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Thank you for the feedback :D!

This is a hard one. Having an item on screen is basically getting another chance. So it can feel a bit unfair when there's none. You're right that it would be great to have a tricky way to save yourself, but unfortunately I can't think of anything good that would do that, without making the game too complicated.

As it is just a way to safe yourself, you don't need it if you don't get the bullet. I hope that that still makes it a game about skill :). Thanks again for the comment :).


Haha yeah that's true. Sorry, I don't wanted be harsh. I like the concept you have there :) I'm maybe wrong, but from mine point of view a game which is based on skill should be somehow be predictable. Thus, I can develop strategies and muscle memory to survive certain situations. Bus as far as I recall the orientation and spawning point of the res bullets are random and this makes everything difficult. And classic bullet hell shooter are based on pattern just so you can learn them and develop strategies.

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You haven't been harsh at all :D! Negative feedback is the most helpful one :D.

You're right :). It's based on the player's reactions. Also, I'm still learning :D. Thanks :)!