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I haven't given any thought to the title screen and I've only got placeholder images for the other ones. I think it's okay to use free assets, providing you credit them. I've added an ABOUT command for this, but the text is currently empty. I'll probably use a third-party font if I can find one I like.

Chris, is it okay to change the title? I thought it had to be "The Cave of Magic".

According to the Jam rules, Polyducks' title should be 'The Cave of Magic: Mushroom Hunt'.... hopefully, they're not magic mushrooms! :) Or they're magic mushrooms of the right type! :) 

Ah, I see that including 'The Cave of Magic' is no longer one of the rules of the Jam. :) 

There were complaints about the rule, and given that all entries will be tagged with the jam, it should be easy to discover entries without requiring a common prefix.

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I loosened the rules to allow a different titles (prior to the competition starting).

I do like "The Cave of Magic: xxxx", but all entries will be tagged, so you have the freedom to name your own entry as you see fit as long as you associate it with the base game and the jam.

I haven't loosened the rules since Friday, and I won't loosen them any more, there has to be some minimum spec and structure to entries.

So, thats okay for use free assets to make the graphics? (with credits of course)