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you're the best!  Really fun game.  I can talk to the fairy when she walks close enough to me but the screen goes dark and I'm assuming she is teleporting me to this location again.  I assume that because I can't leave the spot to know.

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Yikes!  The fairy was never supposed to transfer the player.  I just put the transfer in there to recreate Valmon's problem and forgot to take it out.  Doh!  Shame on me!  Anyway, I just submitted a fix to Amazon that takes that transfer out and adds a square of land where you are stuck (this should get you unstuck).  Amazon normally takes a day or so to release my updates and I will let you know when to update.  It will be version 1.0.2.

Sweet, my hero and my heroes hero!  Do you have more games you've made I can pass time with until the update goes live?

Crisis of the Middle Ages is my very first game, but I do plan on developing more games after this one comes out.  However, fear not, I just got the word from Amazon that the 1.0.2 update was just now released! Can you do an update and see if you become unstuck?

The option to update is not yet available to me at the moment.  Thanks for keeping me informed.  

Update is available and it works!  You are just fantastic.

Horay!  Thanks for letting me know!  It is interesting that Amazon updates take a little time to reach end users.  I'll remember that for the future.  I hope all is smooth sailing for you from here on out :). 

Thee sailing was smooth and very enjoyable.  Thanks for the great adventure!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game!  Thanks for the feedback!