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Thanks! :D

Nice graphics and concept!

It would be pretty helpful if you could use shortcuts (the number keys for example) to select an "item" so that you don't have to always move the mouse to the corner of the screen.

Admittedly, I only made it to level 2 or 3. Guess I'm not too great at puzzle games

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Pretty unique Idea!

I guess you could call this a "Second Person" game haha.
Maybe, or maybe not

Also, on the topic of the robot getting stuck in the floor and other geometry. Maybe adding a No-Friction Physics material could improve it.

Nice game and really nice graphics, well done!

Thanks!  I do have ideas I couldn't add during the jam, hopefully afterward.

Nice game!

I didn't really understand the mechanic about the companions, but I guess they don't really affect gameplay.

Here it is

Nice graphics and concept!
Admittedly, I'm not great at it Lol

Nice game!

The concept actually seems a little similar to my game. Or at least what my original vision was Lol

Nice game and graphics!

Maybe  it would be good to have some indication of your range, to see how far you can attack.

Nice graphics!
It's a little hard to see if the bullets are hitting your or not, or where they are landing. And the death is a bit sudden, so a delay and death animation would be nice!

Rated! Here's mine

Rate Robotz!? by Adam_B-dev for Wowie Jam 4.0 -

Nice game
The jump is a little weird. I'd make the player rise and fall faster.

Really nice game!

Simple game but pretty clever and fun.
Maybe a few checkpoints would've been nice. (Or at least I didn't find any Lol)

The first time I got locked behind the red X with the one lever I thought it was a plot twist ending, but then I quickly realized that I was just slow. Haha.

Nice game! Although the fact that the cube is black makes it a bit hard to see against the bottom of the skybox.

Thanks! I have some ideas, so hopefully they'll be added after the jam.

Damn, really impressive!

Heya, here's mine
Rate Robotz!? by Adam_B-dev for Wowie Jam 4.0 -

Nice game, pretty fun!

It seems like the customers sometimes kinda get stuck while going to the checkout.

Really nice art,  interesting game.

I think it would be better if the acceleration and deceleration were faster.
Having to always throw away a tool to pick up a different one is a bit clunky, it would be good if there was a tool bar to easily switch between them. But I guess carrying only one at a time is part of the challange. I seem to have trouble finding a dropped item on the ground more often than I'd like to admit. Maybe there could be a highlight to them or something.
Lastly, picking up stuff is a bit tricky coz it feels like you have to stand in a pretty specific spot.

Really nice art!

Pretty difficult. Took me a while to get moving on the first level. Maybe that's just part of the point and click experience. Although maybe the clickable items could look a bit more special with their colors or something to draw attention better.
The player could move faster, although that might just be personal taste.
In the end I stopped at level 4. maybe I missed a clue, or I just didn't keep guessing the safe long enough.

Very nice game! 

Was a bit confused about the controls at first but that's just part of the experience.
Throwing in some subtitles for the robot's speech would have been good but I guess what he said wasn't that important anyway, and understandably making subtitles might be a bit hard in a game jam.

Nice game, great graphics.

Pretty damn hard. I ended on Level 6

Heya! Checked out yours! Here's mine
Rate Robotz!? by Adam_B-dev for Wowie Jam 4.0 -

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Nice work!

(Spoiler warning for people who haven't played it yet)

Honestly my thought at the last level was probably unironically "Oh hey, my companion is now gone and there's an evil robot  that looks the same, what a coincidence! " lol

Thanks! I was thinking about upgrades and stuff.  I might have been kinda overscoping for a weekend jam Lol

Thanks! I do wanna continue with some more content! :D

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Fun game, interesting concept!

The pop ups and glitch effects make it hard to see though.
Would be nice to have  some sound effects (and maybe visual feedback) to show how right or wrong you were with the ads that you just sent.
Though to be honest I already wasn't able to read most of the pop ups. lol

Edit: Weirdly, I didn't get any of the pop up ads the first couple of times I played. Makes me wonder if there are more mechanics I missed

Nice game! Really nice art. 
Though maybe there could be more contrast between the background and the playable foreground, or that might just be me. 
It actually took me longer than it should've to understand how the mechanics work. I thought I had to press C/F while at the computer screen. Though that might have been my bad rather than the game.

Lastly I didn't really understand how Blue works. The arrows above his head kinda made me think I could control him but I guess I can only call him and then he does things automatically.

Nice game!

At first, like other people I was confused on day 2 about what to do, but it was all good after I realized I have to click on other objects before going to the computer.

Interesting concept! Though not quite collaborating lol

Funny enough, I also didn't have the full duration of the jam for my game. Though in my case it was most likely due to procrastination and such.

I believe that's caused by interacting with some glitched checkpoints.

Thanks for the interest! :D

Had to check the game to remind myself, sadly there's no ladder.

Well, well, well.
You could say there are good news and bad news lol

Good news: It exists 

 Bad news: It's not done...But I should at least finish a demo of it. 

 Thanks for being interested :D

Verry foddian, Extremely difficult.
Not sure if I'll ever git gud lol

Nice concept! It has potential.

Nice game! Destroying the cars is pretty satisfying!

Nice game!  It's pretty fun knocking down the environment and flying above the city. Particle effects look great!