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Wow, this is great! I liked the retro game aesthetics, and the game page adds up to it. Everything looks very polished. Good job.

Thanks for the feedback! 

Yeah, the game is tile-based for everything. We tried to limit the player's speed and make it continuous, as in "hold the button and wait until the character crosses a tile", but it felt kind of sluggish.  Right know you can press the buttons quickly to move and it felt better at the time, but I do agree something's wrong. I think it's animation timings and offsets. 

A great fast-paced game! The visual style feels distinguished, and very good-looking. Though, I found the bombs kind of useless, since I could blow everything up while shooting, and it felt more effective as I could run and shoot.  Still, nice job! I think you could make a really fun full-sized game out of this, with different guns, levels and bosses.

I really liked this one! The characters are really nice looking. I dig the animations, there are even some special animations for the boss, which is very cool.

The boss battle was thrilling, as I felt close to dying but managed to make it in one try.

The part when you have to make two very precise jumps felt a bit too hard, because many times the character kept sliding after successful landing and proceeding  right into the pit, haha. When I completed that part, I had to balance between the rotating spikes while going up, and the last jump always felt a bit impossible, especially when I had to go through all the narrow columns again. I'd place a save point between those two parts, or maybe there was one, but I missed it?

But honestly, that's the only issue with the game that I have, as I really liked everything else, including the idea, the character design and gameplay. Good job!

The bad controls are my fault, sorry. There's controls.txt attached, though.

Thank you :)

Thanks for the feedback! Current controls were supposed to be temporary, but I delayed making them more intuitive and easy for so long, that by the time I started thinking about remaking controls, I had no time to do it. I guess next time I'll have to think about making them intuitive from the start :)

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Thanks a lot! We're planning to make a post-jam version that will contain all the things that we had to cut :)

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oh, press S to make the spell menu always be there :)

by the way, there's controls.txt attached :D

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Each of three stages has random enemy mages, and played tracks depend on which mages are there (using a simple color checking). 

Canceling the active fusion doesn't work (I didn't have time, even though I coded like frenzy ~17hrs per day).

But all fusions do work, so please check them all out, and also check the tracks, by replaying! :D

Here's a link to the game soundtrack, if you like some themes:

The composer:

The art guy: 

Making games was never this intense. I am really excited about our little game, though! 

We're a three-man team and we're gonna have to work hard to finish this in time.

Here's a peek: