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OXALIS is a virtual remote ranger application · By 01010111

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A topic by 01010111 created Sep 01, 2021 Views: 231
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OXALIS is a virtual remote ranger application.

Operators conduct various missions to determine optimal action sequences.

Rangers are comprised of three parts:

  • A ranger's Core provides phase energy at the start of every phase.
  • A ranger's Driver provides movement.
  • An equipped Attachment provides utility to the ranger.

How to operate

This simulation requires a gamepad to operate.

During the player phase, use the following to operate a ranger:

  • Use the left analog stick to move a ranger. Moving expends phase energy.
  • Use the right analog stick to orbit and zoom the camera.
  • Hold down the left trigger and use the right analog stick to aim.
  • Once locked on to a target, use the right trigger to activate the equipped attachment. Using attachments expends phase energy.
  • Use the left and right shoulder buttons to cycle through rangers.
  • Press start to advance to the next phase or abort the current mission.

The panel in the upper-left of the screen shows you statistics for the current ranger.

  • A ranger's limit is determined by the strength of its core and driver. Given enough damage, the limit is reduced to zero and the ranger is lost.
  • A ranger's ammo shows how many uses remain for the ranger's attachment.
  • The phase energy bar shows how much energy the ranger may expend during the current phase.


To increase ranger potential, retrieve parts from the given missions. To do so, you will have to hack enemy rangers.

While locked on to a ranger, the panel in the bottom-right of the screen will show you statistics for the targeted ranger. If the targeted ranger has any firewalls, they will appear as blue icons above this panel. You will have to remove the firewalls before hacking the ranger. To remove them, just use a hacking attachment on the ranger. When the next phase begins, all hacks will process, and if the ranger is without firewalls and is hacked, it will switch teams at the beginning of the phase. Ensure it is not destroyed and you will gain access to its parts when selecting your next loadout.


  • Revisit missions to retrieve all the parts available and set new phase records.
  • Read attachment descriptions to understand any nuanced utility for an attachment.
  • Use attachments wisely - some can be synergized with other rangers to better effect, and once all ammo is expended the attachment is useless.
  • Use as much phase energy as possible - unexpended energy is wasted at the end of a phase (for now).
  • Keep an eye out for inactivated rangers, they can be hacked just like enemy rangers to give you an edge.