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Oh my goodness, thank you!  It is a long story.  Yes, this is my very first game.  I started programming when I was 8 (a very long time ago :)).  When I graduated from college with a cs degree, I applied to a ton of game companies, but was rejected or never heard back from any of them.  I ended up working as a developer for ibm and a few other companies.  Once I became a manger, I missed coding.  Once I had kids, it became difficult to do my stand up comedy and improv (something I used to do for fun).  Writing this game was very therapeutic for me.  I could code again and it was an awesome creative outlet.  I have a ton of ideas for follow on games once this one launches (once I get all of the bugs out :-)).  The only challenge I have is time (I can only work on games sporadically on the weekend and during the week when the kids are in bed).  Thanks for your kind words.  it is support like yours that keeps me going.  ...and I'm so glad that we got you unstuck :-)    

I have this exact same problem on Amazon fire TV.  I tried pushing up to no avail.  Perhaps the update hasn't pushed through yet.

Also fun game!