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I free now. You got a talent for this. 

Is this a starting point? Since I am certain, you can take your talents much further ^^

Cool, thanks! ^^

I really want to finish this game.

It’s unique how the interaction in battles are, and how events translates to the story, and characters themselves. 

Cool thanks 

I know how this can be. When programming, errors can pop up left and right heh. Sometimes, it can be the least expected one as well.

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That’s cool, take your time. 

Also I don’t have a previous save file. I never expected this to happen.

From what I can see, you would need to be able to move the character back to the land to face the box that contains the ship. Right now they are within the box of the ship. Technically, the game is assuming there is a part of a land there. Though, there is a conflict at hand where the box interaction of the ship and the character are connected. That there would need to be separated somehow.

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Oh sorry



By the way, I really like the game. I just hope this is fixed soon ^^

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I discovered a bug in the game, and a horrible one at that. When you enter the Fairy Tower, and Exist. It takes you to the Ship, then you are stuck there, unable to enter the ship or move onto the land. I cannot do anything. To clarify a bit more, I am at the lower right corner of the island. On top of the ship. I cannot move onto the island, or enter the ship.

I would also recommend a button function in the game, as well as a confirmation option to enter objects. This here would more or less act as a failsafe for situations like these. It’s not a perfect solution, but one that will not hinder gameplay as much.