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Thank you :)

In case you haven't seen I just helped wrap up development of OGMO Editor 3 - which has just about all the features I had in ZOME and all the features I planned on adding!

Oh hell yes, classic deepnight <3

Whew this game is excellent! Just blew through a dungeon and the rules are so simple to internalize but can make some complex situations.

The only small thing I noticed during play was that when the dice tween off screen at the end of a round, if any of them are on fire, you can see the tip of the flame. Either tweening them further down or removing status effects at the end of a fight would fix it!

Again whew whew what an excellent game! Great work!

Thanks Lewis! I'm already brainstorming ideas :P

Funny you should mention it! I've kinda started from scratch on an electron app. Not sure how long development will take but I think you'll enjoy it!

Nothing solid yet! The version on github has a couple of very minor updates, but nothing that addresses anything on the roadmap. I will try to update milestones on github to give an idea of how things are going and when the next update will be available -

Yeah I totally think that the "omni-tool" thing is getting too complex, and I think I'll need a toolbar. That'll be coming soon, but in the meantime I just pushed a small update to fix the same tile editing issue as well as the letterboxing!

Thanks for the fast feedback!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback :D

  • I think a Fill function will be added at some point, it should be relatively easy to implement!
  • Layers are kind of on the roadmap, but pretty far down the line, I'd like to have object placement first
  • Yeah, metadata should be doable with objects!
  • I may look into supporting zoom on the tiles panel, it might be kinda tough the way it's set up now
  • oof, the tileset is cutoff because I was planning on putting the object panel underneath, but I think maybe separating it into another tab or something would be best. I'll get rid of it for now to maximize that panel!
  • I'll look into menu commands as well - Dunno if it's possible with the framework I'm using
  • I've been thinking about how I can support Undo/Redo - a portion of the editor may have to be rewritten, but I think it'd be worth it.

Posting here is super fine, but if you'd like to post 

you ended up with a pretty good score 👍 thanks for playing :D

thanks for playing :D

thanks Leaf :D

Hey itchsters! I made OUTLAW MAYOR PANIC over the weekend for LD41 using HaxeFlixel and Aseprite!

The theme was "2 Incompatible Genres" or something, so I made a clone of PACMAN/SIMCITY!

Outrun cops and pick up city missions from your trusted advisor! Missions are really simple, and include:

  • put a building down
  • put a building down next to another building (for bonus pts!)
  • put a building down NOT next to another building

You have three lives, I have never beaten the game.

Thanks Sebastian! I love what you and your colleagues are doing with gamejamcurator :D

i feel like my typing is on a carnival ride :D wooooo

Keep going!!! I think you're almost there (if my memory serves me)

thank you! I would like to revisit this at some point and add some mechanics and maybe some gameplay after the goblin cave :)

I've been wrestling with a bug for a while now - I think I'll have to start over with development and clean it up :0

Hopefully it'll be soon, but I have a few other things on my plate! But I <3 upsquid and will definitely get back to it!

Sounds awesome! I look forward to it!

Hey Jonbagz! I am working now to try and find the cause of this! I'll reply again once it's fixed! Sorry for the trouble :)

I'm really split on adding bosses. Adding increasing difficulty is definitely something I'll be doing soon, and I have some ideas for bosses/endgame, but I also think the endless nature suits Upsquid. Either way, thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback :D