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I really like the concept of this game! It has a really creative mechanic in play and potentially moving around with different animals could be really fun! Stuff like hunger, attacking, animal switching, and eating are already present in the game, so if you guys were to continue this, it would only be just a matter of connecting all the present pieces into a cohesive system that interacts with each other! I love the art! Every single animal is really cute and the animations are just really nice and expressive! I kind of find the music choice a bit weird considering whats happening in the game, but hey I have no idea what track would suit this, so its fine (its pretty fun to listen to anyway haha). Overall, I can see this coming together to being a really fleshed out game! I already fun moving around the map and just foraging all the edibles I can see, it really is just a matter of connecting all the present pieces together (and maybe adding a bit more features as a plus haha)! Hope you guys had fun making this game! Great work!

As somebody who played this during 4:00 AM where I'm from, I was literally terrified while playing this game! The vibe that was set up with the art and the audio is just phenomenal! It was a masterful use of both visual and audio conveyance to create the atmosphere that you did, well done! It was quite the build up as you tried to explore the darkness and searched decrepit buildings, but yeah, the ending left a lot to be desired. I still think this was a really cool experience that had me trembling in the beginning! Overall, this was really cool and I enjoyed it a lot! I don't really play that much horror games, but this had me hooked in the beginning! I had fun with this game and I hope you had fun making it too! Great work!

After more than 30 minutes and less than 400 deaths in total, I can finally say that this was such a fleshed out game! Just gotta get this out of the way and say that this is just a generally hard game! I think the first three levels are a nice introduction to the game, then the game starts to ramp up in difficulty in the next few. The extra stage was especially difficult and almost caught me rage quitting at a couple of parts, but MAN WAS IT SATISFYING TO BEAT THE LEVEL! I FELT LIKE A GOD! Now that I properly vented my emotions, the extra level was a really challenging gauntlet of every single mechanic in the game! It is truly a test of the player's mastery in both the controls and the knowledge of each of the hazards in the game! Every single level was nicely paced and well done, so good job with that. The movement is just really something! There are a lot of movement options that expand the player's abilities to experiment with how they go about approaching a platforming segment! I do gotta say though that it could use a bit of work though. For starters, coyote time would be very much appreciated in a difficult platformer like this one. Accidentally using my double jump or spin while walking off a ledge does not feel good. Also, I wish the wall jump had a little bit more leniency for my inputs (holding towards the direction of the wall to wall jump doesn't feel that intuitive, especially since I want to push momentum towards a direction opposite of the wall), because sometimes I hold away from the wall too early before the wall jump comes out, and then I just fall to my death. Also, spinning proved to be very difficult when near a wall (probably due to how the wall jump was implemented) and it caused a fair bit of deaths in the extra level. With these fixes, I feel the movement would play so much more better! The assets used for the jam are really fitting and add a lot to the experience.

Overall, this was such a challenging yet fun experience! The concept in itself is creative, plus the levels are already super fleshed out! I was so pumped to beat the extra level that I immediately went to go print screen it to share my bad time haha (I was literally stunned to see your 3:30 minute run on Youtube after beating it). I had a lot of fun, and hope you guys had fun making it! Great work!

This was such a interesting concept! The core mechanic is really creative and I can imagine a lot of interesting scenarios with this one! Plus it matches the theme really well, so nice job! The art is really clean and pleasant to look at! I really love the look of both the main character and the enemies (the enemies are especially well animated)! I also found the music to be catchy and nice to listen to in the background! I wish there were sound effects for a lot of the different actions in the game, it would have added a lot to the experience (the SFX when moving between buttons in the main menu are a good example of this and make the simple concept of just navigating a main menu screen satisfying). I like the movement and the general loop of the game, but with enemy placements, dealing with arrows and the mice(?) looking enemies sometimes were stressful. I got cornered and trapped in a lot of situations by those hazards to the point where it was just luck that got me killed due to arrow direction, the time when the arrows spawns, and just my position at the time.

Overall, I really like this idea and the game was also very fun! I feel like with a few fixes here and there, plus expansion and exploration with the concept (if you choose to continue with it), it could be so amazing! I had fun with this one and hope you had some fun with the jam too! Great work guys!

This was a nice short but sweet game! There really isn't that much going on in the art department, with different colors of primitives being used, but I do appreciate the particle effects though! I like the music! Its just gives off a really nice vibe when playing which I like! I also appreciate the sound effects present. I like the overall concept and feel that it could be explored even further if you were to continue making this game! I really love how you don't instantly lose when you use up all your deaths and just kind of replaces the earliest made cube! I feel like most games would have just put a "you lost" screen along with bringing you back to the start, so kudos for not wasting the players time! Also love the movement! It feels floaty, but satisfying to drift through the air given the overall speed of the game! Not saying there is an ideal movement speed and control that should be used for puzzle games, but its just a preference of mine for characters to not be slow so I can get to where I need to be faster! Also like the "R" mechanic where you remove one of your corpses from the level, but sadly it was only utilized in a single level. It could create a lot of interesting puzzles if explored further enough.

Overall, I wish there were more levels, because I really enjoyed what I played and love the concept! Hope you had fun making this and enjoying the jam in general! Great work!

This was such a lovely game! I really like the aesthetic of the game! It's just really clean and pleasant to look at! The penguin animations like the waddle, jump, and spin they do when they get propelled into the air is just really adorable! Not only the models, but the texture work, shaders, and particles really add to the visual enjoyment of the game, so really nice work on that! The sound effects are also really nice, but I think that the calls of the penguins in the beginning was a bit too much (I don't know if thats just a me problem). For gameplay, I really like the trait mechanic (was planning to do something similar with my game, except it was for the environment, but didn't have time to implement it haha)! It adds just a nice layer of depth to the gameplay and is well appreciated! Its also pretty fun to move around given the multiple additional jumps plus the fly ability!

A problem I have with the game though is how the evil eagle works. I tried to experiment with the timing of when to go idle, but no matter how much I try, if you don't go idle before the eagle does its call, then you are pretty much dead at that point (not sure if it was just a tight window though or if I suck haha). I feel like the allowance time for you to go idle should be a bit more generous, because I usually found myself not even trying to time the eagle call anymore because of how long the actual level was and just waited for the eagle sound to come (even if it took longer than 20 seconds or so cuz of my fear of losing all my progress). It may just be a me problem, but I just don't like general waiting in video games and love to be on the move, so I wish the eagle coming by was more telegraphed Also, I think there should be a tiny bit of guidance for where to go. I usually just felt like I was taking a few steps to look around the island, then waiting for the eagle to pass by, then find out I went the wrong way. If you continue this game, maybe you can place like some penguin tracks that kind of form a path to where to go next (since the game is all about getting to the other side with the other penguins).

Overall, this was a fun, creative, atmospheric game that I really enjoyed! Although I died a lot, it was nice to see the different traits in the game! I feel like with some adjustments to the points above, it could make for a better experience (although it may just only pander to my preferences haha). I had fun with this one! Hope you had fun with the jam too! Great work!

I really like the concept of this one! The artstyle is really pleasant and visually appealing to look at (also appreciated the neat lighting effects that you gave to some game objects)! I also love the intro, it was well done! The audio adds a lot to the feel of the game, but the music was kind of a weird fit considering the setting and the tone of the game. For the gameplay, I really love the concept and would love to see a sort of endless run or version of this game where the player has to climb as high as they can before falling! There are, however, a couple of issues with the game that could be addressed. I feel like the character themselves have the correct weight / gravity / fall speed to them, but the head itself feels too floaty. I feel like it would be better to not only add weight to the head to make it feel heavier, but allow the head to actually land and stay on top of platforms (usually found myself hoping that when I'm reborn I would land on top of the platform). Given the current weight of the head, players can just slowly inch their way to the top by quickly throwing the head and re-spawning with rapid succession and ignore the platforming parts. This is what I did to beat the game, because the game also doesn't have a restart button or pause menu, so if the platforms disappear they are gone forever and I would have to reload the browser to give it another go, which is brutal given how long the level is. Also, I think that the coins could also have some use (like power-ups in a shop like some people suggested).

Overall, I still had a lot of fun with the game! With a few control fixes, and also maybe consideration for remaking the game into an endless scroller (which is just a suggestion and my personal preference), this could be a really cool concept to explore! It was fun just flying my way up to the top! Hope you had fun with the jam also! Great work!

WOW, this game has so much work put into it, its unbelievable! First off, the art style is amazing! Just from the general stuff like character and background design to the choice of color palette to the detailing of the pixel makes everything just come together so well! The animations and particle effects of each and every single element, down to like the small bats flying in the background after approaching makes the world feel so alive! The art really adds to the charm and fun of the game being played, so great work on that! The sound effects properly convey the actions they correspond and the music is just super well done and adds to the atmosphere of the game! Now for the gameplay, there is so much here, its honestly crazy! The player controls feel refined and satisfying to move around in! It was an interesting idea to make the player lunge forward for the bite attack regardless of previous player velocity, but it created some really interesting and niche movement tech (can be used to instantly back away / retreat from enemies rather than slowly drifting to the opposite direction, which saved me in a couple of tough spots)! The upgrades are also so well thought out and have real significant impact towards how much more powerful the character feels to move around in! These power-ups are even further utilized with the shortcuts that are neatly and organically placed in the level without feeling out of place! Its amazing to see both the variety in enemy types and the attention to detail in the level design integrated perfectly into a 7-day game jam submission! I would say that the timer for the sun rise was a bit generous, but I assume that was made to make first-try boss attempts possible to achieve, which I haven't tried yet because the game is pretty hard just playing it normally haha. Speaking of the boss, it was really well done and provided a lot of challenge! It took a couple of tries before I was able to beat it, and I was super pumped when I did!

Overall, this was such a fun and engaging game to play! Its hard to imagine the amount of effort and polish that was put into making this! It offered so much for a game jam submission, and honestly feels like a finished product (didn't even run into any bugs from the time I played). This was really enjoyable and I hope you had fun with this jam! Great work!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you appreciated the small details, tried to make hitting guys as satisfying as possible! You're right about the explanations though, I wish I kind of put a little bit of time to add text blurbs to describe some of the elements in game. I was going to add one final description because of the one hour deadline extension the hosts game, but I was really stressed out and exhausted with turning in the game one minute before the original deadline that I was just satisfied with turning it haha. Thanks for taking the time to play the game!

This was a really neat puzzle game! There is a lot of neat details in the game that just make it feel polished! I really like the heart rating system that shows whether you did the solution perfectly or if players can finish it with even less deaths (it encouraged me to go back and play the level again one time)! Also the sound effects are just really fun and playful (really nice touch)! The music found was also really nice to hear! The art style is really just pleasant to look at! It has this minimalist vibe that is really suitable for puzzle games in order to avoid visual overload! For the gameplay, the levels have a nice sense of flow to them! The tutorial level excellently teaches players the core mechanic of the game within seconds of playing, instantly showing them what they are going to get themselves into. Then, the following levels just slowly expand off of the mechanic and introduces new game elements at a nice pace, not to overwhelm players! The difficulty curve is really nice for this type of game, so good job! The movement is nice, but I feel like the margin for error for some of the platforming segments is too little in my opinion. This wouldn't be a problem for most platforming games, but this is more of a puzzle game where players shouldn't have to worry about losing a life and more worried about solving the solution (I had multiple instances where I would miss/barely make over gaps and spikes because I hit my head on the wall, making the jumps pretty difficult). The generosity for life giving makes up for that, so I think its more of a personal nitpick than an actual major problem.

Overall, this was a really fun puzzle game! There were a lot of fun levels to go through and I had a lot of fun with this! Hope you had fun with the jam too! Great job!

The game was pretty fun and challenging! I think I was fighting more so with the controls then the actual enemies themselves, but I eventually was able to beat it! I know its been said a lot already, but multi-directional shuriken throws would have been really helpful (kept forgetting that the shuriken is thrown where the character is facing because I was playing with the mouse). Also, I think that the sprites are a tad too big, and makes it really hard to see and react to enemies coming towards you. It would usually just force me to just slowly inch my way through the level, which I don't think you want in an action game like this. Besides that, the art assets are really nice! The teleport effect is just really well done! It looks so good with the lighting, so good job on that! The music and the sound effects all nicely fit into the game too! Just gotta say though, I really love the explanation for why enemies can walk through walls haha.

Overall, this was a nice game, but I think it was more challenging than it was intended to be. With a few fixes on the controls, it would have been made for a better playing experience (also find it weird that space bar doesn't also continue through the dialogue). I had a lot of fun trying not to die in this one! Great work!

Woah, this was a really neat puzzle game! The premise itself is just ridiculous and I love it! Trying to kill all the characters that are keeping you from dying because you want to kill yourself to get a new life. The absurdity is just real charming! Also I really love the art! The character art is just really well done! All the sprites are distinct and pleasant to look at, so great job there! The music found also was nice and fit well with the game! The sound effects also fit very nicely with the actions it corresponded too! For gameplay, I really love with how the characters interact with each other! It creates an interesting dynamic of figuring out what each one does in the beginning! Although some levels hold the same solutions, it was always fun just playing around in the first place, so I didn't really matter that much to me.

Overall, this was such a pleasant puzzle game to play! This is really nice for your first finished game, and it looks like it could even be explored further! Things like different environments that hold different hazards that can also kill you or different character types that hold different functionalities (maybe like a loyal subject character that you can order around through some means). This was very nice and I had fun playing it. Hope you enjoyed the jam! Great job!

This was a fun little game that fits the them well! The movement feels very weighty, but not in a bad way whatsoever. It adds tension for every jump you make, which was nice! I found myself failing a few times, but it didn't matter because the levels were short enough to make a loss of progress not that big of a deal! I wish there was a bit of consistency with what was considered a hazard and what was not (find it weird that running into the ghost doesn't kill you and win the game). Maybe if given enough time, you could have made the ghosts grab the player if the player collides with the ghost's hitbox and drag you all the way to the beginning of the level! I also like the use of the art and music assets! Wish there were more sound effects for stuff like when you die.

All in all, I had fun with this! I really wish there were more levels! I can see this game offering a lot of neat puzzle and platforming segments, which would be really fun! I hope you had fun with the jam! Great work!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the title screen, was something quick I made to clear my mind and de-stress myself from all the small bugs that I was dealing with during the middle of development haha. I put a lot of small things in order to try and make the game "mechanically" fit the theme (procedural generation, weapon choosing, palette swap), but I wish I gave a bit more time in making it fit lore wise. I'm also glad you liked the music, it makes the couple of hours it took to make all worth it! Again, thanks for the feedback and taking the time to play my game!

That was a lot of fun! I loved playing each of the characters and having to discover their varying play styles for the first time! A lot of them feel very distinct from each other both in game and visual design, so great job! The characters feel very great to control! The few bugs here and there do very little in how great it is to just move around and kill the enemies! With the two available levels in this game, they are filled with a lot of action and engagement with the player, leaving me wanting more in the end! I appreciate the settings available in the main menu too, but I kind of felt that it was hard to navigate / press the buttons I wanted to in the menu (it took me two tries to try and play the game). The art is also really nice and charming! Its full, detailed and filled with personality! The animations especially are really well done! The music fits well as a level backdrop and the sound effects serve well to relay the impact of each hit!

Overall, this was a really fun game that is filled with personality and matches the theme really well! Everything was done super well, and I can tell your team worked very hard and had a lot of fun making this! I enjoyed this one a lot! Great work!

This game has such a great aesthetic!!! The contrast between the tones and colors of the spirit and paper realm help create a distinct separation between the two, making it really give off the otherworldly vibe (and this is done while sharing the same art styling, which makes it so much better)! The art is just simply breathtaking, well done! I think the sound effects serve the purpose well, but they stand out too much with the lack of music for the level. If I had to choose between listening to music in the menu or as I'm playing, I would rather have the music be in the backdrop (even if it doesn't exactly fit the tone, it's still something). I really like the concept of this game and especially love the world this takes place in! It feels so whimsical without being too generic fantasy, which I love (feels like something out of Ghibli)!

Overall, this was a very nice game to go over and I had a lot of fun! Although you didn't have the time to finish due to your circumstances, I see a lot of potential for this game and would be interested to see where this project could go if you were interested to continue it! I hope you had a lot of fun with the jam! Great work!

Hey, this was a surprisingly challenging game! It had a nice little story to make the game pretty engaging for the player! I like what you did with the art! The way the backgrounds and characters all come together is really nice and well done! The way you handled death animations made it really feel like victories against your enemies (especially with the bats when they fall off of the screen). The music and audio fit really well with the game too. There are a good amount of sound effects that gave the swings impact, so nice job! There were also plenty of levels in this one! I think all of them aren't too long and are nicely paced out! The game is pretty difficult, which I'll touch on in a moment, but at least we get healed after the end of every stage, relieving some of the stress. For the gameplay, it feels a bit hard to control the player. The double jump doesn't really give that much height to it, in comparison to the first jump, and could use slightly bigger height. It also the player feels too slippery on the ground, usually sliding across the ground for a bit before going the direction I want to go. With a little bit of movement fixes, the game would feel less grueling and punishing to play. I love the enemy variety in the game! It has a good mix of different enemy behaviors that provide interesting scenarios for players to overcome. I do feel that the soldier AI is too aware when the player is near, and it usually never ends up with me coming out unscathed. Good thing that potions occasionally drop from time to time or else I would have never been able to get to the boss (who was also challenging too).

All in all, it was a nicely done game! There were a lot of levels and content in the game, so if the controls were a fine-tuned a bit more it would make for an even better experience! After three tries, I was eventually able to beat the game! I had fun playing this one and hope you guys had fun participating in the jam too! Great job!

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Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked the intro, put a bit of time on that cuz I thought it was worth it haha.

Just in case you weren't aware or I didn't relay the information properly enough, this game is timer-based, so the characters health is based on a timer with how much time they have left. The timer represents real-life seconds, so the value of the timer goes down for each second. You start off with 60 seconds and gain time if you kill enemies and lose time if you get hurt yourself. You die when you run out of time, which I made to encourage aggressive play and discourage players from taking their sweet time with the game. So thats most likely what happened. If you already knew that already and were dying when you still had time on the clock, I would really love to hear more about your experience and what happened, so I could fix it in a later update. Regardless of what happened though, I think you just unintentionally gave me an idea to experiment with in this game... so thanks for that! Also just thank you for taking the time to play my game!

Woah, this game's puzzles are extremely clever! I had to reaaaaaallllly think about the solutions for some of these! Every single one of the main levels were total head-scratchers! All the information you need to know is just on one single screen, which allows players to take the time and just think about solutions before acting on them! Every single type of game element is simple and easy to understand, but holds a well of possibilities when making all of them interact with each other! This simple-complex dichotomy reminds me so much of Baba is You, which is such high praise, so great work! I also really love the inclusion of a solution button, because I would have died of curiosity wondering how to solve levels 2 & 4 (not that the other levels didn't share the same semblance of difficulty as well, I was just stubborn enough to go through without the hints with them, which took a loooong while). Also the speed button is just fantastic! I never realized how much I wanted a speed button in puzzle games til now! There are so many creative things you did with the mechanics that I can just gush about, but to just sum it all up, everything fits so well with each other! Nice job!

The art style is really nice! Doors and electronics are color coded properly and with prominent hues, so you know which ones are on and off without having to putting in that much effort into it! The items and character designs are just really well done too! Despite picking audio from other sources, you managed to really fit them well into your game, so well done on that too!

Overall, this was a really fleshed out puzzle game! Everything was just well done all around, extremely creative, and fits the theme perfectly! To think that this was a game jam submission is just mind blowing! This was such an enjoyable experience!!! Great work!

I really admire that you went into this jam to spread awareness about the current situation! I think we should all continue to be constantly reminded about the things that are happening around us! I can see that a lot of general real life events are reflected onto your game, so I'm glad that it wasn't at least uninformed. I think it would have been a lot safer to have relayed this message using a fictional setting. Replacing this with a fictional setting that has the same intent would still hold the same meaning and be a bit considerate to those people who were more directly affected by whats happening right now. I know you have good intentions and come from a good place, and people can obviously see that too, so I would still like to thank you for helping with any you can. It's really admirable!

On to the game itself, I think it was a nice read! As I said before, its informative about whats currently going on now. In most visual novels, I would normally agree that player choice should have an impact on the end of the game, but it would be pretty weird for this game to show impact of choice given the decisions the players make (it would sort of feel like the game is taking a stance and could cause some unneeded discord right now). I like how you addressed the consequences some of the choices would have on society if you picked them! I wish all of the choices had those descriptions too, because some of the choices just directly progress the story without mentioning anything. I like your hand drawn character! It looks nice and adds a lot to the charm of this game! Also, not sure if Renpy just comes with it in default, but I was surprised with a lot of the setting choices available! Could have used some more sound effects though to add to the experience, but, again, am not familiar with Renpy to know how difficult that would be.

Overall, I really admire that you used this platform to spread awareness and positivity. It inspired some hope within me, so thanks for that! Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the game! Really should have put in a bit of extra time in explaining the time mechanic and how much you gain / lose from certain things (getting hurt, killing enemies, shooting the gun), but build errors kept me from implementing some more stuff, so it is what it is. I'm really glad with how everything came out in the end though! I still plan on doing a post jam update of the game addressing a lot of the issues found in the comments (balancing being number one), but I'm not sure when I'll get on to that haha. A shop for different characters / items does seem interesting and enticing. I might explore that possibility for a bit and see how that pans out,  so thanks for the idea! I put in a lot of work into it and delved into a lot of areas I'm not comfortable with (art and music are firsts for me haha), so I'm glad that people seem to enjoy it! Thanks for taking the time to play my game!

Thanks for the feedback! The grapple was there since day one, so I had a lot of time fine tuning it and making it fun to just swing around. I'll try to experiment with the timer to make it more clear how much time they have left (I'm thinking about maybe adding visual and audio indicators / effects that are on screen whenever the timer is at a critical condition, but we'll see if it gets too annoying haha). The stats at the end were last minute addition to the game, so thankfully it was worth it. I plan on making an update of the game with a bit more content that matches my vision of the original scope of the game (not sure how long that will take), so your feedback is really appreciated! Thanks for taking time off of your day to play!

Uhhhh, I think I have a problem.. I don't know how you did the music for the game, but I played your game to the point where it stopped playing the music for me HAHAHAHAHA! I'm pretty sure I've played for more than an hour, and like at one point the music just stops, so... I guess you didn't account for this happening haha. It was just that fun! I was planning to try and get all the upgrades maxed, but then at a point I was just wondering if some of them didn't have limits to how many times you can upgrade them (bullet damage, bullet penetration, increase crit damage or chance idr which one,  and increase hp all exceeded the twos digits for me haha). The game loop is simple, but I think a combination of both the general gameplay and the small details to add feedback is what kept me playing for the long run! Everything from the bullet sound effects, the damage indicators that pop up every hit, to just the natural progression system made blasting enemies so much fun! I got to give props especially to the bullet shooting sound effect, when you have like max reload speed, it just sounds sooooooo good, so nice job! I like the art too. Its simple and not distracting, which makes it easier to tell whats going on when there are so many enemies on screen. For suggestions, I think bullet fragments are a bit too overpowered. Once I bought the bullet fragments, I went from dying at around wave 12 to having to kill myself at like wave 26, because I wanted to spend my upgrade tokens. I think instead of bullet fragments spreading after a bullet comes in contact with a enemy, maybe it would be a bit more balanced if it spreads after an enemy dies (bullet fragments made bosses too easy, but thats just a personal opinion).

Overall, this was a really addicting game! Although it wasn't the most creative game, it sure was handled and developed really well! The levels were all paced nicely in the beginning, smoothly giving players more power as they play! The only way to go from here are environmental interactables and other enemy variants, which would be very interesting to explore if you were to continue developing this game! Other than that, I really had fun this one! Great job!

Hey, this game was pretty fun! Its a really addicting game loop and also pretty challenging! I liked how you did the controls, but I think if the speed and movement was constant then it would have made it a bit more "arcadey" and challenging if that makes sense(forces the player to keep moving and is always put at risk of  getting eaten by other fish). Thats how I thought the game controlled at first, but it seems like velocity is handled by a speed variable multiplied to a direction with clamping. Its a bit weird, since there isn't really a keyboard way to stop the fishes momentum, but letting go of the keyboard slightly slows it down until it stops moving after a few seconds. Upon writing, this is the biggest nitpick of nitpicks I have ever made, but I think either setting the player at constant velocity from start to end would have made it more fun and risky in my opinion, but the movement is fun nonetheless! I also like the fact that the fish shrinks as time passes without you eating another fish, so you are punished for either waiting too long and you are never safe from being eaten.

Although you didn't make the art and audio of the game, I have to say that you've done a really good job of putting all these individual assets together to make a visually and audibly pleasant game! Even though all the assets came from separate creators and have different styles, the game doesn't give off that impression, so good job on that!

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing! I feel like maybe the fish you play should always start at the same size since its a highscore game. Although being a big fish makes your hitbox bigger and makes players have less time to react to threats overall, I still think there is a bigger advantage to play as a big fish than the little fish in the beginning. With some adjustments on gameplay, this could be a real cool highscore game! Great job!

This was a really fun and cute game! The whole concept is ridiculous and I love every second of it! It was really fun to move around in the game, but I found it a bit hard to jump over or get over obstacles. I really wish the levels were a tad bit longer, or if there was just one more level, because it was just entertaining running away from the dudes trying to get your pizza! I also really like the cel-shaded look the game has! The city landscapes are all vibrant and so detailed, which was a really pleasant surprise so good job on that! The music was really fun too and I appreciate that the sound effects were at just the right volume to not intrude or clash with the music! Overall, this was a short but sweet experience that I had a ton of fun with! I can seriously imagine this being a neat little speed-runner game, or it can even be expanded to a little puzzle game where the player tries to find other characters that have the abilities to take the pizza to areas that the default character can't get too alone, all the while you are try to not get your soul swapped away from other characters and lose your abilities! This was really creative and I hope you two had fun making it! Great job!

Woah, this game was really fun to just go through! Great job in integrating as many unique worlds and mechanics as you can, because it was really cool to just go through each one for the first time! I have a bit of an issue with the water level though, since the first time I played it, I instinctively tried to go up and follow the bubbles instead of down like it was intended. I eventually understood where I needed to go, but I think adding a bit more guidance to each game would have been a bit more helpful. Also, I think the text by the player is a bit distracting. I get that its the player that says the line, but it blocks a significant amount of the screen while you're playing. I think either making the text disappear after a certain amount of time or  placing the text at either one of the corners of the screen (making it act like an objective) would allow players to enjoy more of the cool levels you made. Also, having an indication whether you win or lose would have been also appreciated (always couldn't tell whether I beaten the underwater level)

I like the art style in the game, but I think the game has a visual overload problem. I can see that you were trying to play around with effects and particles to make the environments lively, but I think it made it more disorienting and confusing for me to go through. This was especially a problem in the jungle level, since there was so much things flying up that I had a hard time to focus on the equally small bullets that were flying at me. I think the water level was just the right balance of movement in a level, with not that much stuff happening in the background. The space level is also done well, but still has a bit too much stuff going on. The environmental designs though are really thought out and charming, which is really great so good job on that!

I'm really surprised that you were able to compose a song, play your piece live, and put it in the game. I found that really admirable and it adds to the charm of the game! I think adding a bit of sound effects to the game would have really added to the experience! It could have been weird to mix in digital and physical sounds together, so maybe you could have recorded your own sound effects too! I think it would have been pretty fun!

Overall, I really love the direction you took with this jam! This game, too me, seems filled with a lot of heart, effort, and creativity, so I'm really glad you were able to share this with us! You really seem eager to learn, so I just thought to point out some of the things that could be improved upon (so don't take it that badly). The positives really outweigh the negatives, which made this a really fun game to go through! I really enjoyed playing! Great work!

I really like the concept of the game! I like the soul to stats exchange mechanic after defeating the devil! Its a really good incentive that encourages players to defeat all the enemies in the room! Seeing the health go to the decimal numbers felt weird and unnecessary when I first got hit, until I realize that it was because enemy stats scale as you play the game (in terms of rooms traveled or souls collected is what I don't know). I wish this was explained in the little intro sequence, because although its really great to explain some mechanics through the intro scene it also gave the impression that it explained all the player needs to know to play the game. With no indication of enemy scaling through color or size, I was unprepared to take 30 damage to an enemy that gave me 3.6 damage in the first rooms, so indicating that in the beginning would be great. I also assume the stat numbers you gain from opening chests and using the healing fountain are randomized? These additions were nice, giving you not a significant, but noticeable, strength in power.

What I felt a bit weird about was the lack of scaling with the boss. In my first play through, I got through around 40 rooms before dying, and the enemies also were just as strong, but when I got to the boss, the damage output was underwhelming. I wanted to test and see if the boss scaled at all, so I kept dying intentionally to the first enemy I saw in the first world, then just went through the second world normally. I was able to beat the boss three times in a row, and I didn't see any noticeable change in the damage output. In fact, I felt more relieved when I got to the boss room than entering a normal room with enemies, which I don't think should be the intended feeling your team was going for. It just feels weird that the boss can potentially be the weakest enemy in the game as you keep playing. Maybe scaling the boss by an "ideal" threshold of souls the player would have to collect in order to beat the boss could help this (plus allowing the players be able to exchange their souls for stats right before the boss too)? With this, players are even more incentivized to collect souls in order for players to be strong enough to beat the boss. Regardless, although I think the game loop is really fun, some fixes and changes to the scaling would make this game an even greater experience!

I also gotta say that I really like the art! It's nice and very pleasant to look at. The characters all have a distinct separation from them, which I like! The music was also really nice too! Both tracks didn't feel boring to listen to repeatedly! I think the audio could have really used some SFX for at least some of the basic actions in the game (sword slashing, player / enemy damaging). It would really add to the impact of the game as a whole!

Overall, this was a really fun game with a really nice concept! It fits well with the theme and has some neat ideas! I had a lot of fun with this one! Great work!

Thanks so much for the feedback! I didn't prioritize my time properly, so I was only able to try balancing the game a few hours before the deadline, which is why it caused some issues (like the amount of time killing enemies rewarded). I wholeheartedly agree with the gun critique, it was supposed to counter a ranged enemy that was supposed to be in the game, but due to the build breaking last minute I had to remove the enemy, making the gun pretty much useless as you said haha. I still plan on updating the game after the jam, and those two points are the main ones I really need to address. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to play my game!

Thanks for the feedback! From all the feedback I've gotten these past few days, difficulty is definitely going to be my number one priority to fix after the jam! I'm still deciding whether I should just extend the timer or just change the values of each game element that reduces / adds time (or maybe both?). I'm plan on adding a few more enemies and items to the game (ones that are still in the code but haven't been fixed yet), then I'll try to spend a couple of days balancing all the values! Thanks for taking the time to play my game!

Check and see if the WEBGL version works first though, and if not, send a screenshot here and I'll try to see what I can do :)


I uploaded a WEBGL version of the game so that it's easier for people to play! The WEBGL build of the game is the same version as the original downloadable version (no bug fixes, patches, etc.), so you can play either if you want! I'm not sure if I configured the project properly to suit WEBGL or if I'm missing something (still pretty new to this haha), so I still highly recommend you download the original version!

Thanks for your time!

This game was really charming! I love the dialogue that came from the main character throughout the game was entertaining to read through! All of the art was is really well done, especially the backdrops! Shooting through enemies felt really great too! The red damage flicker, the screen shake, and the recoil were nice touches to make shooting through zombies really satisfying! The sound effects and music also provided a lot to the game in general and were greatly appreciated! I do have to say though that the waves kind of overstayed its welcome, with the amount of zombies you have to kill being a pretty significant number. I felt like I was just circling around the zombies waiting to progress through the game. I only played it once, but upon reading the comments there was apparently a shotgun (oops)?? I got the machine gun, but not the shotgun. I have no idea how I missed that haha (seems to be in the beginning of the game). With that in mind, don't take the wave length criticism that seriously I guess. I enjoyed the puzzle in the area after the beginning, kind of acted as a break from the main game loop (although I'm pretty bad with these sort of puzzles, so it took quite a while). Also well done on the boss! It was really challenging and I was always on the verge of dying! Anyway, this was a really fun game! I probably would have enjoyed it more if I knew there was a shotgun (most likely didn't explore the graveyard long enough I guess). Maybe giving hints on this sort of information may help cases like me who weren't able to get it (or maybe I'm just that blind haha). I can see that a lot of work was put into this, so props form making a really nice experience!

Thanks for the feedback! No need to compare in terms of both in terms of the game and writing length, I think we both did really well individually and I really appreciate all the feedback given (plus I don't write long comments because I want to but I'm pretty sure I'm just bad at getting straight to the point and go on long tangents haha). Yeah, I really wish I just spent maybe little bit more time to think about the theme rather than jumping straight into coding. Also good luck on that procedural generation survival game! Youtube was my best friend throughout this jam (probably like most people) and covered up a lot of my inexperience with areas I'm not familiar with in Unity. I really appreciate the feedback and hope that you continue to learn the things you need in order to create games you're proud of!

I really like the art style of your game! The all the sprites were just really well animated, which must have been a lot of work! The effects when you're at critical damage and on death is incredible and so stylized! I can really tell you had a clear vision about the style of the game. Also, I like the little lore added into the game (also love nice title drops haha). The movement actually felt really nice and decent! It was a lot of fun just just speeding through the map! The versatile kit that the player character has is really impressive with both a grounded and an aerial move, along with a healing move after defeating an enemy, which is a nice reward! The sound effects also brought upon the impact of the hits. The choice of music was also pretty fitting here and added to the intensity of it all. Nice all around!

There are some things that could have been improved on though. I like how the camera moves to the area your character is moving towards, which allows for more of the level to be seen by the player. It works properly when you're on the move, but turning around twice while in idle makes the game wait for the camera to go into the direction you first turn around in before going to the second (kind of like a queue) instead of immediately going into the direction the player is facing. This point is just really minor though, but just wanted let you know in case you were planning on continuing the game! The next two are some the comments have already mentioned. The enemies don't turn around when you're behind them and the levels lack substance, which is important in a game like this. I was able to make my own fun after beating the game by doing a pacifist run and trying to re-beat the game while not killing any enemies, which was fun because of the movement! You already have nice movement and good camera controls, so levels filled with enemies was just the final piece of the puzzle to have a neat game! Just also want to point out that the spikes are so small that they were hard to see when I was just playing the game normally. I mean you can have small spikes in games, but one pixel high spikes is a little unfair. Also, I think it would be better if you picked a better color for the spikes that helps it stand out more. You could try playing around with the size and color to make it both easy to miss, but not unfair.

Anyways, the complaints may look long, but I just wanted to detail them out in a way to help relay some of the misgivings that this could bring to players who want to play your game. There's a lot of positives going on here, with the sprite work and style being a highlight (at least in my opinion). Overall, I had a lot of fun beating the game twice and hope you had as much fun making it! Great job!

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No problem! Although this isn't my first game jam (participated in two overnight jams in my local area), this is my first online jam, and its been a pretty fun and different experience so far! Hope you had fun making your game!

This was such a weird, but interesting game... I liked it! The ambiance and the visuals are all so on point! It looks like it came from a PS1 era game (a lot of those games back then were also kinda abstract and weird, which really adds to the experience). The music was absolutely well done too, it really pulls the whole unsettling vibe together, so good job on that! For gameplay, there were some issues that made it hard to play. There were some souls in the game that refused to take the items I got for them which prevented me from playing the game. Also I feel that the camera rotation is a little bit too fast, and could be slightly slower for people to easily look and see where they want to go. I also haven't figured out what the point button was supposed to be used for during my time with the game, so it would be great to get an explanation of that beforehand. Overall, this was such an interesting experience! I have yet to play a game like this in my time of voting during this jam, so it was refreshing! I had fun playing it and hope you had fun with the game jam too! Great job!

Thanks for playing! Yeah the I did procedural generation for the maps and just kept reloading the same scene every time you go to the next floor generating a new map. Yeah I totally agree with the starting items, I implemented the the grappling hook in the first day of the jam which is why it feels well tied with the time-based gameplay and added the gun during the last day haha. The gun was supposed to be added along with a projectile enemy that started bugging out the when I finish building the game, so I had to remove that enemy and the gun became pretty much a vestigial part of the project (I feel like the submission would have looked better if I just removed the gun entirely and made the grappling hook my main focus). Also, I love your idea with the grappling hook! I'm probably going to implement that in an updated version of the game (might turn the gun into a more useful option too, plus add more starting items like I had in my original vision). I'm actually surprised that people are receiving the music so well! It was my first time making music, so I wasn't sure how it was gonna turn out, but I'm glad you liked it. Anyway, you gave me some really good input and I'll be sure to take it into account when I eventually update a game a bit more. Thanks for playing!

Hi! I played the game and thought it was a pretty neat idea! A lot of the art assets were really well done! I especially like the life sprites at the top left (it looks derpy haha). The frog sprites were all so well animated and the crocodile (alligator?) took me by surprise the first time I saw it! I also like the title screen and the about section where the frog says the credits (its cute and a nice touch). The game has a lot of potential going for it, but there are still some issues that kinda hinder the experience. There's a bug that sometimes respawns me back into the water when I die, so I then lose all my lives. I think the tongue grappling mechanic was really nice, but the putting collider on the circle halted all momentum gained from swinging around. The parts where I was able to avoid hitting the collider on the circle target was a lot of fun, but I was hitting the collider more often making the frog stay in place. Besides the grappling tongue, the ground movement felt nice though. It felt fast and the jump was high, making it fun to just leap around the level. I felt like the music didn't resonate with me that much (probably just a personal thing). Overall, I really like what you went with and thought it was a neat game with a lot of really nice sprite work! With fixes on movement and maybe adding some sound effect for some basic actions (like jumping, tongue grappling, frog leaping, crocodile snapping, etc.), I think the movement of this game would feel more expressive to play and add a lot to the game! Great job!

Thanks, that really means a lot! I'll try my best!!!