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Happy Backwards

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Posted in Open Ended mode

Did you by chance get the Sterling ending? It's accessed through Dallas' route and doesn't unlock open mode for story reasons.

Posted in Open Ended mode

When did you turn off your game?  Some unlocking codes are programmed after the credits, so if you shut the game off without hitting "skip" through the credits, you might have missed some unlocks. (I know, that's stupid, but the unlock pop-ups would ruin the ending vibe I think.)

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Yes, there is. Collin is bi, Faust's brother is gay, Jammy is a lesbian -  If you're asking if there are female love interests, there are not. There is some Jammy x Robin cheesecake but nothing serious unfortunately. My future games will definitely be more inclusive in that regard.

Posted in Error

Interesting! Thank you.

Well, I suppose that's a discussion for when the game is completed! Maybe by then phones can run it smoothly. >_>

This was such a nice read. I'm so glad. I'm glad the stories felt so real to you. That's important to me. Thank you so much.

Yes, of course. Most everyone has been fine, but there was a false flag raised on one of the songs (the beginning vocal track in the first scene) just FYI. But I love watching them. :)

Posted in New songs

Set a band member to "writing" in the management screen. A little blue bar will fill beneath their writing stat. When that's full, you get a random new song.

Okay. I was very insecure about these scenes, but if you guys want it to be required, I'll make them required. :)

Wow, thank you. That's the first I've heard of that problem in song recording.

Check this page to see which chars unlock on which path.

Posted in Refusing gigs

If you stress him out, his affection meter will go down. If someone's affection meter is too low, they won't play gigs. Try giving him the candy in your inventory,  hang out with him on the weekend, buy a gift at the store or a new drum set.

If you managed to piss him off in a section of the game that does not allow store purchases and you declined to hang out with him, you may need to restart or use a cheat code. (Fortunately, you're not that far into the game if that's true.)

Still working on this ... I'm really sorry.

Haha, thank you for the kind offer. The biggest issue is my time ... I got a promotion at work into a much more demanding job, which I like, but I'm still in that phase where I'm overwhelmed. It'll get better.

Posted in Steam Key

The build has been pushed back to later tonight. There was a bug I couldn't fix before bed, sorry.

Posted in Steam Key

I'm sorry. I'm going to release a new build tonight. Try re-downloading it tomorrow and tell me if it works. If not, give me a little more description on your problem: what exactly happens, your OS, etc.

It's probably easier to tell you who's not released:

- Seth

- Claudette

- Bruno

- Marcus

- Owen

Posted in Steam Key

The game is not on Steam. You can use your Windows unzipper to unzip the files if you want.

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The game started as a passion project in 2008 in my dorm room because I liked sim games and I thought musicians were sexy. This is honestly just a fun thing I am sharing.  Record labels were done over one weekend very late in development. :p

What's coming next - what I am literally working on right now - are "quests" that the labels give you every now and then. The purpose to getting a label will actually be very meta:  "Do you want more gameplay? Story? Well, then join a label!" That is always what I wanted to do, but never really got to it. Which is something you'll probably hear me say a lot. I will take heed and do more to make staying indie more miserable. Perhaps increasing Popularity decay, limiting venues, or raising costs even higher (Open Mode only). I plan on doing random, short events that require a choice from the player. These will compliment the new Band Tags feature, but they will of course have other penalties in terms of cash, popularity, etc. 

I consider the game incomplete and not in my ideal vision. I really wanted there to be a "go on tour" feature, to have a "find a gig" feature, to have better mini-games ... But it's been ten years! If I get to it, I'll be happy. :)

First and foremost I want to say that I believe getting your character to 5 stars should be a difficult achievement and it is not required to do well in the game. Secondly, the last time I messed with mechanics, it was to make the game more difficult overall, so it's possible I did not balance or test it well enough.

The issue, I believe, is the "uphill" mechanic that makes it much harder to learn untrained skills. If you raise a skill a little bit and then move on, it basically evaporates. I can see why that's frustrating. I always wanted the game to be about band members complimenting each other, rather than them all being well-rounded, but it is a sim player's compulsion to get all stats as high as possible, I know. I expected players to utilize their resources - gains from hanging out, equipment bonuses and character strengths. The stat raising was balanced with those bonuses in mind. Does that make it inherently flawed? Maybe.

When I ran some tests just now, I found that stats were depleting at a rate that I had reserved for the "Hard" difficulty. I likely did this as a quick fix for people getting to the AMPs too quickly. I also found a bug in Star Quality stress increase. Lastly, I decided to make the following changes:

  • Chance to get stressed while grinding significantly lowered if that skill is their strength
  • Chance to lose stat is lowered if they are well-trained (150+) or that skill is their strength
  • Amount of stress recovered from relaxing is increased if the character has a low stress tolerance

I felt like this helped. :)

I appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention and the work you did to record your testing, helping me fix some bugs and saving some people out there some frustration. If you don't already have a premium code, I would like to give you one. Could you email me at: maselphie AT gmail? Thank you.

Thank you, I believe it will be patched this weekend.

Replied to TeleKitty in Bug

I had no idea that was even an option. I really appreciate you coming back and sharing the solution! :)

Posted in Bug

Okay TeleKitty, I don't know the answer to this but here are some things you can try:

  • Disable your anti-virus protection. The engine used to be falsely flagged as malware, but I thought they fixed it. Just in case, though.
  • Open with Admin privileges (right click > properties > compatibility). In here, you can also keep changing your compatibility settings and see if any other OS works.
  • Ensure you have free space available on your hard drive (engine creates a folder for save files) and that the download location is not locked as read-only (the game searches its folders for assets when booting)
  • Hold the SHIFT key when booting and select a different rendering option as this may be a graphics issue
  • Ensure you have memory available to run the game - close background apps, etc

Lastly, are there any error messages at all? Is there a log file generated in the game folder?

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You guys are really the best anyone making a game could hope for. Thank you.

I'm happy to say I've made really good progress on Beau's continuation route yesterday. I'm introducing band tags  in the next update (is your band sexy or cute? vulgar or clean? etc.) so I want to put some final touches on that system before release, but I expect there should be new content released by next weekend. :)

Posted in Bug

What is your OS?

Thank you so much for the kind words and support ... I really mean it. Thank you.

Claudette will be the next released character. I am testing her route now. She was written (mostly) by Starling, which is why she's ready before others.

I have a problem with not giving up or even admitting defeat. I also always get the small cart when I go grocery shopping and then wish I got a bigger one, because I'm optimistic that I won't be a complete loser. But I always seem to let myself down.

I want to write these stories. They're complete in my head and just need to be written. And it's hard to reply to posts like these and hold myself accountable each time. I do want to finish and make you all happy. I do, please trust me on that. But I also got a stressful promotion at work recently and on the weekends I just veg out. The truth is, if I were as passionate about this game as when I first started, I would make time and I would do it. But I'm not and I'm very ashamed to admit that.

There are 4 things I want to finish writing before I would even consider launching the game out of beta and officially moving on. 3 of them are Dallas/Beau/Emmitt's open-mode stories. The last would be releasing Seth. Those are what I consider to be the "minimum" of my duty before I could admit I bit off more than I could chew. I want to believe that I can do it, and I definitely want to do MORE than just those 4 things.

For you, I will work on those 4 things today. Right now. I will make progress. I can do that for you at least.

Thank you for your kind words and I hope you get to read these finished stories some day.

Posted in Seth

Yes and no. The framework to romance him is there, but he is not finished and not released.

Replied to SSniper in Stuck

Gosh, I'm sorry. Glad you're happy though.

Posted in Stuck

Okay. So the error is a text character that the engine/font can't render. Because you said the Singles chart was missing an entry, I'm going to bet it's a rogue song title that slipped through with a weird apostrophe or something. (I don't think it's a band name or else this would be a more common issue.)

Your options are ... send me you save file and I'll try to salvage it (maselphie AT gmail), or remove all/some song titles from the song titles TXT file until you find the problem. That MAY work, I don't know. >_> I'm sorry this happened.

Posted in Perfect

I'm sad the last update was forever ago too. :( I really wish I had more time. Being an adult sucks.

I'm not giving up, though. If nothing else, I am persistent. Everyone's support is really inspiring.

I believe there is a check in there if you've already romanced him (you're dating) where Wizz asks if you're bringing it up to make him jealous.

How long have you been playing the game? Did you first start a long time ago, or did you only recently download? I had to change how characters were unlocked last year or so which caused characters to get re-locked. As for the scenes being locked, that is weird UNLESS you changed computers mid-game. The data for whether you saw something is in your "persistent" data which is computer specific.

There is a cheat code to unlock all characters in Open Mode: hit F1 (or letter C if you changed it ) and type: "fuck this unlocking shit" (no quotes) That should solve your problem in the mean time.

If you send me a pic of your Beau memorabillia page I can tell you what the scenes are and why they are missing. There are some variations of scenes you may not see, for example, Rose goes with you to the AMP pre-party instead of Beau if you're fighting at the time.

Seth is not out yet.

Haha, I forgot Robin said that. xD Faust has 3 scenes in Story Mode that you need to see. They're outlined in the walkthrough in the top level of the game's folder. Essentially, see the bachelorette party, and then see him twice while shopping at the music store. If the prompt "Faust unlocked for open mode!" comes up, he's unlocked.

The cheat codes are included with the premium content, but you can email me for them at: maselphie AT gmail

There's a cheat to unlock everybody in open mode so that could fix that problem, too. Thanks for enjoying the game!

You must recruit Faust into your band in Open Ended Mode for his story. 

You access the cheat menu by pressing F1 or changing the key binding to the letter "C" in the game menu.

Beauregard is "BO-ree-guard" or listen:

Welllll ... they haven't been released yet, but yes! There has been work done. :) For example, thanks to everyone's support, I was able to find the original artist again and commission missing sprites that will be important for Open Ended Mode. But those characters are also in Story Mode, so they'll have sprites there, too! And I'm thinking about writing extra content/re-scripting scenes so that you can see them now.

For example, here's Tracy (for Owen's route),  Sophia (for Beau's route) and Tiffany (for Marcus/Emmitt's route):

They're still a work in progress, but here you go! :)

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I'm sorry they have caused trouble for you. The song is licensed it through Magnatune, so I suppose Orchard's auto-claim-bot can't tell that, so this happens. Or it is more likely that that license doesn't transfer to 3rd parties. You may want to turn the jukebox off for future videos, though.  I just don't want to get your account in trouble.

A quick Google search shows Orchard Music claims to be scams/false. If a YouTube video is getting pulled, I would suggest the uploader(s) dispute and they can contact me if necessary 

Where did you hear this? I haven't received any notification, but I'm happy to verify my licences or remove music if they object to the content.

You flatter me!! I had a lot of help from folks like you.