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The youtube vid seems to not embed properly (seems to be because its detected as a Youtube Kids video)

This is super nice! :)

I really like the core mechanic! The movement recording is really nice!

:D This was really funny and disturbing at the same time

I really enjoyed Animal Crossing "Noire" :D

The visuals look great!

I really enjoyed the artstyle and the atmosphere! But I don't think that I really understood the game? :D

Is there any kind of goal or interaction with the world possible?

Thanks a lot! And also thanks for the article! :)

Nice postmortem! Really looking forward to your next project! :)


Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the info!

Thanks! What are your PC specs? Did it run smoothly?

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thanks a lot for playing! :D

Nice! Would be great if you could play against AI

This was a lot more fun than I expected! The visuals are very cute and I always felt bad for any "collateral damage" :D


Thanks! "Hidden" messages would be a cool addition

Thanks for the suggestions! I really like number 2 (the sudden color change)!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for testing! What does the expression "runs like a train mean"? That it was fast? Was it playable?

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Thanks for commenting! 

Did you try the Windows or the Web version (if you used the web version which browser)? 

What are your PC specs?

Was the framerate low or did it look like an input problem?

If it seemed like an input problem and you played in Chrome, would you mind trying it in Firefox? I know of an input bug in Chrome which I managed to somewhat "fix" but maybe not for everyone.

I really like this! This is a really nice arcade game. I think with a unique artstyle and some sort of progression system this could make for a really nice mobile game!

That is weird indeed. Did the same happen with the Web version? Do you have any controllers plugged in (Xbox Controller Input is enabled in the game to a certain degree)?

Very interesting surreal experience! I like the visual style! Wish it wouldn't be so short

This looks really nice! The colors are great! How did you paint them? Are these textures or vertex colors (because they look really smooth)?

Nice endless "runner"! I think you could make the crashes a bit more impactful (screenshake etc.)

Interesting surreal experience! The movement controls didn't feel right. The rotation was too slow

Visually it is really impressive but unfortunately also not very readable. It was really hard to tell where to go.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I left the player shadow in intentionally so that you can get a better grasp on where you are (although it would be a good idea to use a better player model)

Thanks a lot for the suggestions!


Thanks for playing and commenting!

Thanks for playing and commenting! Could you elaborate on which aspects would need more polish?

I liked it! I just think that the movement controls could be more responsive

Nice one! Physics-Puzzle games are always nice!

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The game looks really nice and is very polished! The color palette and models are very charming. I like the collectibles and the ability to rewind time. 

I really like this tool! Watching the algorithms at work is really satisfying!

I know that it would be a lot of work but it would be great if you would make a 3D "Play Mode" to try the mazes out