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OXALIS is a virtual remote ranger application · By 01010111

Neat game, my small feedback

A topic by benhhopkins created Jan 15, 2022 Views: 57 Replies: 1
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Really love the look & feel of Oxalis. Cool visual style and palette (also a fan of Arne).

My one gripe is the targeting scheme. I enjoy how you've got to press two buttons, how it emulates driving the mechs. But when you have to line up a shot with two or more valid targets at almost the same angle, it's super annoying and I often misfire. Maybe you could move a reticle across the ground while holding Aim, which snaps to the nearest target?

An option for shorter animations would be sweet too.

Looking forward to seeing where this game goes!


Hey! That's excellent feedback - I have the targeting on my TODO list already, I would really love to have grenade type weapons that are thrown and I've also had that same gripe when targeting a single unit in a group. Shorter animations is a very good idea as well, I appreciate it!