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Lose yourself to the Backrooms in this top-down survival horror game. Will you hopelessly traverse the halls of Level_0 or will you be lucky enough to no-clip to Level_1? Once in level one will you be able to find the supply crates or will you fall victim to skin stealers and hounds? Perhaps you find a hole in the ground or a glass door? How will you survive?

Battle against your slowly decreasing sanity and hunger while no-clipping between levels to collect items to aid in your survival. While encountering entities is rare we recommend you avoid combat as much as possible, especially with the newly added Hounds that can infect you with a hard-to-cure virus!
If you encounter any bugs or issues feel free to let us know! The more you say the better we can make the game :)

Huge update out, cant wait for all the bugs to appear :')

There will be dark areas of the level, not to be confused with the latest darkness update of course. That's what it will look like, these can also spawn on walls but should be mainly on the floor. 

Every time you enter a level the noclip sots will change.  Also after the darkness update, I will be making the noclip spots more noticeable! 


Yes! I will also be adding ASWD controls because the game engine I use doesn't like to play nice in HTML. Also if you use the full-screen button that provides it should fix it and should expand your FOV slightly. Right now there is only level 0 and 1. Things are progressing slowly because I'm setting up the code for items and supply crates. Once I have that stuff in place I should be able to add a lot more levels. 

That's what I was hoping for! I didn't really like how much of the focus was on the monsters which sometimes ended up making the game stay away from the lore, my plan is to try and stay as lore accurate and realistic as possible.

I have been thinking about making the map loop like that but in the lore level 0 isn't infinite like some levels its just huge! I plan to keep expanding on the map hopefully around 1 quadrant per update as I add the other levels and such. Also right now I have the code set to where players that are somehow able to no-clip out of bounds will be sent to the next level/sub-level. But if just having the level loop is preferred then I can do it easily.

I am looking for people to play my card game! The name is Collision Cards, the story is basically there was a huge Collision that caused multiple universes to collide together causing chaos.  Each world has its own story which I tell slightly through the cards, I do plan to also add short stories that fully tell the lore of each world but that will come later.  The game itself plays like a mix between yu-gi-oh and mtg but also keeps it unique. 

The game is split up into rounds, rounds are decided by how many players there are (+5 per player). In each round each player gets 1 turn, a turn is split up into 4 phases, a draw phase, a main phase, an attack phase, and an end phase. There are 3 main card types and 2 subtypes, and 4 rarities: common rare, epic, and legendary.

Creatures are summoned like in yu-gi-oh but differently, common creatures are free, rares require 1 sacrifice of another creature, epic cost 2, and legendary cost 3. Spells require you to discard cards instead of sacrifice cards and Artifacts will have special conditions that need to be met in order to play them.

When the attack phase comes around battle is done like in MTG, you will choose a creature(s) and a target player(s) then the player targeted will choose whether their own creature will block the attack or not. Now unlike both games, you do not have any sort of health points but I'll explain that in the next section.

After all of the rounds have been played or all players have decided to end the game the winner will be the player who has dealt the most damage, that's the case for standard, Ranked has a different system for winning which is a points-based leaderboard with players gaining points by being the best in categories such as Most damage done, Least damage taken, Most creatures killed, etc. We don't have to worry about ranked or any of the other game modes right now tho.

Right now I need to mainly test out the cards from the first set that's being released, make sure they're all balanced, and also add a few new ones if needed. If you have friends that you can play with then that would be best but I will also try to arrange a discord call where we play the game.

If you are interested in the full rules and also looking at some of the cards then please check out the link below,

Also if you have any questions or comments about the rulebook please let me know! 

If you'd be interested in helping to playtest this game then contact me on Discord at akking_yt or join my server:

Thank you for reviewing the rulebook! I've taken your feedback into consideration and have made changes accordingly!

I am unsure what your question about how the rounds are decided so if you could reiterate that would be greatly appreciated! I forgot the add the 2 to the second wisdom which has been revised. The deck limit has been changed to include the differently abled, instead of you yourself having to shuffle it the rule is that one person must be able to shuffle it themselves. I have yet to add examples of play but I am working on that right now! I added a section explaining attacking and defending along with a section that explained how the cards work!

I have seen patch quest! It is truly a inspiring story and its helped me to keep pressing forward no matter how many times I have to re-work or even restart my game projects.

Thank you for your feedback, if you have time I would love if you could go through it again and add more comments and suggestions! 

I am working on a card game, I started it almost 2 years ago and I am getting ready for the release of it. I know its silly to of just now gotten around to this as its the most important part but here I am. :) 

For some background of the card game I basically took the fighting from mtg and then the creature summoning from yu-gi-oh with some innovated rules to playing spells and artifact cards. The game's story is that a event called the Collision caused millions of universe to be thrown together causing mayhem and destruction, there are different card sets that come from different worlds each having a unique art style and or pallet.

That's the link to the document, If you could spare some of your time do you think that you could read through it and let me know what information needs to be expanded upon and also anything that I left out that a player might want/need to know!

Thank you!!

I sent a friend request on discord!

Sent a friend request on discord!

Do you have discord?

Sent you a friend request!

Sorry for the late response but yes we will rate based on Music and SFX! I will not be grading you on how well made the music is but on how well the music fits your game. :)

I am looking for a project to help with SFX, I have been learning sound design for a little over 2 years but I haven't been able to really implement my studies in games other than my own. A few of my best sounds I uploaded to FreeSound: And the rest can be seen/heared in my games. Please feel free to contact me on discord AKking_YT#7939, or leave a comment with your desired form of communication!



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I am making a 2D Roguelike/Roguelite game which takes a lot of inspiration from the SCP foundation and B4B/L4D! I have been developing this game for a little over one month (working on it roughly 2-3 times a week so its not one full month of development) you can check out the development process on the linked YouTube playlist!

The basic story is that on earth portals started to open up randomly which lead into other dimensions, from these dimensions monsters began to come out and wreak havoc on earth. After the situation had calmed down and the creatures that came out of the portals exterminated the global governments called for the creation of a special task force which would keep the other-worldly creatures at bay. Here came the Hunter Gather Division! They act as a mercenary service which trains, equips, and deploys volunteer soldiers to deal with the creatures inside the portal.. along with taking a few resources... for more info on loor, crafting recipes, and other such stuff please visit the games website!

In the game you play as a agent of the HGD (Hunter Gather Division), and you are tasked with entering these portals and eliminating the threats within, you are not required to kill all of the enemies just the boss. In the portals you can find temporary upgrades and mini-games which give you crafting materials. Upon killing the boss you can either return to base which will save any loot you have gained but reset your upgrades or venture on to another level keeping your upgrades. If you happen to die then you will loose all upgrades and items found on that run. The games difficulty will increase as you progress with new enemies spawning and a custom kind of LFD/BFB game master changing the game, if you killed a lot of enemies then enemies will have more health, if you survived without taking a lot of damage then enemies will deal more damage, if you don't kill a lot of enemies then more will spawn next run. Currently the levels themselves are pre-built with everything else (except for the boss) spawning randomly. When you return to home base you will gain EXP based on how many levels you completed, items collected, enemies killed, ect! EXP will level you up which will unlock new features such as a shop (yet to be added) new crafting recipes (working on now), and other stuff! (Just added EXP system, still a work in progress). When you play a level you unlock that level in the level select which you can then return to that level instead of starting on a random level. On the main menu there is a customization tent which allows you to change characters, main weapons, and secondaries! If I've peaked your interest then please join the server down bellow! The closed beta will start on Friday and run all weekend!


Of course!

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So because of the type of project I will not/can't monetize any part nor  accept donations. And due to it being a side project that I'm making kinda just for the fun of it I cant really afford to pay someone for a handful of sprites. Sorry :/

Hello! I am working on a small side project and would love to get a artists help to finish up the game! The game will not need a lot of art and some pieces can just be re-colored and or shrunk assets. I'm sure some of you have seen the whopper whopper whopper advertisement or most likely have heard of burger king. I am making a game where you prepare whoppers (burgers) as fast as possible. I am planing on launching it as a mobile game along with a browser+PC version. The game is almost ready to launch it just needs artwork. 32 bit is wanted but 16 bit could be accommodated! Also these don't have to be brand new sprites if you already have some made those would work just as good!

Sprites Needed:
App Icon,  Button Icons,  Game Tittle,  Tomato + Icon,  Lettuce + Icon,  Burger Bun + Icon,  Burger Pattie + Icon,  Ketchup + icon,  Lettuce + icon,  Tomato slices + Icon,  Mayo + Icon,  Pickle Slices + Icon, onion slices + icon, cheese + icon, bacon + icon, trash can icon, and currently that's it. For the Icons they can most likely just be scaled down versions of the normal sprite.

For additional details feel free to message me on discord: AKking_YT#7939 , o r leave your question as a comment bellow.


Your all good lol

Good luck!

Bro fr made rust what the heck

Oh no! My PC is just not able to run most 3d games lol, I'm waiting on a new graphics card so I can get out of the dark ages.

Sadly I couldn't get it to run on my pc but it looks amazing! :)

I loved the bouncy animations! How do you get the last cherry tho?

This was the experience of a game jam.

I love the guards AI lmao, they will stop at nothing to get to you XD

I also Like the little secrete gems hidden around :)

I love the physics and movement! And also the different abilities the dog had XD
I did seem to have a bit of input lag but that might've been on my end lol

Oh man the second level is really hard! I love the artwork tho and also making the arrow-key's code to open the chest was a nice touch :)

i love how you made the walking animation not a walking animation lol!

I haven't been able beat it yet XD

You actually did it, I saw you talk about it in the server but you actually did it XD

I got a good laugh out of it :)

Oh man my space-bar is dying rn lol
I really enjoyed the hectic spamming to loot the store and also the strategy with layout out a route that was the fastest, also I might've broken the game :3

Lets goooo I hold the WR!!!

The controls are nice and snappy but the levels are kinda generic :/

It was a pretty fun game tho! Good job :)

Quite the interesting mechanic! I also liked how you could raise and lower the velocity of the ball! Very creative! 10/10 ^^

Incredible game! Nearly broke my wrist and keyboard but I made it all the way through! So far the best feeling game to play ^^

Thank you!

It's all good :)