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Thanks you!

And yes, it was done in 3 hours. With Pico8, these tiled-based games can be done super quick if you have done similar ones before, since the game doesn't really have much. The main glitchy graphics effect was super fast to implement, it's not exactly what I planned for, but it's explained in a comment of mine below.

You can check other entries from this Trijam or others, and you'll find many better games done in 3h as well :)

Thanks! The distortion effect is done by not refreshing the whole screen, and only paint some tiles randomly in every frame.

The enemies are always drawn, but the trail they leave is only cleared when another map tile is finally painted on top of it.

Aha! I originally thought so, but was not sure given the (surprisingly nice) quality of the work. It's impressive. I also see you've done many other good looking games together. Keep rocking!

Sweet game! I must admit at first I thought the level was just poorly done, but then as I kept completing levels, it all made sense, and it turned out a great idea and fun! Well done!

Sweet game! I must admit at first I thought the level was just poorly done, but then as I kept completing levels, it all made sense, and it turned out a great idea and fun! Well done!

I made it to level 13! Nice game overall. The graphics and effects are surprisingly good looking and cohesive. The feeling of the ship was also nice, and I liked how the level got more and more chaotic, but you had to think carefully on their position and direction, rather than yolo-ing. Good job overall!

One question is, in the credits description, is the (12) and (>12) the age of the authors, or what does it mean? (I actually appreciate such well written and detailed descriptions!).

This entry is superb! The main idea is well understood at the beginning, but the world flip is a nice surprise. The game kept fun and challenging throrough my gameplay, but those camera moves are the cherry on top of the overall polishness. Easy 5/5 overall to me, congratulations :).

Nice game and idea! You can feel it's polished from the beginning and it's a joy to play overal. The mechanic if fun, but I had issues that sometimesi felt two effects were applied at once, and I didn't know some power was changed. Somehow the tight timer kept me addicted to the game for quite a bit. Well done!

Nice idea! I found the controls a bit weird and rough, but can't tell if that's part of the theme. I appreciate the game being 3D for such a short time, but perhaps a bit of variation between rooms would help, rather than just the sprites (perhaps more creatures, etc.). Still, nice game for such short time!

Nice idea! I initially struggled a lot, because I felt the enemies were just too good even with a few pills. In the end I just took a lot of pills, but then the map was super crazy! I struggled to find the remaining people in the map, but ultimately made it. I reached the end with 84 pills, as I was also trying to see if there was any limit. Nice to see there isn't! Good job overall.

Nice game! I love the chaos and crazyness feel of the game! Those transitions between mini games with the music really nailed this feel, which I think it fits into the theme. The game is fun and silly, and it's impressive how polished it is for such a short jam!

Thanks for playing the game! I felt that finding the right feel for the camera was challenging, and that a faster camera make it hard to predict where you are once the move was made. But giving dizzy feeling is definitely worse, so I'll look into ways to mitigate this. 

Cute Game! Simple, but complete on its own. The first time you're hit by an egg is a bit unintuitive that collecting an egg gives you +100 points usually, but if it's moving, it kills you. But the next times, it's easy to distinguish each scenario, and gives depth to the game.

The whole art is cohesive and makes the game pleasant and fun to play. Grabbing on one of the Geese is also a funny surprise the first time.

Well done!

Very nice game! This is the most "this feels like a completed game rather than a jam game" I've found so far.

Clearly the custom music is a very strong point of the game, since it's awesome, fits the game, it's funny, and has great quality. But the overall game has so much polish and 'juice' as well (altogether, but also every single piece seems nicely animated), and even with nice cutscenes, it's a joy to play.

I certainly a lot the details of being able to adjust the volume during the cutscenes, as well as changing the speed of the game from the pause menu, without having to exit to the main menu (this was really nice surprise).

All this shows so much attention for the detail, that you rarely find in Jams. Well done!

I love the concept so original. It's really clear there was a lot of work onto the game, with so many animations, minigames, and the whole scheduling system. Quite impressive. Well done!

Neat idea! I like the boardgame feel. Once you realize the advantage of conquering further it makes the game more challenging. It's also nice that you added different civilizations that have different resource distribution.

I feel that the initial settling can lead to quite unfair advantage. I also sometimes missed the end of the turn, so I wish there was some confirmation each time (or the option). But still a nice strategy game.

Well done!

First of all, congratulations on completing a game!

The mechanic feels a bit of Memory game + Set game. I'm not a fan of Memory games, but this one was fun enough.

Nice game overall!

Nice game! The mechanic is nice and well presented, and the whole game has a unique and cohesive feel, with a touch of puzzle. One small concern is that I sometimes didn't have a clear idea of where to go, or where I was in the map, and missing some jump or piece, meant that I couldn't go back and undo it easily, but rather had to restart the level from 0. I think it would help if I could either plan ahead and know what's coming, or make it easier for me to undo my decisions, otherwise I feel "punished" for not predicting what I didn't see in the level.

Overall is a nice game with polishing: the interaction felt good. Well done!

Great game! The art is nice, cute and cohesive, but the best part is the gameplay and how much content you managed to put into it. The main mechanic is nice and well executed: The levels are well thought, and there's some constant progression in the game. While I disliked that getting killed by a slime late in a level sends you back to the beginning, the game was balanced enough to not make this frustrating. The addition of the plants-vs-zombies lookalike plant, but with a gun, was an unexpected funny touch. There was a point however, where I tried to reach some platform by bouncing on two spring plants back and forth. I'm not sure if I just didn't execute it properly, or the game just didn't allow it, it was not clear.

 The core game mechanic also reminded me of a level in Spyro where you had to plant either bouncy mushroom or a platform daisy, to reach the top of some tower. Not sure if you got inspiration from that :) 

Overall this felt more like a small completed game than a jam entry. I had fun playing it. Congratulations!

Nice game, it's impressive you could put all the story and cinematics. I wish the combat system was somewhat different though. It's super hard to kill the blue bobs without being hit, and I didn't manage to kill the boss, despite many attempts. Still, it's a great entry overall. well done!

Nice game. The only bad part is he fact that all needs and produces money, means that it's just a waiting game, you don't need to think which much in which order to do them. Perhaps adding some material type would add more depth to the game.  Also at the beginning it was also not clear to me what the two textboxes below the description meant, since it doesn't distinguish between what you have already, and what you get with upgrade. 

My favorite part are the graphics and the whole transitions and animations. Together with the music makes a nice scene.

Nice game. I like the humor that it has. The controls make it funny, although towards the end make it unpredictable and hard to control the character when the levels are too tight. I didn't manage to beat the 5th level, I felt I couldn't make it through the proper holes, and the timer was to tight. With more relaxed difficulty this could be even nicer!

Nice concept within the theme! I really appreciated that the vines serve both as decoration for the growing platforms, but as as a clear guide for the level, that is, where to go next, where the platforms are located etc. I felt like I never had to gamble some jump. I always knew which areas was unlocked. Very well though design. The whole game also have a nice cohesive atmosphere with graphics, theme and music

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Thanks! I've also just published on Pico8 here. If you have the Pico8 editor, you can also play it by typing 'load #cotris'

Is it an issue that your controllers are not detected? This should work out of the box on web too.

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Nice usage of the music, I love that there's a lot of stages, and the transitions between them are very colorful and smooth. It constantly felt like there was a new stage everytime, so much content!

For some reason, while playing the web version, halfway through the gameplay my character was always moving slow, and I don't know if it's some bug. The bullets felt a bit weird that they were tiny rectangles, otherwise the visual work is great.

Well done!

I like that this really feels like a complete game, rather than a jam. It's impressive to see this from a 1 person team.

My only concern was the pacing of the game. The campaign felt like it progressed a bit too slow, and the Arcade feels like difficulty doesn't increase long enough. After the first both in Arcade, I stopped because it felt like it took forever.

On the good side, the campaign is very well done, the story makes sense, and they justify the core mechanic. They also give mini-goals which gives more purpose to the game!

The mechanic is actually nicer than I initially thought, because it allows for a break in the Bullet Hell gameplay, but also reverses it completely, trying to get as many as possible.

I liked you could add a bit of dynamism to the music and also the background, which added more diversity to the game.

Well done!

Wow, it's impressive how polished and finished this game looks for a game jam, and even more with so many mechanics. The result is really great and all parts (gameplay, audio, graphics) play really well together, well done!

Some design decisions, like introducing the controls gradually and entirely within the game, pointing out that the medal is optional on the first level that it's not trivial, gradually introducing mechanics, or showing the whole level when in the rest zone to take time for planning are well thought.

My only concern was that some level got super hard very quickly, and I felt that rather than getting better to beat it, it was a matter to get lucky with the bullet pattern on that run and not die.

Nevertheless, the game is fun and engaging. I even had a super tense moment when I made it just in time:

I like the idea, and the whole game (including menu) is nicely themed around it.

The combined mechanic of snake and bullet hell is quite hard, but interesting. I found that bouncing against a wall and reducing your speed helped, since it reduced your hitting area.

Very nice game overall!

Did you manage to fix this issue?

Very nice and polished, the glow of the balls is very charming. The game mechanic, while a bit simple, leaves room for skill and dexterity. Well done!

Also, while it's nice that you can start by pressing C+X at same time, it's a bit of hassle that you have to click to restart.

The game is short but nice. The game mechanic actually allows for a bit of puzzle within the platformer. Well done on your first release!

This one was very fun to play. Very nice concept, it does get tricky at the beginning, since the colors in the triangle wrap around, and your brain struggles while the games still presents itself as rather simple platformer.

It's also nice that you had time to add some visual guarnishing with particles. Well done overall

That's a nicely completed game, I particularly like the visual style.

I struggled to understand the controls at the beginning and the rules, and then ran out of ammo, but still fun.

Nice concept! I like how the fixed pieces are propagated to be solved, without much frustration. You managed to squeeze quite many levels for the limited time.

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Nice and fun game. It's also well balanced, with just the right amount of hungry cats + deliveries + outsiders such that it's entertaining and busy all the time, but not too overwhelming. Well done.

It's also nice to see some Pico8 entries here.

Very original, for being such low effort game, it resembles the feeling very nicely.

Great job! This game shows how low effort can yield to a great game!

I wouldn't be able to keep chasing those mice without the support from the owner. The game is fun and balanced, and I love the humor on the end game scene.

Frank is indeed a good boy.

Nice. Fun concept, and love the mood, although the game is a bit too quite hard.