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Love that it's a boss battle! The controls felt a bit clunky and some of the attack animations were graphically inconsistent with the characters. BUT, I really like the idea of this and good game design overall. Nice work!

I'm having a difficult time understanding how to avoid the enemy. I see nothing and then suddenly there's a jump scare and game over :O

Brilliantly made. Tight gameplay, good puzzles, excellent audio, and great experience overall. Great job!

Love the customization screen up front -- though I wish I could see the mech during that time before starting. My main critique is that the combat feels flat. I want my bullets to feel like they're dealing damage (and preferably moving faster too). Thanks for sharing your game!

Very cute and pure game. The art was kinda simple, but I actually loved it for that.

Some feedback on mechanics

  • Controls worked as expected and were responsive -- well done!
  • The guns showing when they'll shoot is A+ game design.
  • I want to know when I'm dealing damage! The enemies and building should show that they're being impacted somehow by my attacks. When I first started playing I couldn't tell if I was doing damage.
  • To make the game more challenging, give me a reason to not hold spacebar the whole time... a compromise of some sort. For example, while use the flame attack, you move 50% as fast. This would be a tradeoff between attacking and dodging bullets. Curious how that'd feel if you try it out.

Some feedback on theme:

  • I wish that it was leaning more into the Mech nature of the dragon creature. A mechanical dragon wouldn't just shoot flames, it'd have rockets, or machine guns, or something beyond just fire. Make me believe it's a mech :D

Thanks for sharing this project!

Really enjoyed the visual style (though sometimes I wish static dangers were more obviously going to hurt me such as the red lasers against the red/orange background). Overall things felt good, but in a platformer the controls have to be very responsive to feel like you're not getting cheated. The main issue I had was the lack of a coyote jump. I kept jumping a split second too late (or early before landing) and would simply fall :( Very nice project overall!

Visuals were truly impressive for a jam. Sometimes the AI was a bit goofy and the enemies would cluster in locations or not really attack anything :O I was having a hard time understanding how the towers were benefiting me. There was no clear visual indications (to me at least) that they were somehow powering me up. Very nice work!

I've tried entering the mech a few times, but it keeps throwing me way high up into the sky and i slowly fall down from there. I really like the mood and want to try it out -- Am i missing something for getting in to the mech?

Holy cow this is great. I played it for a good 10 minutes (right after jam submission too, so extra hard to keep me around haha). Good visuals, good mechanics, really well composed. My two bits of constructive feedback: 

  1.  Coming to a complete stop when landing from a jump is unpleasant. Would be nice to keep some forward momentum.
  2. I feel like I have to run a lot and there's not much to do while running across town. I would jump to entertain myself, but jumping slows me down (see 1).

Final note: The jetpack felt amazing. Having the player use the jetpack to grab "stuff" on the path to the next wave of enemies could help fill the gap of action.

Super impressive piece of work for the time frame. Great art, audio, and good sense of humor :)

could try tab to rotate selected unit + only allow dragging the currently selected unit.

Great concept but controls should be tuned up!

  1. Player should come to a near-full-stop much faster. The game requires precision in space and time, some being so slippery is counterproductive.
  2. The animation for popping in-then-out of time should be WAY WAY WAY shorter. When I say "Please pause me for 0.5 seconds", the animation adds another 1 seconds of phasing out and phasing back in. This means that my understanding of time is always way off AND that the core mechanic is slow to interact with. Consider making the phasing animation 0.1-0.2 seconds instead.
  3. May be nice to see the timer at the location of the player instead of the right corner (which I have no interest in looking at)

Great job on this innovative mechanic.

simple and pure. Love the visuals and audio. Interesting little teaser at the end of the game... not sure what it means :D

looooove this idea but struggled to produce any combinations aside freezing the enemy (water+wind). As others suggested, a cookbook OR visual indication that things will be interesting when combined would go a long way. The biggest feature missing from this prototype was to drag-n-drop placed abilities instead of having to reset them all. I assume that was left out due to time constraints :p

While playing I had some other mechanics ideas I thought would be nice:

  • Each wizard has a specialization, so using them with certain card types could grant casting bonuses.
  • Each wizard's timeline could have certain "shapes" instead of "can always cast".
  • Each wizard's timeline should have "obstacles" or "events" within each tick per round. For example, I could cast fire when the "double damage" event lives in the timeline BUT it comes at the cost of not getting something else (since I had to place the cast at a certain time).
  • Make the ability "shapes" more interesting could be fun (imagine tetris through time instead of space). The shape of all abilities so far was CCAEE (charge, ability, effect). If there were abilities in the form CC___AE, you could start to case other abilities in between :O

Lots of potential here, great game idea!

Reminds me of the Antichamber game in genre -- very nice. Was hoping for more puzzling activities to keep things engaging, but tough during a short jam.

Simple and straightforward gameplay. Once I got cozy with the controls the game felt like it was a matter of endurance. I could simply put the next number in place right as it was needed, so the "challenge" of the game sort of dissolves once you overcome the controls. One tactile change I'd appreciate is the "grab" animation -- it felt slow and would only pick things up on the way back which I found awkward. Love the game for what it is though :)

If you were looking for ideas on how to expand the base mechanics, here's some ideas:

  • Don't always shoot the numbers out of the clock near where they're needed. It makes it too "easy" to just keep going in order and filling the clock "just in time".
  • Make the fallen numbers be moving targets / roaming on their own. Different numbers could have different motion patterns. "Oh man not a 7, I hate trying to catch 7s".
  • Powerups to: rewind clock, skip a number, move faster, convert current grabbed numbers to different value.

Hey thanks for checking it out! I use the client-server as a cheapo project starter. Essentially a dev server that serves the assets the same way they'll be consumed by in the end. It's sort of quick and dirty but I use it for small projects like this :)

As for the your feedback:

1. TOTALLY agree that the physics/hitboxes are a bit iffy. I'm only using point-in-circle and circle-circle collision detections. If I approximate the size of the ships incorrectly, then the collision hitboxes will seem off (and they probably are off...) Good eyes haha.

2. I originally had the timer UI in the top left and found it hard to look at while tracking the player. It probably would work just fine, but I the time-on-player felt easier to "follow" since my eyes were on the player in general. Maybe a solve for this would be to put the clock icon ON the player??? Some experimentation to be had here for sure.

this explanation of the filter was critical haha. I thought that was just a decoration! Works great. Thank you!

Great concept! Only some minor feedback:

1. The jump button responsiveness needs to be tuned. I wasn't able to jump until a few frames after landing and that was frustrating.

2. The game was beeegggging for another mechanic to play with.

Great foundation for a fun game!

Interesting bonsai growing simulation game! Love the visual style but would love more UX feedback when interacting :O

Would love to have an AI to play against! Also, a small but nice touch here would be some animation when hitting targets (a white flash maybe). It's difficult to know if you're dealing damage to a target without some sort of visual or audio effect.

Incredibly innovative game. I definitely struggled with meaningfully collecting new red or blue sands once I understood how to do so. The concept here is super cool and I'd love to see some mechanics that allow sorting out red/blue/brown sand (unless the point is that you're always doomed which is beautiful in its own way).

Love it! Played quite a few times messing around with builds. Some critique:

  1. The drag and drop / visibility for repositioning units was a bit tough. But worked well enough.
  2. I had a rough time gaining intuition for what the units were actually good at... But still had fun!

Well done :D

The music is a straight banger.

Thanks for the kind words -- glad you enjoyed it :)

I guess the title explains the theme connection.

This is so weird and I love it for that.

Simple, creative, and truly excellent. I played a few rounds of it because I was excited to get better at it. I haven't beaten it yet, but I've learned something new ever time playing it.

My only constructive feedback is to change the visualization for the "throwing away and doing nothing" channels. In my mind I always imagined them doing something, but the lack of mining symbol wasn't enough to stop my lizard brain from pressing the button anyway! Not sure I have any brilliant idea here, but calling it out. ALSO, it'd be nice if the "throw away" channels were guaranteed to not be expensive -- naively I imagine that helping balance the game, but ya never know haha.

Making a smoothie is exactly what I wanted to do!! I didn't really start the jam on time so I had to make some cuts haha. I'll let you know when the mechanic has been added :)

There's some really interesting content here.

  • The technical implementation of the visual effects is top notch. Juicy to the max and high quality across the board.
  • The enemy designs are versatile and fun and provide fun combat.
  • The vortex juicing up looks really cool, but doesn't feel particularly coherent with the rest of the gameplay.
  • If I understood correctly, you can collect different juice sequences to build up your weapons in order, then press [R] to trigger the next juice if you want to change early. There's an interesting core concept here, but may need some exploration to polish the experience. I never felt I was planning my weapon usage, just "pressing R" to get whatever was available.

Overall, this is an awesome piece so thanks for making it!

Money = bullets is genius. Excellent innovation on the genre.

This prototype should absolutely be made into a full game. This concept is funny and enjoyable to play. The drilling mechanic is SO GOOD and is a strong foundation for any future work on this. I can totally imagine a strange set of aliens, robots, and cyborgs coming to your "hospital" and you're tasked with finding and fixing weird problems within them. It's a unique stage for humorous situations and for fulfilling the dream of being a alien doctor.

I like this concept of finite inventory while shopping, then running back and forth to the register. I wish there were more challenges in the way of the player though... it seems to just be you vs. the clock in a static environment. I think I noticed the active registers were changing which was a good idea to counter the static nature. Blocked paths / hazards / slippery floors / finite inventory etc. would be some interesting options to spice up the mechanics.

Excellent work! Good variety of enemies and solid platforming mechanics (aside minor glitches which are 100% expected in a jam). The PAY THE PRICE aspect here is GREAT. You get to choose between sacrificing a life or doing the work of finding a bunch of coins. So simple and so smart.

Love the style and the genre. I do wish that the three main actions were more JUICY. There's lots of good visual effects potential for plowing / seeding / and harvesting and I'd loooove to see those in place.

I love the idea of a rhythm game that has more going on, but even the tutorial was rather confusing. Instead of shuffling the 3 views around when different ones become active, consider just HIGHLIGHTING the one that is active. It was very disorienting to see things moving around all the time. Looks great though + sounds great.