units I'm building or at least a means of balancing between unit construction and economy collection. Currently, the player has little agency over the base-building portion of the game.

Ok whew, long feedback but I wanted to share it :)

Definitely captured the nostalgic RTS vibes for me! The mismatch in rendering perspective for the sprites vs. the terrain was a bit dizzying, but aside that everything felt nice and intuitive. Fog engine was *chef's kiss*. Selection and motion control worked as expected. Some low-hanging fruit for improving here is:

1. Faster map scroll speed (maybe)

2. Faster bullets (and fixing the ones that spin like crazy sometimes haha)

Lovely game and execution! The mechanic was very polished and the progression of the game was comprehensive as well. Great job :)

Incredible execution. A healthy balance of cookie clicker and something novel :)

The audio seems to pan (left/right) depending on the dice rolling location. Either I'm imagining that or you've actually implemented that and it's incredible :D

The first time the die landed on a weird non 1-to-6 value was an exciting moment :) Well made.

I quite enjoyed the small world-building of this game. The mechanics however were a bit clunky for combat. I spawned once in a near pitch black room with no enemies and no clear action of what to do :/ As far as player progression, I think it'd be nice to have a single character that we're growing instead of getting a new character each room (which I think was happening). And finally, while I KNOW that D&D involves dice, we didn't get to see any in this game! The visual effect of rolling for the cards or for the room selection would really tie things together nicely.

The presentation was stellar, but mechanically I felt so hopeless! The only thing I could do was roll the dice and then pray. This removes all agency from me as a player and all that remains is the pull of the narrative (which this game has!). Giving the player any action beyond rolling would really bring your current experience to the next level.

I enjoyed the art quite a bit, but there's so much more to explore here mechanically.  Things to explore include new abilities, multiple dice, loaded dice (biasing certain values), or having low rolls be useful too.

As for playability, my main feedback is that the heal/superdice buttons should be "disabled" if you don't have enough juice to use them. And the defend button should be rebranded to imply it grants you juice. I had to learn about this by reading the instructions outside of the game :O

I'd be curious to see this concept extended to a larger scope with some of the richer mechanics.

Fun concept! A couple things made this challenging to play. First, the isometric  controls (a problem my game suffered from too haha) make it difficult to know which button will rotate the cube in which way. When formulating a plan I'd often botch it by having my character make an unexpected move. The other (common problem in this jam) was not being able to see the hidden faces of the die which adds more cognitive load. Aside these minor points about accessibility, I LIKE the idea a lot. There's a good amount of planning and strategy to be explored.

Lots  of good content in this little game! Olaznogo said it best -- You can simply reload until you get the loadout and level you want. It'd be an interesting design challenge to balance the luck of a roll with natural player progression.

I've been prototyping some patches from all the feedback so far. My biggest edits were to make the player's jump height slightly higher and the dice resolving time faster/more consistent. I'm excited to share the changes post-rating :)

Definitely enjoyed the core mechanics here. I found that trying to control throwing meter was hard to do while running around avoiding bats... It felt like there was many competing challenges for the player to think about at once -- maybe too many. In most situations, I'd need to run-to-avoid, hold the throw button, and hope that the die would get thrown a reasonable distance. whew. When it happened how I imagined, it felt great! Other times I just felt like I would rather run for my life and tap the throw button randomly until I succeeded.

Long story short --> Mechanics concept are great, but could have an easier warmup area to master the required skills.

I appreciated the tutorials up front :)

Rock solid game! The game felt good on the fingers which is super important for the enjoyment of playing -- nice work on that.

Things I would've loved:

1. More abilities on the die.

2. Multiple dice / some means of upgrades (?)

3. A cooler animation for "rolling" the die

All just nitpick feedback :p Well done!

The many-worlds-to-play aspect is really nice here. I was having some challenges understanding the special abilities of the dinos, but I could tell they were doing something different for each. I'm probably missing something here, but what's the purpose of the dice in the game? I see the dinos are holding them and I reached a few of the large dice as well -- should something happen at that point?

Nice and simple game that's well made. Having some basic AI here would go a long way (even if it just tried all options this turn and greedily went for kills). Some joy is lost from lack of AI (and lack of friends haha).

The idea that a single piece can move many times per turn and assume different roles is great! My feedback on the game is: GIVE ME MORE. (more moves, units, map obstacles, non-chess moves, abilities, recruiting units, AoE attacks etc.)