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Happy Backwards

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Posted in Seth

Yes and no. The framework to romance him is there, but he is not finished and not released.

Replied to SSniper in Stuck

Gosh, I'm sorry. Glad you're happy though.

Posted in Stuck

Okay. So the error is a text character that the engine/font can't render. Because you said the Singles chart was missing an entry, I'm going to bet it's a rogue song title that slipped through with a weird apostrophe or something. (I don't think it's a band name or else this would be a more common issue.)

Your options are ... send me you save file and I'll try to salvage it (maselphie AT gmail), or remove all/some song titles from the song titles TXT file until you find the problem. That MAY work, I don't know. >_> I'm sorry this happened.

Posted in Perfect

I'm sad the last update was forever ago too. :( I really wish I had more time. Being an adult sucks.

I'm not giving up, though. If nothing else, I am persistent. Everyone's support is really inspiring.

I believe there is a check in there if you've already romanced him (you're dating) where Wizz asks if you're bringing it up to make him jealous.

How long have you been playing the game? Did you first start a long time ago, or did you only recently download? I had to change how characters were unlocked last year or so which caused characters to get re-locked. As for the scenes being locked, that is weird UNLESS you changed computers mid-game. The data for whether you saw something is in your "persistent" data which is computer specific.

There is a cheat code to unlock all characters in Open Mode: hit F1 (or letter C if you changed it ) and type: "fuck this unlocking shit" (no quotes) That should solve your problem in the mean time.

If you send me a pic of your Beau memorabillia page I can tell you what the scenes are and why they are missing. There are some variations of scenes you may not see, for example, Rose goes with you to the AMP pre-party instead of Beau if you're fighting at the time.

Seth is not out yet.

Haha, I forgot Robin said that. xD Faust has 3 scenes in Story Mode that you need to see. They're outlined in the walkthrough in the top level of the game's folder. Essentially, see the bachelorette party, and then see him twice while shopping at the music store. If the prompt "Faust unlocked for open mode!" comes up, he's unlocked.

The cheat codes are included with the premium content, but you can email me for them at: maselphie AT gmail

There's a cheat to unlock everybody in open mode so that could fix that problem, too. Thanks for enjoying the game!

You must recruit Faust into your band in Open Ended Mode for his story. 

You access the cheat menu by pressing F1 or changing the key binding to the letter "C" in the game menu.

Beauregard is "BO-ree-guard" or listen:

Welllll ... they haven't been released yet, but yes! There has been work done. :) For example, thanks to everyone's support, I was able to find the original artist again and commission missing sprites that will be important for Open Ended Mode. But those characters are also in Story Mode, so they'll have sprites there, too! And I'm thinking about writing extra content/re-scripting scenes so that you can see them now.

For example, here's Tracy (for Owen's route),  Sophia (for Beau's route) and Tiffany (for Marcus/Emmitt's route):

They're still a work in progress, but here you go! :)

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I'm sorry they have caused trouble for you. The song is licensed it through Magnatune, so I suppose Orchard's auto-claim-bot can't tell that, so this happens. Or it is more likely that that license doesn't transfer to 3rd parties. You may want to turn the jukebox off for future videos, though.  I just don't want to get your account in trouble.

A quick Google search shows Orchard Music claims to be scams/false. If a YouTube video is getting pulled, I would suggest the uploader(s) dispute and they can contact me if necessary 

Where did you hear this? I haven't received any notification, but I'm happy to verify my licences or remove music if they object to the content.

You flatter me!! I had a lot of help from folks like you.

Yeah, I agree about the drama. Fun should be the goal. Edginess sometimes comes off as for its own sake, and I didn't want to go down the rabbit hole of drugs or get uncomfortably real about anything - I hate it when that happens in stuff I'm watching/reading, because, well, it gets uncomfortable. I still  have a long way to go as a writer, but thank you for letting me know I didn't dive off the deep end here.

My name is Aleema and I am the one to contact about bugs/errors. You can compile a list if it's long and submit to my email: maselphie AT gmail    because I have a folder to keep track of it.

Thank you so much for the rare post. :) Losing sleep over a game is the highest compliment, I think. I'm glad you got to enjoy something a little different. Each route has it's own flavor; Dallas' is definitely the most angsty. Beau's is playful and sexy, Emmitt's is about maturity and learning to open up (and also playful). A lot of people like Wizz, if you just stick out the "they swear at each other a lot" phase.

Thank you, Xelex!

Thank you for offering. I definitely need some help like that.

Thank you so much. :)

Thank you, that's a quick fix!

Thanks, that is a simple fix. Just the wrong tag before their dialogue. :)

Replied to ylvarie in Open Beta + FAQ

Can you hang out with him? Can you chat with him? Those will each raise his affection by a little bit each time.

I thought I modified the code in the store to allow going into debt. Sorry about that.

You can instead cheat for now. Email me at: maselphie @ gmail for the code :p

Thanks! Glad you like the game.

Posted in Open Beta + FAQ

I know you're all excited for more content. When my life settles down a bit, I'm sure I'll write up a storm. I have the outline, the ideas ...

If anyone wants to help me, like with writing scenes, outlines, forum posts, etc that would be great ... You can email me at maselphie AT gmail.

Okay, there are a few things to try ... because the game is modifiable, it looks for files in the folders. There might be a permissions issue. Try running as Administrator, or disabling your anti-virus programs before you unzip the files.

I'm sorry, that doesn't help. Windows, I assume? Windows 10?

What OS are you running? Also, try googling help with running Ren'Py games (that is the engine).

This makes me so happy to hear. Sometimes I get very depressed, ask why I even bother, etc ... and then I remember why I do this in the first place. Because stories are awesome. Emotions are awesome. Love is so unexpectedly powerful and human. I stopped playing VNs a long time ago and now I just make what I would want to play.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. It wouldn't have come this far without support from people like you. Thank you.

Posted in Writing Songs

Yep, writing songs is crucial to your business as a band. In the band management screen, select someone to start writing songs (one of the buttons under their stats) and run sessions until they do. The lower blue bar under their writing skill bar will fill up and then they pop out a random song. Sorry this is confusing, I'll consider altering the tutorial.

Replied to Leanihl in Open Beta + FAQ

Okay I did some research. Sierra handles Ren'Py games poorly. A format that I compile with used to support PC, Mac and Linux, but it is now broken for Mac. I will have to re-release the game for Mac only. I will try to do this soon, I'm sorry.

Replied to Leanihl in Open Beta + FAQ

Sure, I'd like to help but I need more information. Please be specific about how the game doesn't load. You extracted the files, went into the resulting folder and executed the .EXE icon? And then what?

Thank you so much! I am 30 now so it would make sense my stories would be more mature. :p

Posted in help!
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Not a bug. Seth isn't released yet. ;)

Yup. :)

Why don't you try and find out?


I told you it would make you angry! 

Thank you for the feedback. I'll see about requiring it so the AMPs don't automatically start and push up the chance to see it.

(Edited 5 times)

If that's what you want, then you should definitely read those parts. It explains why Robin pushed Dallas away the first time, but (sigh) she pushes him away again. Silly girl. Also, they have sex and I don't gloss over it. I feel it's part of their complete story but I re-wrote it so many times that I sorta buried it on purpose.


If you want to see it (and everything else as a by product) hit F1 while in game and type: show memo

The order is: By The Pier > Flashback:  Robin's Song > The Dark

This song overlaps into the flashback but doesn't in the Memo: http://ccmixter.org/content/ad...

To turn this cheat off, type it again in the same way. I suggest doing that since even unreleased/unfinished scenes may pop up for you and in general would suck the fun out of the game.

If you do read it, could you give me feedback on whether it should be required to their storyline?

(Edited 1 time)

I've been hearing that, so in the next patch I will try to make it easier.

I haven't been very worried because I wasn't sure if I wanted to include that content in the story from the beginning, because it might make the reader uncomfortable or angry at Robin for how she handles it.

Interesting. Thanks for looking into this for me.

That will happen in long games where you've exhausted the whole database of song names. :P

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The 2000's! I guess that seems so far away now. It's almost 2020, jeez.

It will pop up automatically, but Sebastian needs to be there since it heavily involves him.