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A jam entry

The Nightmare of a CakeView game page »

Submitted by Waldemar Umaniz (@WowaTheU) with 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline

Game Title
The Nightmare of a Cake


Hissssstory Shapes The World

Make a game where everything that goes on, was somehow influenced by (fictional / nonfictional) events in the past - why are there monsters? Why are they acting like they do?


Make a game in the style of your own original fairy tale - the real gnarly Brothers Grimm style.

Keeping It In The Phantom-ily

Include a monster in your game from the mythology of a culture other than your own.

Deja Boo

Remake a game - yours, or a demake - with monster characters instead of humans. What if Lara Croft was a spectre? What if the Mario Brothers were djinns? How would the game change?

Spare The Rod

Work information into your game about your monsters to inform the player about their origin. Edutainment.

What a Hoof

Design your game so that it can be played by unwieldy hands - or hooves.

From The Crypt

Base your monster off of cryptozoology research, whether they're a creature on the run from humanity or just a character in your game.


Work a romance - accepted, forbidden or otherwise - into your game between monsters.


Use art or dialog to make a normally horrific monster adorable.

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My best was 47. I loved the narration at the beginning, and I love your solution to "what a hoof!" Character design is sexy. Gameplay does get pretty interesting as time goes on, but it takes a while to get there, and its frustrating that the difficulty resets when the cake gets eaten'd. I wish that it get harder faster and stayed hard. Otherwise, easily one of the top entries I've played so far!

Really nice drawings~ I included it in part 2 of my Monster Mash! 2014 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look! http://youtu.be/W7nfPWPb_9E