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Wish I could tell you more about how I got it to happen. I collected my fifth crystal and the ending started. Maybe something about how I fell off on the way back with the crystals sometimes? 

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Hi. First off, thanks for playing. This is a fair criticism, and something that I thought about near the start of the jam. I didn't have any intention of trying to pass off any of the assets as my own creation - in fact you'll see that I have pointed this out on many comments praising them. The credits are not in the game mainly because I ran out of time to properly put them in. I understand that to a lot of people jams are about making everything in the time frame. For me I had the concept and an idea of what the features were that I wanted. In order to make those happen I chose to use 3rd party assets as I am no artist and it certainly would have taken a significant amount of time for me to get the art to what I personally would consider acceptable quality. Perhaps this was an error or misunderstanding on my part, and I'd be interested in getting better at pixel art myself or teaming up with an artist in the future. 

By all means rank my graphics and audio score 1/5 (I would have withdrawn from those categories if possible). 

As for what exactly is my own doing in the game... Pretty much everything you don't see or hear!  All of the code is by myself, save for a couple solutions pulled from the internet. All the scenes, animations (the ones in the animationplayer not the sprites themselves), and game logic were set up by me. There are a few assets that are my own creation, but nothing crazy (the health bar, skill icons [if you count those since they use the sprites], and arrow sprite). 

Again thank you very much trying the game, and even more so for your detailed response that you clearly put thought into! 

Excellent work! The scene at the end was great! Great art.

Big chicken. 10/10

Thanks for trying it out! I understand the music complaint: the loops are a bit short for 7 minutes. The enemy AI was something that I wanted to improve on but didn't have time to finish, so at the moment it's very barebones (the walk to you and attack). I will be trying to learn how to make it better for my next jam!

Had fun with what was there. Seems good so far! There was a slight pause after dodging which was a minor inconvenience but other than that it played well.

Thank you for playing! Glad you had a good time :)
The assets are by rvros (, who is very talented (although seems to be inactive).

Had fun, but kept having some bugs. I randomly died a few times. Moving boulders was also a bit unpredictable in which direction they would go. Good use of the themes and wild card!

Just played the game. The ending seemed to trigger despite me not having collected all the crystals. Went back and got those anyways. Good job, loved the Godot faces.

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Thank you for the very kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with it. I'll definitely be tinkering with wall jumping in future projects to the feel right. 

Thanks for checking it out. Making sure everything looked good together was a priority for me.  The sprite and tile work was all done by rvros so it worked well out of the box for the most part!

Thanks for the link - I'll definitely have a look. Helps that I can understand French!

I can't take too much credit for the graphics since I used an asset pack for them, but thank you for playing! I definitely designed this around a controller, and the keyboard controls were a bit of an afterthought. I'll pay more attention to them in the future (and learn how to let you customize your controls).

Thanks for the feedback! The health bar seems to be a common complaint - noted! I would have liked to polish the transition a bit but in jam tradition I ran out of time. There was a lot I realized I just didn't know how to do and didn't feel like I had the time to learn properly. I'll have to spend the time between now and the next jam I join working on those. 

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you got and understood the loop! Yeah, the health bar on the boss is something that's been requested a lot from people. He has a decent chunk of HP but it's not too crazy - especially with an upgraded sword!

It may have been poorly explained in the game, but the dash requires some of your blue super meter to be filled and will drain a charge of it! The wall climbing and jumping was implemented a bit poorly and was on my list of things to polish but I ran out of time. Thanks for playing!

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Had fun with it despite the bug with the hot projectile. I would also find myself losing track of what my temperature was though. Perhaps a warning sounds that play when you are +/- 5 or 6?

Thanks for checking it out! There are definitely some areas where I could have put more work but didn't have the time to really delve into. 

Thanks for checking it out! I can't say I or the people that I playtested with had issues with the chests - if you were using a keyboard the button prompts are for a controller so the description has the key bindings. (I ran out of time to add contextual prompts) 

Fair point on the title screen. I slapped that together right near the end and didn't put too much thought into it. 

Thank you for playing and for sticking with it until you beat the boss! 

Thanks for checking it out! That's a fair criticism. I designed the game with controllers in mind. The keyboard controls were a bit of an afterthought on my part. 

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The game got too easy personally. Once I gained five dice it was possible for me to get the 7 bonus pretty much every turn and deal a consistent 20-30 damage a turn (especially when I got 6). Perhaps I was just lucky with my rolls though. At times the enemy AI made some questionable decisions too - over healing themselves, healing while at max health, and there were a few times early on where the enemy could have killed me but chose to guard/heal. 

Still though, great work! 

Wow! Incredible work. Played through the whole thing and it kept me engaged throughout. Balancing towards the end could be improved, but overall great game.

Very unique colour mechanic! Music cut out for me at some point though.

Seems like a good study into boss mechanics. Sounds effects would have been cool, but otherwise very enjoyable.

Had a fun time with this one. Arrows on attack rolls were definitely the way to go. I enjoyed the art style and concept!

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Had fun with this. Clearly must have taken some effort to get set up! Game seems to have slowed to a crawl when my deck size got lower than my queue size though.... Currently waiting for the Alchemist to die for the last 5 minutes. Almost there. EDIT: 31 minutes later and the fight finished. Hell yeah!

Player animation was quite cool and smooth!

Solid game. Had some hiccuping with the performance at the start, but it seemed to get better as I went on.

Completed the game. It was fun and a good use of the wildcard. It was difficult to see why I fell at certain points though, the last level in particular.

Had a blast playing through this one! The bosses were difficult at first but felt rewarding to figure out and beat. Good job! :)

I had some difficulty with the platforms that are on different layers looking the same. Maybe try making them visually distinct from each other.  The enter key was useful for those situations though so it wasn't too bad.

Overall had fun with this! Similar concept to my own submission :)

Game seemed a bit easy and I would have liked to see the dimension thing played with a bit more!

Art is good and everything seemed to work well. Good work!

I personally didn't have any unresponsiveness in the controls, but I'll second that there is little time to react to the oncoming obstacles!  The art is nice. I like Stella! Sound effects or a simple background track would be nice additions :)

Good work overall!

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Had quite a bit of fun with this one, and I liked the inclusion of the dimension theme.  Very nice for a first published game.

Enemies felt like they may have a bit too much health, but other than that was very good! I liked the different tracks for the music, and the animations and sprite work as well.

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Enjoyed it quite a bit! Had some issues at the start with Dr Laserjump not changing size when he ought to be, but they went away after the first few levels and then it worked perfectly from there!

The builder is also really cool and impressive! Bonus points for the persistent .ini heh

Got to around level 15 or so! Fun game for the jam! I notice the health pickups display +50 on the screen but were actually increasing my health by 100.

Had some performance issues towards the end on browser that seemed to be from the bat enemies in particular as the issues would go away as I killed more of them.

Thanks for trying it out!

Unfortunately I can't seem to reproduce that particular bug in any of my testing. so I'm not too sure what would be the cause. :( For future project I'll definitely need to get some different people to test it out for me it!

Thanks for trying it out! I'll have to polish the jump a bit more in any future platformer projects. At the moment you can cancel the jump at anytime when you release the jump button so if you tap it you'll jump basically nowhere - perhaps I'll have to introduce a minimum jump height in future work!

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Thanks for the comment; I appreciate the feedback! It seems like a few people have had some issues with the controls. I'll have to get some people to play-test future projects more for me since I probably got so used to its quirks over the week.

Definitely agree with the character! He was a bit rushed haha. Thanks for trying it out :)