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Thank you for playing! The color combination is a bit tricky because is not with primary colors, so on low saturated colors it can bring weird results haha the combinations are actually real combinations, but maybe I'll use more of the primary colors and further updates, thanks for the feedback!

haha well, I'll take a look at that, just to be sure. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice use of the theme and great art style, love the character animation haha great job!

Have to say that I don't like these types of games, but that one got me haha awesome art style and great puzzles. Really good game!

Really cool idea and love the art style. Great game!

Thanks for playing! Glad you like it.  Were you trying to dash in the air? Is only possible to dash once while in the air, the dash resets once you hit the ground. I intended in creating visual feedback for this, but I ran out of time haha I'll implement this once the jam is over

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I'm really glad that someone actually beat level 7 haha

Thank you!

I love the idea, pretty unique, nice job!

Really original idea, great game!

A simple mechanic that turns out to be pretty fun. Great job!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoy it! Yeah, I just notice this issue after submissions closed, you can get a blue color that is very similar to the goal color, but is in a slightly different shade. But there is a right color, is actually possible to beat this level haha

Great game! I experienced a few bugs, but I had fun playing it.

Guitar + Metroidvania, nothing left to say, I love it haha

Do you mean the portal in level 7? Sorry about that, this level was made at the last minute so I couldn't test it properly, there are two blue colors you can get in this level and the two are very similar, but only one is in the exactly correct shade of blue. I'll remove the wrong one after the jam ends, but thanks for playing, hope you had fun!

Thank you!

Cute game and interesting idea!

Beautiful art and music, the controller is a bit slow but nothing that takes the fun of the game, great job!

Glad you like it! Thank you

Love the simplistic and very polished art. Also, very fun game and good level design

Nice implementation of the theme, great job

Very polished game and love the sounds too, I probably created a mutation here haha

The controller is a little too fast, but the art and gameplay are really fun, nice work

Clever puzzles and nice level progression, great job!

Thanks for playing! Glad you like it and don't feel bad, level 7 was created 20 minutes before the jam ends, it wasn't so much planned, so is my bad haha

Really good game, I had a lot of o fun playing it, even playing alone haha. Love the art too, great job!

I really like the game, the only thing missing is some sfx for the player, besides that, it was really fun to play

Really fun game and I like how you have to be fast in some rooms, the only thing I would suggest is to add more colors and different rooms. Great game!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! And yeah when matched the colors it was too precise, I implemented a threshold to have a margin of error, but I think I still have to increase it a little bit 

Nice Puzzles! just couldn't do the last level haha

At first, I was "Ok that is not so cool" and then I couldn't stop playing haha great job! That is some room to polish but since is a jam's game is understandable. Pretty interesting idea though, with some more mechanics it could be a really awesome game

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Great game! I had a hard time with de character controller, don't know if it was intentional, but besides that, it was really fun e an interesting idea

I have a lot of fun playing this, really great job! The only thing I would point out is that the beginning of the game is a bit confusing, But it doesn't take too long to understand the game though. Great game!

Very polished game! I love the art style

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Love the puzzles, art and story, really awesome game! My only point is that it would be better if we could hold the mouse button to walk or just click in some point and the character moves to there

Great game, I really can see this turning in a complete commercial game

This was really awesome for a first project! nice storytelling

Really creative! Great work

Thank you very much! Glad to you hear you have fun playing ^^