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Really cool idea! I beat the game in 31 rolls.

The game did feel a little janky in places (sometimes it seemed I would get extra jumps out of nowhere), but the whole "choose your platforms" mechanic is very neat.

Fun game, I thought the last level was particularly interesting to figure out. Kinda wish there was more, but it was still fun to play!

The graphics looked fine for me on the HTML version, though at some point I got knocked out of the arena and into the void (not sure if that's a web-specific bug). Overall, I thought this was a really cool idea, nice work!

The mechanics and presentation are really nice, but I agree with others that battling felt very slow. Great work!

This was really cool! I played the game twice to get the full story, which felt really well-developed, especially for a 48 hour jam. Great work!

Fun arcade game! I was a bit confused at first how the combos worked, but I eventually figured it out and got 337 points on my second try.

This game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't sure what to expect after the first few levels, but when the electricity obstacles appeared it turned into a pretty fun and interesting challenge. I loved the general idea and thought the graphics and feel of the game were very polished. Some of the levels did feel a little same-y, but overall this was a lot of fun to play and I could see this eventually becoming an awesome game. Nice job!

Cool idea! I was stuck on level 1 for a long time before I read the comment on itch and learned that you could move horizontally, after which I was able to beat the game.

There were quite a few bugs/weird behavior that I encountered (you can die if you jump off the top, weird collision where you can stick to enemies and walls, etc.), but I think the core idea of an autoscroller that changes speeds depending on what you do is really interesting and definitely could be expanded into something really cool. Keep it up!

This was great! Probably my favorite game I've played so far - the idea is really cool and it was very fun and hectic trying to figure out the connections as the screen filled up with wires. I would have loved to see some even larger levels or more logic gates (or maybe some procedurally generated game mode), but even the few levels you made were great to play. Nice job!

The controls definitely took some time getting used to, but it was pretty fun after that, and I absolutely love the shopping cart theming (and also was pleasantly surprised by the voice acting). I do wish there was a little more variety/difficulty ramp with the levels at the end - after a point, the levels did feel kinda same-ish.

Great job overall!

The twist on classic doodle jump mechanics was pretty cool! I didn't understand it at first but got the hang of it after a couple playthroughs and ended up getting a score of 1335.

The connection to the theme felt a little tenuous, but it was still pretty fun to play. Good work!

I thought this was a cool and original idea - I especially liked the "boss" level: swapping between the arm and leg modes while on a timer was a lot of fun! Great job, and this definitely feels like it could be built out into something really cool.

There was one small bug I encountered on the last level - I think I jumped over the boss spawn point and was confused as to why there was nothing in the level, but I eventually figured out what was going on and was able to fight the boss.

This was a pretty cool game! I wished it had a few more mechanics, since most levels after the first couple felt pretty similar, but it was still a fun experience and I really liked the presentation. Nice job!

I thought the basic idea was really cool and creative, but I really wished there was an undo function - on some of the longer levels I felt good about making progress on one part, only to realize that I had trapped some people in a different part, which was a little frustrating. In general, the game seems to reward trial and error to discover configurations that work, and I enjoyed that aspect, but I didn't enjoy having to restart from the beginning every time I got stuck (I eventually gave up on the 5th or 6th level I think).

Overall, this was a really interesting idea and I could see this being an awesome puzzle game with a few tweaks!

This is a cool idea, and I would love to see it fleshed out more. Btw, at first I thought it was a "survive as long as you can" kind of game and was confused when I was standing still and the bullets never hit me. :P

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Great and original concept! There isn't much to the game right now, but I did have fun trying to get a high score (I especially enjoyed trying to get two ships to hit each other). I think this base idea has a lot of potential and would be very interested in seeing it expanded upon.

Probably my biggest suggestion would be to make the game harder over time (maybe you already do this, but I couldn't feel it). Right now, it feels like once you've got the hang of it, you can pretty much go indefinitely, which did make it start to feel boring when I got to around 3000 points. Even if you did something simple like add more and more ships and have ships start firing at you even when you're not using sonar, I think it would give the game a lot more replay value.

I also encountered a bug where ships could sometimes suicide with their own bullets, which often happened at the edge of the screen, but it wasn't a big deal.

Overall, nice work!

Cool idea! To be honest, I thought that cutting out words in the dialogue (like the "cash credit" line) felt like I was being given two options in a different presentation. However, some of the dialogue near the end where you had to emphasize certain words (and change the meaning of the sentence that way) was really interesting, and I would have loved to see more of that.

I did feel that some of the sentences were a little finicky, like where I had to make every word loud when I thought that making a single word loud would have gotten the point across better. Regardless, I had fun overall and it's a very original idea, so great job! (I also liked the art)

The main idea of communicating with one word is really cool and one of the most original things I've seen in this jam so far. I loved how you included various "miscommunications" in the dialogue, which really got me invested in trying to say the right thing.

I will admit that there is currently not much in the game, but what you do have is really neat, and I would love to see more!

This was pretty fun! The mechanic feels really fresh and I think it has a lot of potential. I liked the puzzly thinking combined with timing challenges.

My main complaint (like some other commenters here) is that it's quite slow, and on many of the early levels I knew what I had to do but had to wait ~10-15 seconds. But other than that, I think you did a great job, and I only wish there were more mechanics/levels.

this game is sick

This is a really cool idea and I had a lot of fun playing through it! Lots of good puzzly moments; my favorite level was "Stuck", which stumped me for a few minutes but was satisfying to figure out.