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I just finished Lu's route. This game absolutely blew my expectations out of the water and I honestly don't know if I'm really happy or mad at that ending, but I loved playing the game. I was really shocked at all that transpired and just thank you all for making this awesome game.

I'm so happy that this game seems like it will be updated more! I play A LOT of dating sims, but none quite like Rock Robin, which is my favourite game of the aforementioned genre.  I really like Seth from what I've played and am greatly looking forward to his route. c:

I just finished the demo and I absolutely loved it! Is there an approximate date for the full game's release? 

Hi! I really enjoyed the previous game, Jerebear lol, and I was wondering if there was an approximate release date for this game and the what the estimated cost of the full version would be. Thank you for your time!