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I really liked it! I like that you were able to commit to the joke but also tell a really sweet story without compromising either

Sounds cool! There's a lot to be said with this sort of minimalist design (I'm thinking about how Love Letter is probably the one tabletop  game I own that sees the most play). Looking forward to hearing more about it!

And thank you for finding the wall glitch! I'm working on the sequel and just fixed it so it won't happen with that tile again.

Aw, thank you so much! It was fun watching the stream!

Nice! This is a neat subversion of the typical expectation in games that there always is a solution. (unless...?)

Oh yeah, that's right! Thanks! :)

Ooof, I'm getting flashbacks of the Jesse Schell, Jane McGonigal, and Ian Bogost I read back back in college and the frustrations I had with those texts. After everyone in my media classes taking Schell's word as gospel, everyone outside of them thinking that McGonigal's ideas had any merit, seeing those ideas critiqued like this has been therapeutic. This is an awesome manifesto, thanks for making it. 

Really incredible, John. The ending sequence - everything that happened after Facet #8 - is going to stick with me for a while. I cried during the final string of encounters.

Funnily enough, I originally tried playing it before you released v1.1, lost to the worm, and gave up. The maps and the general tips at the start of the walkthrough with this version were enough to get me up to par, so thanks for those! Was able to beat it on classic difficulty without using either dream catcher

The story was deeply affecting despite (or due to?) its minimalist nature, and you push RM2003's mechanics beyond their limits.I'm really glad I got the chance to play this game - thank you for making it.

Thank you so much for the kind words! And I'm glad to hear that it runs on Linux

I can't get over how well-written these characters are. I can't wait to play the final version!

Gosh, this is so brilliant. Stellarly written; hits right in the feels

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Heheh, I like the thematic explanation for the difficulty spike! To be fair, I think Bloodjak II's difficulty curve has a similar shape, FWIW.

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Me during the first two stages: Okay, this isn't so hard!
Me during stage 4: NNNNNNGGGGHHH

Really nice use of the spider theming in a way that feels mechanically substantial rather than gimmicky. I especially like growing your web to expand yer territory in the midst of everything else.

Oh, wonderful, thank you!
Sorry about the moving tile puzzles - thankfully, they only make a couple brief appearances after the 2nd dungeon.
Rot13 for the solution:

Fgnegvat sebz gur ebbz jvgu gur erq urnyvat Cbttyr:
1)Gnxr gur 3eq gvyr sebz gur gbc
2) Gnxr gur gvyr qbjajneq
3) Gnxr gur yrsgzbfg gvyr, gura zbir nyy gur jnl evtug, gura zbir hc
Vg vf erpbzzraqrq lbhe cnegl vf ng yriry 3 orsber gur obff svtug.

Thank you for the kind words, and congrats on beating it! And yeah, in the real world, Wendy's cards from Booster X would definitely not be allowed in competitive play.

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Best score is 19660 so far! I especially enjoyed discovering the new enemy types and being surprised by them. Really liked the small touches like using the ship to navigate the menu.

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 

Not too bad! Thanks for playing! :)

A bit buggy, for example, I charged the sword, aimed my mouse at the Squizard, and clicked the mouse, but the lich didn't rotate the sword, and I wasted the spell, which was frustrating. Otherwise, great music, and great Squizard. Organic feeling sword-swinging is always a plus!

This was a really good combination of mechanics, combined with interesting flavor. A tad bit easy, though. Incremental difficulty of some kind would have been good, the game actually gets easier over time as you turn hunters to stone faster than they spawn. Got 50 moments. 

My best was 47. I loved the narration at the beginning, and I love your solution to "what a hoof!" Character design is sexy. Gameplay does get pretty interesting as time goes on, but it takes a while to get there, and its frustrating that the difficulty resets when the cake gets eaten'd. I wish that it get harder faster and stayed hard. Otherwise, easily one of the top entries I've played so far!

Art is darned pretty! Body parts didn't always respond the way you expect them too, but otherwise, an interesting little platformer!

I wish I could swing the tentacles themselves instead of just waiting for the Kraken to gently touch peeps. Otherwise, nice water. Great graphic style. The music track was perfect. 

Played it for ~300 seconds, didn't die. Obviously, the game would benefit from difficulty progression, if you were to revisit it. 
Looks and feels wonderful, though.

I laughed myself silly when the game closed. I love the visual style too.

That was pretty cute! Expressive character portraits.
Only gripe was that "poket humans" etc wasn't abbreviated as "Pokemans." (jk)

Clever mechanic, and great pixel art! Darned good! 

The core mechanic of this one was really cool, and you did a lot with it. Solid design, good visuals, catchy music track. Nicely done!

I didn't think that there was enough content to justify 10 waves, but that Wendigo animation is wonderfully creepy. I felt this disturbing satisfaction every time the child's mind darkened. 

Pretty accurately demonstrates how hard soccer is with pogo sticks! Would be curious to see a version with more aggressive AI.

Nice models, but I wish I could view parts of each scene up close and in more detail! It's an interesting little world you have made - it leaves me wanting to interact more with it.

Real pretty, good use of music and sound. After three tries, I couldn't build a tower above 5, though.

I believe I have fixed the save bug! Play on!

Ok, bug confirmed. Before playing, check the top of the game's page for the fix. Thanks.

A bug may be present in which game doesn't save, or doesn't reload upon player death! I can't replicate the problem on my computer, but please let me know if this is an issue! Thanks!

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The Morphine Western Revenge:

Based on The Hyperbolic Needle by Brian Cristi, which can be read for free here.

The Morphine Western Revenge is an Western top-down shooter with a focus on fast-paced, decisive, and tactical combat. You play as a young Native American woman in search of her sister, who went missing in the aftermath of your tribe's destruction at the hands of the military. Your only companions are the gun at your hip and a hypodermic needle full of morphine.

A mouse is required to play. It may not run properly on older computers. If you are running Windows, it is highly recommended that you download the desktop version instead of playing the game in your browser. The desktop version has fullscreen support, better audio, smoother performance, and greater stability.

Click here to play! Please let me know what you think!

Screenshots and GIFs:

Thank you so much for playing and sharing! Always makes my day to see these sorts of videos. I thought I squashed the bug where you can't shoot bad dudes at the bottom of the screen; it's good to have it brought back to my attention.