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This is a bug ... one that I've let stay in the game because I wasn't sure if I even wanted to include the (very long) scene ... but after letting you guys read it, hurtful as it is, the test readers voted it as important to their arc so I will be fixing this bug in the next release. 

If you'd like to read it now, I can give you the cheat code to unlock it via email:  maselphie AT gmail

I will definitely announce it on Twitter (@aleema, @happybackwards) and I will post here and probably make use of's new "devlogs" feature. I post development pics on my @aleema twitter sometimes too.

I would like to. They're next on my agenda after Record Label quests (should be in next update).

You're not stupid, there's supposed to be buttons at the bottom of the screen that are cut off for some reason. Looks like you're playing on a Mac. I would venture to say that the Mac version may be broken.

However there's something you can try:

Basically, hold down shift when the game boots, or shift+G in game and try different rendering options. I hope that works for you.

After reviewing Emmitt's path, I see now that I should have written his first. His path has the least closure. I will get his ending finished next.

Oh wow, look at everybody screaming! Haha!

Thanks! Should be fixed in the next update.

Claudette and Beau's open-mode arc will be released.

"Band tags" and record label objectives will be added.

No, I am the only one working on the game and it started as a hobby. I haven't abandoned the game, though. There is new content being written for the last few weeks now.

OMG! THAT IS SO CUTE! You really nailed her!! I love it. You rock!

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Romances in this game are linear, you just work to unlock them.

VNs condition us that if something bad happens, we did something wrong. However, relationships in real life aren't perfect. Confessions can be made and not accepted - but still come together later on. Part of the reason there is little to no story choices is to not give the impression that difficulties in these relationships are in any way your fault.

Robin has difficulty seeing Emmitt as an adult in the beginning of their path. That is no reflection of you, the player. It's simply a story I wanted to tell. Keep playing! :)

xD Not many people get this one, lol. Glad you like it.

Are you Mac? If not, where are  you stuck?

I love my RR babies! I can't abandon them. ;__;

In your LIFE? Wow! A huge compliment! I'm so glad it has a special place in your heart. I hope you enjoy our future games. :)

If you kept teasing him in the beginning (option: "Nah"), he won't kiss you. There is a walkthrough RTF file for his path in the main folder of the game.

Good catches!

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I don't know when Seth's route will be released. It's a bit emotionally tough as it deals with recovery, but I do plan for it to come out. I am working on completing the Story Mode char's open mode routes for the time being, but Seth will be released.

Sterling's route is short so don't get too excited. It's accessible through Dallas' route. There will be an option to stay with Sterling or go after Dallas, you must stay with Sterling.

If you want the cheat codes, email me: maselphie AT gmail 

Yes :) In Open Mode.

I'm so glad the game could impact you that way. Hell, it's impacted me as well. It taught me that games are my passion, and I'm so happy for you to find the same. I look forward to your future work. Good luck!

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I am working diligently to get a huge update soon. I've reached out to a writer to help me along.

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Bugs & Typos

I'd like to consolidate the bug reports here so I can keep track of them better. Thank you!

Thank you, looks like Collin is bugged. Let me take a look.

I'm finishing up Beau's OM route right now. :)


I'm glad Beau is getting some love. His stiff nature can come off as indifference. Of the epilogues for the Story Mode chars, Robin and Beau's will be the most turbulent. There's a lot of stuff they have to work through, but if they can do it, they'll be very happy. :) I'm about a little more than halfway done with their epilogue, but you can get a preview when you do start Open Mode.

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but Robin doesn't have a full-fledged romance with any women unfortunately. There is some cheesecake with Rose and Jammy. My future games are going to be way more gay. I started this game ten years ago when I hadn't really explored that side of me, but LGBTA will be something I include from now on. Romance is romance and I like it all.

Wrecking your sleeping pattern is the highest compliment. Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Email me for a Premium Code if you don't have one already: maselphie AT gmail

Haha. That's an oversight. The cost was increased for balance purposes but I forgot to change the tooltip.

Yes! Cheat codes first started as developer tools, and I needed to unlock open mode many times. It will be under the code that unlocks all Open Mode characters too.

Hi! Glad you like it. I'm still working on the game. I guess I'm on hiatus because my job at work blew up on me.

Feel free to post anything you'd like here, or if you want you can email me directly: maselphie AT gmail.

Did you by chance get the Sterling ending? It's accessed through Dallas' route and doesn't unlock open mode for story reasons.

When did you turn off your game?  Some unlocking codes are programmed after the credits, so if you shut the game off without hitting "skip" through the credits, you might have missed some unlocks. (I know, that's stupid, but the unlock pop-ups would ruin the ending vibe I think.)

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Yes, there is. Collin is bi, Faust's brother is gay, Jammy is a lesbian -  If you're asking if there are female love interests, there are not. There is some Jammy x Robin cheesecake but nothing serious unfortunately. My future games will definitely be more inclusive in that regard.

Interesting! Thank you.

Well, I suppose that's a discussion for when the game is completed! Maybe by then phones can run it smoothly. >_>

This was such a nice read. I'm so glad. I'm glad the stories felt so real to you. That's important to me. Thank you so much.

Yes, of course. Most everyone has been fine, but there was a false flag raised on one of the songs (the beginning vocal track in the first scene) just FYI. But I love watching them. :)

Set a band member to "writing" in the management screen. A little blue bar will fill beneath their writing stat. When that's full, you get a random new song.

Okay. I was very insecure about these scenes, but if you guys want it to be required, I'll make them required. :)

Wow, thank you. That's the first I've heard of that problem in song recording.

Check this page to see which chars unlock on which path.