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Thee sailing was smooth and very enjoyable.  Thanks for the great adventure!

Update is available and it works!  You are just fantastic.

The option to update is not yet available to me at the moment.  Thanks for keeping me informed.  

Sweet, my hero and my heroes hero!  Do you have more games you've made I can pass time with until the update goes live?

you're the best!  Really fun game.  I can talk to the fairy when she walks close enough to me but the screen goes dark and I'm assuming she is teleporting me to this location again.  I assume that because I can't leave the spot to know.

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I have the most recent update I believe due to updating it.  I'm unsure where to find the version number.  I got the game from the Amazon store.  Pressing up does not work for my bug.  I do not have a save to go back to.  I opened my menu when the bug hit and autosaved ><

okay, my issue is slightly different.  I sailed to the island and talked to the fairy there.  She teleported me to the spot on the island the op is stuck in.  My ship is a few spaces over.

I have this exact same problem on Amazon fire TV.  I tried pushing up to no avail.  Perhaps the update hasn't pushed through yet.

Also fun game!