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Yay, strawberry, my favorite flavour!!!

Also, I've tried dying to Grandma and Smile Wolf, and I gave the librarian porno comics again for the second time, but no achievement for those. I swear, if this new achievenment so happens to be braniac language WITH MATH, I quit this game.


I would prefer chocolate donuts. 😋  Wait, wait, wait, that old woman can kill you now?! 😲 Wth?! D: And yeah, could be possible that you get this achievement, if you manage to deal with a Brainiac Marzia AND a Brainiac Viktor at the same time. Holy sh**. 😅

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Grandma partially drains sanity now like the priest. FieryDeath4 just mentioned it yesterday.


Oh, okay. Good to know.


This achievement is easy to get. No brainiacs required.


Oh, soz. I was typing my comment before I saw yours


I first thought you had to die in a certain way by a certain character, because of the skull, nope...

Hint: New players might find this achievement by accident in math level.


I haven't tried to look for the new achievement yet, but I think you should be a little bit more exact with your hint about getting it, as it seems a little bit too ambiguous.

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This is why ambiguous achievements are really bad.

If you don't know what it is and it's hard to find, you could spend years and years trying to look for it and get it. Seriously.

Here's just a few absolutely random ideas of what it could potentially be:

1: Reach Baldi

2: Finish Brainiac Language + Math with every solvable question/space correct

3: Finish Lil Puss Language + Math with every question/space correct on the first try everytime

4: Make a mix of two/three/four random items only the developer knows (the game has well more than 2 heptaracted items at this point: maybe even about 2 octaracted! We take that number and square, cube or tesseract it and that's how many combinations you'd need to check. Maybe even all together.)

5: Make the God Pigeon or whatever

6: Make a skeleton of the bones

7: Watch every tape (good luck! I found and watched seven a couple weeks/months ago and posted the videos. They were LONG. Then there's a lot more than that in the school. Oh my god.)

8: Use every item (except the pizza)

9: Give the Librarian every book

10: Find something really, really obscure

11: Open the microwave or something

12: Activate the ritual somehow (pentagram's already marked out)

13: Use a soda/muffin in the bathroom

14: Use a flashbang in the closet

15: Finish all eleven notebooks/ten elevator codes with the teacher really far away from you or really close to you

16: Make a mix of two/three/four random items, but also MIX THOSE WITH CERTAIN OTHER RANDOM MIXES (googologists behold and rejoice!)

17: Find a secret in a random wall/floor

18: Die to everyone that can kill you

19: Hack the game in some way so it notices

20: Write your ideas on this list


I like cookies and cream better tbh i mean look at this crud