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So, I Died 36 times before writing my review :
Let's Start with the Down Side of the Game :
- The Art Style Looks Like Mario, it is not the Worst  (I've Seen Other Games which had bad GFX), but it still not that appealing to look at
- I don't feel u worked on the game feel this time Asbjørn, the Character Controller Doesn't feel good when playing it, it doesn't respond to the Input Immediately.
_ I Think the Camera Should be slower than it is.

Now the upper (cool side) :
- The Game Really Fits the theme very well, that Idea of revealing the Truth of the Game is really fitting the Theme (though Blackthornprod Done it Before)
- Forcing the Player to use Both Mouse and Keyboard at the Same time can really unleash his little gamer.
- the Camera is Smooth, which is kinda advantage.

Although, u may have noticed from other comments that there is a bug in the Game, but still a good one. Cheers