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Okay, I found a way to get you unstuck.  I submitted the fix to the iOS App Store.  once it gets approved (may be a few days) you should be able to update to it.  once you load the new version, try to move straight up.  I put an event in that will transfer you out of the boat and onto land.  

Cool, thanks! ^^

I really want to finish this game.

It’s unique how the interaction in battles are, and how events translates to the story, and characters themselves. 

Hey Thanks!  writing this game has been quite a journey for me and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  

We are in luck.  apple just released my update (faster than expected!).  Go ahead and update to version 0.3.3 and when you load your saved game, walk directly upwards.  Let me know if that works in getting you unstuck so I can remove the event I put in to pull you onto land :-)

okay, my issue is slightly different.  I sailed to the island and talked to the fairy there.  She teleported me to the spot on the island the op is stuck in.  My ship is a few spaces over.

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Hi Spaceboy, do you know which version you have installed?  I think what happened to you is that you had an older version that still had the transfer bug.  Do have a different save that you could start from (after updating the game)?  Did you get the game from the Amazon store or via  I have an idea on how to get you unstuck.

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I have the most recent update I believe due to updating it.  I'm unsure where to find the version number.  I got the game from the Amazon store.  Pressing up does not work for my bug.  I do not have a save to go back to.  I opened my menu when the bug hit and autosaved ><

Okay, let me put together a workaround for you to get you unstuck.  It may take a few days to get the workaround approved by Amazon.  I will let you know as soon as the workaround is available.

you're the best!  Really fun game.  I can talk to the fairy when she walks close enough to me but the screen goes dark and I'm assuming she is teleporting me to this location again.  I assume that because I can't leave the spot to know.

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Yikes!  The fairy was never supposed to transfer the player.  I just put the transfer in there to recreate Valmon's problem and forgot to take it out.  Doh!  Shame on me!  Anyway, I just submitted a fix to Amazon that takes that transfer out and adds a square of land where you are stuck (this should get you unstuck).  Amazon normally takes a day or so to release my updates and I will let you know when to update.  It will be version 1.0.2.

Sweet, my hero and my heroes hero!  Do you have more games you've made I can pass time with until the update goes live?

I free now. You got a talent for this. 

Is this a starting point? Since I am certain, you can take your talents much further ^^

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Oh my goodness, thank you!  It is a long story.  Yes, this is my very first game.  I started programming when I was 8 (a very long time ago :)).  When I graduated from college with a cs degree, I applied to a ton of game companies, but was rejected or never heard back from any of them.  I ended up working as a developer for ibm and a few other companies.  Once I became a manger, I missed coding.  Once I had kids, it became difficult to do my stand up comedy and improv (something I used to do for fun).  Writing this game was very therapeutic for me.  I could code again and it was an awesome creative outlet.  I have a ton of ideas for follow on games once this one launches (once I get all of the bugs out :-)).  The only challenge I have is time (I can only work on games sporadically on the weekend and during the week when the kids are in bed).  Thanks for your kind words.  it is support like yours that keeps me going.  ...and I'm so glad that we got you unstuck :-)    

I have this exact same problem on Amazon fire TV.  I tried pushing up to no avail.  Perhaps the update hasn't pushed through yet.

Also fun game!