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Glad to hear that, thanks for Playin


Glad you have enjoyed our game, it was designed to be challenging.

Thanks for your feedback 😄 we really appreciate it.

Here is Our Entry : Loki's Trials

any feedback is appreciated.

Hope u enjoy it 😉

here is our entry : Loki's Trials, hope u enjoy it

I Really Liked the Game, Great Job man. 😀

So, I Died 36 times before writing my review :
Let's Start with the Down Side of the Game :
- The Art Style Looks Like Mario, it is not the Worst  (I've Seen Other Games which had bad GFX), but it still not that appealing to look at
- I don't feel u worked on the game feel this time Asbjørn, the Character Controller Doesn't feel good when playing it, it doesn't respond to the Input Immediately.
_ I Think the Camera Should be slower than it is.

Now the upper (cool side) :
- The Game Really Fits the theme very well, that Idea of revealing the Truth of the Game is really fitting the Theme (though Blackthornprod Done it Before)
- Forcing the Player to use Both Mouse and Keyboard at the Same time can really unleash his little gamer.
- the Camera is Smooth, which is kinda advantage.

Although, u may have noticed from other comments that there is a bug in the Game, but still a good one. Cheers

Don't Give Up, I'm in a Team and we still have nothing, but we motivate each other, and I'm Very Sure That YOU and WE Can Complete this Jam.


CrowdForge Link :

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I Wanna Form a Team, This is My First Time Working with a Team,

I Just Wanna Have Fun making Games.

if You Have one of the Following Skills Please Consider Joining my Team :

- 2D Art and Animation

- 3D Art and Animation

- Game Designer

- Music and SFX

- Another Programmer in the Team is Welcomed (So  We Can Work on Different Systems and the Same to Time)

Can I Join ?

Do you want a C# Programmer ?

Actually I Think its Ok, but most of us don't have VR's So, u will get less Ratings.

I Made a Custom Game Engine using C++, My Question is Can I Use it for the Jam even if it has Some Built-in Character Controllers & Systems ( such as : an inventory System ) ?

the Art Style Is Amazing , trust me using flat and simple art style made your Game facinating , the music is almost perfect but the Gameplay needs To be a little bit smoothed may be a rotation animation for the triangle the main menu isnt as good as the main level my Rating is 7/10