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Thanks a lot :)


I'm a little game creator, righ now i'm programming a game inspired of FnF. And I want to make sprites in the same style. 

So, what software was used to make the sprites of FnF ?

Thank you in advance 

Hello, did you create the music you used in the game ?

What is your best score ? Mine is 1232.

Thank you. It's useful

Dude, this game is amazing. It's probably the game that makes me the most laugh that I've ever played x)

An interesting game but it's just too bad that we don't have answer to our questions :
- Why are we in a blind faith test ?

- Where do we go if we don't jump ?

Thanks for your comment. I would have liked to make levels longer too . But unfortunately I ran out of idea and of time x)

Thanks but there are already instructions on the game page.

Thanks for the feedback :D

Thanks :)

Very good game, I really liked the mechanics but it's quite too short in my opinion

Thanks for the fanart :)

Nice game

It's very fun and original. And the diffulty is well dosed. Great game

It is very original, but it is quite impossible to dodge the projectiles sometimes, and there are some glitches.

I like the audio

Nice game, but it is a little to repetitive. My score is 121 by the way.

I made the character grow so much that the game crashed x)

Nice game, it is pretty fun even if it is a little too easy in my opinion 

Oh, another Kaiju game :) . The audio and the graphisms are realy good. Nice work


Pretty unique x)

Very original, but pretty hard

A very good and original game who respects the theme. I really liked the realistic fact that more a planet is big more it have attraction.

The art is really cool. It's just too bad that there is no gameplay.

Nice game, the last levels are hard

This is a very good game, I like the gameplay with the different powers

Hello I have recently shared 2 little games :

- The first one is "5 Mini Games", it's a score game composed of five little games :

- My second game is "Ceiling Floor" it's a puzzle platformer with 24 levels :

Thank you very much I'm glad that you like the music puzzle because it is a part of the game that took me a lot of time

This glitch is now fixs


(1 edit)

This glitch have been fixed thank you for mentioning it

Thank you :)

Thanks for your comment :)

Yes the final boss is beatable he is just a little difficult