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ye lol

Most likely the basics, use ur own stuff + stuff you have the rights to use, don't cheat and start before the time starts, ect

Hello everyone!... what now..
Well, Lil backstory I am a C3 game dev and also I love roguelikes, I've got a yt, twitch, SoundCloud- I got a ton of stuff :3
Will I finish the game... most likely not :/ Will I try, yes :)

Can't wait to see what ya'll make ^^

I dunno if I could help much but I've been doing game dev for over a year now, I couldn't do like live classes, and since I'm still a student myself I couldn't go in person but if you need someone I would be glad to help to the best of my capabilities 

If the game just shows up as a blank screen, fullscreen then exit. (Bottom right of the viewport)

It's all good ^^
Sweet :), I have to go to work so I won't be on immediately but if you want you can send me some lines that'd you'd like to hear me say

What if the theme itself is not real????

Not finished yet (only 1 level)

But if you get the time I think you might like Pipe Runner, Slight warning tho! You will rage :)

(and YES the first level is beatable, 0.2.1WR (by me :3))

Oki, which one(s) you decide to play is up to you but here are my platformers:
PipeRunner - Simple, Hard, One level currently
60 Second Santa - Very simple, Game-boy coloring/style, Santa
Fresh - Made a long time ago, not the best art, pretty good platforming challenge tho
Cat Go BRRRR - One of my first games, simple, kinda just a meme, not very hard

if you don't play any of them that's fine also lol, Just putting em out here :3

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I am looking for very short projects 1-2 months or less long! It doesn't matter your skill level or what game engine or your age I just wanna make some games with some fellow game devs ^^

I can make music, SFX, and 64 bit and below pixel art! When it comes to coding unless it's visual scripting I am pretty much useless but :)

My email is alexandersalvatore@icimagine and my discord is AKking_YT#7939

WR Speedrun

37 Top Score

Incredible work thank you so much!!!

Hmmm let's see what jams I've joined but haven't finished yet... Ah yes FFS! "1 day left" O-0 

Time to grind

I'm making a speedrun game and would love some feedback on it ^^

Hey I just sent you a friend request on discord 


Si jeje

Let me know if your game didn't get submitted in time and I'll send you a special submission link!

Thank you so much those are incredible!!!

Game 69420 is my fav, not the best but funny ;3

Yooo! Just like when I did drivers ED!!!

Hi! ^^
I cannot code but I would love to be able to help out with pixel art or music/SFX!


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I need the help of a pixel artist for my game, I just need them to do the players sprite. No animation is needed but would be much apreciated!
Original Sprite Attempted Re-work

Basically the game is a puzzle platformer I made a year ago about a green cat that od's on salami and gets phycic powers, I'm re-visiting the project and would love some help with the art!
My discord is: AKking_YT#7939 and my email is
(If you'd be able to help with other sprites other than the cat that'd also be greatly appreciated!!!) Also I will credit you anyway you want!

Hello! I was unable to friend you on discord for some reason :/

My discord is AKking_YT#7939 I would love to be one of your voice actors! I can send you some clips my voices if you need

(Also just a question but would there be voice acting for the Uncanny Valley creatures?)

Hello! I have been a game developer for almost 2 years now and want to expand my portfolio and work on new projects!
I am looking for quick projects/small games to work on, I am best at music/SFX but I can do pixel art if needed! (If the game engine allows for visual scripting then I can also help code)

My discord is: AKking_YT#7939 and my email is

Hey! It's time for the 5th juicy jam ^^
This time we have some really rocking prizes too! 1st place gets a steam key and 2-3rd get GOG keys!!!

Even if you don't want the prizes to come on down :3 Everyone is welcome no matter your age or skill :)


I mean i'm not the host of this jam but usually there's not limit on the amount of games lol

Hey! I am a VS coder and a sound designer! I don't have access to my discord currently my discord is AKking_YT#7939, I should be able to use discord again soon but if you need me before then or want to talk my email is

Dulce! ^^

Lamentablemente no tengo telegrama Tengo un correo electrónico y/o discordia,
Mi correo electrónico es

¡Wow tu realmente bueno! ¿Te gustaría unirte a mi equipo para la jam?

Lo siento si mi español no es muy bueno

Sí sé un poco

Virtual Pet Jam community · Created a new topic Artist

I need the help of a artist for my game

I can do all the UI sprites I just need help with the pet sprites (I am not good at drawing animals)

When and why would I have to buy it from you and how much would that cost?

Hey! I am in need for someone who can do art, are you still available? 


Also I have the full paid version of construct so I can give out temp key's if we wanna go into multiplayer and such

Okay so basically the idea is we get a huge group together and one of us starts a new construct project and then they get to add 1 feature and or 5 lines of code. Then we trade it off and the next person does the same! Then we just repeat that process bringing new people in and sometimes re-cycling through if no new people join. It's more of a meme idea than anything but I think it'd be cool to see what kinda randomness we could build ^^

Anyone can join and everyone is welcome even if you haven't used or heard of Construct 3 before, it's really easy to learn and also allows for actual coding instead of visual scripting! Anyways I really hope that some people would be interested and remember its just 5 lines and or 1 feature so it wont take you more then 30 min most likely :)