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Make your way through a catacomb by blowing stuff that stands in your way up.
Submitted by amasuri (@AMasumary), sat9 (@domainofeyes), YoukaiDrawing (@YoukaiDrawing) — 3 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Team members
@ceuteum​ - Programming, Level design

@youkaidrawing​ - Art, Lead game design, Level design

@sat9​ - Sound, Music, A bit of programming

Software used
Visual Studio Community 17
World's most crude level-editor, built in a few hours during the jam

The other guys used something else.

Cookies eaten

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Art and music are fantastic! I did have trouble with the movement as others said, but great work for a short period of time!


Man, I love the whole banjo theme. It took me a second to realize movement wasn't turn based, and that I could just spam the button to move faster. Other than that oddity, the game is charming and fun. The level design is interesting and diverse, and the art is clean. Well done.


Very fun game with the only flaw being, as juunishi said, the movement. The bats are very hard to kill for me too, though that might just be me being bad.


Cute artwork and cool music!

I personally think the character movement is a bit ... hmm, I'm not really sure how to say it. Like, when I see the bats movement, I think the character would move with the same manner too, but when I actually move the character, it's tile-based-movement (? cmiiw), not as quickly as the bats, and there's something about its animation that I feel kinda "off". I'm not really sure what is it.

But, anyway, this game has a lot of potential and you guys did a really awesome work here from the artwork, music, and level design! Great job!


I really love the art! It's a very polished submission which I always love seeing. I agree about the movement. However, I am sure it can be fixed with a little tweaking.


Thanks for the feedback! 

Yeah, the game is tile-based for everything. We tried to limit the player's speed and make it continuous, as in "hold the button and wait until the character crosses a tile", but it felt kind of sluggish.  Right know you can press the buttons quickly to move and it felt better at the time, but I do agree something's wrong. I think it's animation timings and offsets.