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We're glad you liked it!

Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it :)

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Essentially that's the plan, the real problem is that I did not code things with loading state in mind, so I would have to revisit everything for saving to work.

I know, that's the only big thing missing from my engine at this point. I still haven't figured out how to best deal with it. Working on it!

Probably not the full engine because it's too much tailored to the way I do things, but plan to release the main parts of the engine as libraries. One of them (the pathfinding one) I already released.


Very nice game! I really like the atmospheric music (although as someone else pointed out Megan's voice is barely audible in comparison).

Thanks! We just have two more dialogue trees to script, we should have it ready soon!


Thanks! We're working on it right now :)

Thanks! We're really proud of those :)

Thank you!


Thanks! We hadn't chosen a title yet, we had five minutes left to submit, and the game was unfinished. It was the obvious choice!

Thanks! We're hoping to get it done this week.

Thanks! I haven't had time to play and rate any of the other games yet, but I will soon and I'll definitely check out yours (one of the other team members played it, though).

I'm also looking forward to The Will of Arthur Flabbington!

Thanks! We didn't fully start working on the assets until the second week, so it was even crazier!

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Thanks! The worst part is that we thought we were going to make it, up until the last couple of hours.

Right now text is skippable using the keyboard (by pressing ".").  I'm not a fan of skipping with the mouse in a point and click game because it's easy to click by mistake (since the whole game involves clicking) and skipping stuff, but I can make it an option in the final version of the game.

Full screen I just completely forgot to bind to a key, I will fix that!

Thank you!

Thank you! That's a good point about the font. In the future I should add an option to change the font to a high resolution one for accessibility. Unfortunately I cannot easily change it in the current game because of the way it's coded (the bitmap font is drawn to the game canvas which is then rescaled)


I just added the desktop versions (no changes made to the content).


Thanks, we're glad you enjoyed the game!

See here for a more detailed hint. Let me know if that helps!

Very nice game! I haven't had time to finish it yet (I keep falling!). I especially liked the climbing mechanic.

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Interesting concept, but I found it quite difficult and I'm not sure why sometimes I can collect the skulls and sometimes I cannot.

EDIT: I gave it another try and I was able to win!

Very cute! I enjoyed the interactions and the art. The controls felt a bit clunky sometimes, but it's understandable for a jam game. Well done!

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It's probably because the love binary included in the AppImage was built with a newer version of glibc. You could try if the AppImage of the older  version of LÖVE (11.3) works on 16.04. If it does, I can easily put together a version of the game that uses that instead of the newest version.

Thank you for the feedback!


That's strange. Can you let me know what distro you are using so I can look into it?

If your distro has love in its packages you can use that to run the game by extracting the .love archive from the AppImage (together with the fmod libraries and the audio folder).

Thanks! I tried REMORSE and really liked it too!

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I assume you already tried asking uncle Lee. Maybe looking at the window will give you some ideas ;)

We're definitely planning to make a longer point and click adventure in the future!