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I really liked this one! The characters are really nice looking. I dig the animations, there are even some special animations for the boss, which is very cool.

The boss battle was thrilling, as I felt close to dying but managed to make it in one try.

The part when you have to make two very precise jumps felt a bit too hard, because many times the character kept sliding after successful landing and proceeding  right into the pit, haha. When I completed that part, I had to balance between the rotating spikes while going up, and the last jump always felt a bit impossible, especially when I had to go through all the narrow columns again. I'd place a save point between those two parts, or maybe there was one, but I missed it?

But honestly, that's the only issue with the game that I have, as I really liked everything else, including the idea, the character design and gameplay. Good job!


Wow thanks for all the feedback! Funny that you mention the lack of a checkpoint between the 1block jumps and the vertical section... an earlier build actually had a checkpoint there. I'm glad you liked the boss battle, I had a lot of fun making it. Thanks for playing!