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Great work! Combining elements and discovering spells was fun! Excellent use of the wildcard as well. Definitely got into a few situations were the RNG screwed me over, but hey that's what the wildcard said! The programmer art also had it's own charm.

Keep working on this maybe, you have something good!

Very well made for what it is! The tractor controls felt nice, and the sound effects and rock flipping were great touches. Felt like it was a bit easy at the start for too long and would have been nice with a quicker ramp up in the obstacles.

Very well made! I had some confusion earlier on with selecting the blocks, but once I got that it was engaging! I'll echo the other comments that the music was nice, but the 100% pan it had to the left got irritating after awhile.

Great work! Highly polished with a very strong core concept. Love the backgrounds, music, and thought that seems to have gone into each puzzle.

Great game! Awesome job emulating the style of the times. I particularly enjoyed the work you put into the button mapping! Discovering the different item combinations was also fun.

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Was able to play the game by downloading the source and opening the project file. 

A fun challenge trying to keep track of all the different blocks, although I found myself wishing the red block could move a bit faster.

I've always been a fan of interesting progression systems in games, so we thought this was a good way to go! Glad to hear you appreciated it too. :)

I agree! The ghost's item can get stuck in the wall pretty easily and it's frustrating! Already have some ideas on fixing that in particular. :) Thanks for checking our game out.

Thanks for checking it out! Ghost is probably a bit too fast and damaging! I wanted to put in some warps back to the cauldrons in some areas, but the level design got pushed to pretty much the end and was kinda hastily thrown together! Also good to hear you enjoyed the art, as there was great care taken into it. :)

Thanks for playing! The enemies were a little challenging yeah haha. We meant to go back and balance them properly but had more pressing things to do.  Glad you enjoyed it!

Fun game! The tree disappearing and re-appearing in different locations  helped to keep the game interesting, although sometimes it was annoying when the fruit would disappear as I was sucking them up. Good work!

The aesthetics and music say relaxing, but my own inability to see words frustrates me!

Good game!

Definitely enjoyed the concept and the art of this one! It was kinda of hard to get my head around which ingredients would have which effects on the potion though. Felt like no matter what I put it in was negative effects.

Still, I enjoyed it, especially when the ghosts came to tell me that they died.

Holy cow this is pretty crazy work! It was kinda confusing figuring out exactly which way things were supposed to be connected together, but seriously impressive work! Had the most fun with the Pokemon one!

Neat idea for a puzzle game, the grappling hook is great. I did run into a few problems with the portals spawning in platforms or my grappling hook not quite going the intended direction, but otherwise a solid experience.

Sorry should have been more clear. Once you get the parts from the monsters, go back to the cauldrons at the start of the level and "attack" the cauldron to get its respective upgrade. The cauldron with the sword will up your attack, the cauldron with the heart will increase your health, and the cauldron with the boot will increase your movement speed.

 The upgrade levels for attack and speed are displayed in the top right.

There was quite a bit more planned for the whole mixing system, but it got scrapped near the end in the sake of getting -something- playable submitted. What's in there right now is pretty simple: the three cauldrons at the start use the monster drops to increase your stats. 

Thanks for playing :)

Swapping worlds like this has always been a favourite mechanic of mine! Well done! 

Solid work and well done on completing the jam! It's not easy getting it all ready in a week.

I'd be nice if you could have a variable jump height. (let go of jump early to cancel the jump). It was a bit difficult to line up with the robots as the green guy since he jumped so high.

Progress bar go up. Coins go up. I buy stuff.

It's a shame that this wasn't completed fully, but I understand how confusing controls nodes can get at times! That said I encourage you to try and progress this project further, as what is there right now is well done.

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Even for such a large team this is quite impressively done for one week. Quite a high level of detail involved in the art, interactivity, sound, and writing.

Not a Godot game, but still it's quite quick and simple. Art is well done, and I liked how the rocks shrunk as the timer went down. 

Aesthetically very pleasing with a well done game play loop! I took me a moment to realize I could turn the object blocking the syrup, but once I got that it was smooth sailing!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad to hear you liked our art. Yeah I made the attack a bit too hard I think. Always meant to go back and refine it but never had the time. :)

Had a lot of fun with this one! Simple, to the point ,and well executed.

Had a fun time, would have been nice if there were some more enemy patterns! Great presentation though.

Wish I could tell you more about how I got it to happen. I collected my fifth crystal and the ending started. Maybe something about how I fell off on the way back with the crystals sometimes? 

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Hi. First off, thanks for playing. This is a fair criticism, and something that I thought about near the start of the jam. I didn't have any intention of trying to pass off any of the assets as my own creation - in fact you'll see that I have pointed this out on many comments praising them. The credits are not in the game mainly because I ran out of time to properly put them in. I understand that to a lot of people jams are about making everything in the time frame. For me I had the concept and an idea of what the features were that I wanted. In order to make those happen I chose to use 3rd party assets as I am no artist and it certainly would have taken a significant amount of time for me to get the art to what I personally would consider acceptable quality. Perhaps this was an error or misunderstanding on my part, and I'd be interested in getting better at pixel art myself or teaming up with an artist in the future. 

By all means rank my graphics and audio score 1/5 (I would have withdrawn from those categories if possible). 

As for what exactly is my own doing in the game... Pretty much everything you don't see or hear!  All of the code is by myself, save for a couple solutions pulled from the internet. All the scenes, animations (the ones in the animationplayer not the sprites themselves), and game logic were set up by me. There are a few assets that are my own creation, but nothing crazy (the health bar, skill icons [if you count those since they use the sprites], and arrow sprite). 

Again thank you very much trying the game, and even more so for your detailed response that you clearly put thought into! 

Excellent work! The scene at the end was great! Great art.

Big chicken. 10/10

Thanks for trying it out! I understand the music complaint: the loops are a bit short for 7 minutes. The enemy AI was something that I wanted to improve on but didn't have time to finish, so at the moment it's very barebones (the walk to you and attack). I will be trying to learn how to make it better for my next jam!

Had fun with what was there. Seems good so far! There was a slight pause after dodging which was a minor inconvenience but other than that it played well.

Thank you for playing! Glad you had a good time :)
The assets are by rvros (, who is very talented (although seems to be inactive).

Had fun, but kept having some bugs. I randomly died a few times. Moving boulders was also a bit unpredictable in which direction they would go. Good use of the themes and wild card!

Just played the game. The ending seemed to trigger despite me not having collected all the crystals. Went back and got those anyways. Good job, loved the Godot faces.

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Thank you for the very kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with it. I'll definitely be tinkering with wall jumping in future projects to the feel right. 

Thanks for checking it out. Making sure everything looked good together was a priority for me.  The sprite and tile work was all done by rvros so it worked well out of the box for the most part!

Thanks for the link - I'll definitely have a look. Helps that I can understand French!

I can't take too much credit for the graphics since I used an asset pack for them, but thank you for playing! I definitely designed this around a controller, and the keyboard controls were a bit of an afterthought. I'll pay more attention to them in the future (and learn how to let you customize your controls).

Thanks for the feedback! The health bar seems to be a common complaint - noted! I would have liked to polish the transition a bit but in jam tradition I ran out of time. There was a lot I realized I just didn't know how to do and didn't feel like I had the time to learn properly. I'll have to spend the time between now and the next jam I join working on those.