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I wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted recently. Sometimes the guilt gets me real bad and your posts really helped me through that. I feel ready to work on the game again.

One thing that would help me is if you guys would give me impression of what you THINK might happen on Seth's route or would simply like to see. The path is half-written (fully  outlined) and I stopped because I kinda felt like the path lost its steam, so I am looking for some inspiration.

I think there would be some talk about why he left the childstar industry, and probably some talk about the disillusionment with the media and how he was becoming someone he didn't want to be- then discussion about why he would come back into the limelight with Robin. Probably some tortured backstory about some drama, because hurt and stuff, and then likely how similar he and Robin are, and maybe addressing the concern that they could potentially spiral each other downhill?

I love all these suggestions for Seth he's an enigma in the first place but I personally would like to follow that route should he get one. I got a new computer so I have to re-download the game myself but as I'm reading through this I noticed there's been some updates since I've last downloaded it so this is all a good thing. This really is like a visual novel that breaks the mold. When I first seen it I was like oh I have to have this and I liked the epilogue for the childhood friend and I was looking forward to other epilogues cuz I know that they weren't finished yet I hope that there has been epilogues added or there will be some epilogues added. All I know is don't ever be discouraged because you're a really good writer and you have a really good thing going and you should finish it the way you feel it should be finished because I think it's something you should be proud of. Because I personally am happy I just happened to find it even if it was by chance I'm glad I found it

Awww :( Thank you. That's so nice to hear.

I don't really have a solid idea of what I'd be looking for. I'm a sucker for angst, and the whole drugs and one night stand thing, especially followed by Seth's reactions, seemed like prime ground for such things.

I'm so happy if you are still working on Seth's route!  I've been looking forward to his path the most!
It's really interesting and unusual how their relationship starts with "one night stand". I think it's the first otome where I see something like this and I really like it. Anyway, I expect lot's of passion, love/hate drama, jealousy and tension between Seth and Robin. I think those two have so much in common and Seth's route has so much potential.

Thank you! I hope to do him some justice.

He's still getting a route?!

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I also agree with the reply of ZukieBabyIroh!. Seth and Robin are both very strong and creative personalities and their romance will probably be very passionate.

I'm so happy that this game seems like it will be updated more! I play A LOT of dating sims, but none quite like Rock Robin, which is my favourite game of the aforementioned genre.  I really like Seth from what I've played and am greatly looking forward to his route. c: