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9 more days until the anniversary of AEWVS!!! You know what I propose for a future build? RADAR MODE!!! It'll be a special reward cheat for beating the language level, and ONLY FOR BEATING THE LANGUAGE LEVEL. Radar mode is an optional mode available in all 3 levels where there will be a map of the current level the player is in, on the top right corner of the screen, showing the player where the characters currently are, in the form of identical red dots without specifying which dots are which characters to make it a little less obvious who each dot represents. Radar mode can be useful for better predicting Mr. Cleany-Clean and Marzia's paths and locations at different periods of time for when the player decides to scavenge for notebooks afterwards without the radar, as well as helping the player watch out for stupid jerk Head Teacher and silent stealth Viktor, especially in Braniac mode. It can also be used to locate the priest and die to him, at least when the death achievement or sanity mechanics are re-adjusted. Anyway, this cheat is just a reward for great progress and completion, not something available from the start. If it still seems too overpowering and easy to obtain and abuse, how about the player having to obtain a certain amount of achievements, probably 18 total, in order to unlock Radar Mode. I got the idea of Radar Mode from the radar cheat in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Tell me what you all think of this special cheat reward down below. I hope Mrdrnose reads this and replies as well.

Hey look! More of head-teacher's kind, plus h-teacher herself!

You know, Mrdrnose, instead of focusing so much on the minor insignificant details like the floor and wall textures, the voice lines, and the secrets in places like the past levels, you should probably focus more on expanding the history level's major architecture (more corridors and rooms that add to the notebook hunt, but not short-lived secret rooms), populating the empty history classrooms with copy-and-paste desks, chairs, wastebaskets, podiums, junk, and blackboards, as well as random common items in the classrooms, adding paintings to barren walls, providing Viktor's spawning room and a few of his notebooks, 2 or 3 new history notebooks with a new topic like Youtubers, historical and recent murders, science discoveries, US/World history, AEWVS update history, etc., you know, things you can do rather quickly in a short time span, but adds a more notable and significant change to the level's atmosphere and gameplay. If you can complete at least half of the recommendations I provided, the history level would already feel greatly different. If you're having trouble planning what the map layout should look like, try using the filled rectangle tool in Windows Paint to draw out your bird's-eye-view ideas for your maps (like how MIX, Devon, and I sketched out the top view of the entire language level). Don't worry about the Math and Language levels; they're already great as they are (except Braniac math) and we can all agree.

I wonder what this glitchy hidden room could be? I caught a quick glimpse of it in one of Absol's streams of the alpha 0.1.3 update at 1:07:49, near the hallway behind the first classroom while she was being dragged to the cauldron by the head teacher (after being spotted holding a knife). It looks like one of the rooms from the bunker.

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Sue me, or don't.


This is meant to be a silly follow-up to my previous planet-AEwVS characters post. Prepare to be weirded out and expect the game being ruined to some people. I'm sorry, but I'm bored and I'm having way too much fun with Photoshop. This photoshop is not meant for any malicious intents or slanders, just satire, period.

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So I just realized that unintentionally, all of the speakable main/secondary character of AEwVS characters (including Angell the protagonist) is very closely associated with a certain planet. The inner planets (not counting the moon) are the reoccurring commonly encountered characters, while the outer planets (and Pluto) are those who only appear in a single level and are more distant from the player in terms of hostile encounter and proximity to the school entrance. I really wanted to put Phonty on the list, but I just didn't know where to put him, maybe as Chiron, since it's between Saturn and Uranus.

Mr. Cleany-Clean: Mercury - Both of them are considered very swift and speedy. It is almost as if Cleany has his own wings like the winged messenger, Mercury himself. The Roman God Mercury is also the god of transportation, and what does Mr. Cleany-Clean do to you? Transport you, of course!

Viktor Hugo Strobovski: Venus - Despite being identified as a male, Viktor is shown to be charismatic, elegant, and extremely vain, like the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus. Viktor likes to see himself as "hot" as the planet itself, considering Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system. He is also the most popular main star of the game, much like how Venus appears to be the brightest star in the night sky.

Angell/The Protagonist: Earth - You know, because humans, life, death, videogames, chosen ones, the good guy (girl). I think you get my point.

Albert the Bear: The Moon - Albert acts as a benevolent follower of guidance towards Angell, owing a great contribution to her aid and watching over her with care, very much like how the moon follows the Earth instead of the Sun, and has owed great contributions to the Earth's life and nature from above watching over it. He is also the closest person - in terms of fraternal bonding - to Angell, corresponding to the Moon's great proximity to Earth. Albert also kind of looks like a moon if you think about it.

Laura/Head Teacher: Mars - Despite being a woman, her temper is shown to be very fiery and short. She's very reactive and she's as cold as the planet itself. She's fierce and a savage like a warrior, like the god of war, Mars. Additionally Laura also has a red-colored second form like the red planet of rage.

Mr. Mix: Jupiter - I consider Mix as an outer planet, since he isn't really necessarily interacted with as much as the other 1st floor main enemies, and he only appears in the first level, not appearing in any subsequent levels, making him rather distant, but closer in comparison to other outer planet characters. They both possess the largest bodies in comparison to everybody else. Much like the Roman god Jupiter, he is quite patient and merciful with other mortals, but only to a certain limit. Eventually, both of them lose their sense of patience and mercy and seek out to punish and kill for having their wrath unleashed. Another detail, ironically speaking, is that Mix has two Great Red Spots on his cheeks.

Marzia V@@@@@@@@: Saturn - She can be considered the second outer planet, since she's farther away from the school entrance and the starting characters from the math level, and she's the next character you meet after all the other math level planet characters. Saturn is associated with agriculture, and Marzia's favorite snack, watermelons, play an important part in the agricultural market. The Roman god/titan Saturn, or Cronus was known for devouring his own god children, and what does Marzia do? Devour children of course! Also, she has one of the loudest and the most startling and terrifying jumpscares in the entire game, as well as possessing one of the creepiest kill tactics out of everyone else. If you've watched Youtube videos over the sounds of planets, you'll know that Saturn has one of the loudest, the creepiest, the most terrifying, and the most unsettling sounds of all the solar system's planets, which suits Marzia perfectly. 

Erie the Great Librarian: Uranus - What do Erie and planet Uranus have in common? Both of them are seen as a total joke, especially in the eyes of Viktor. Erie/Uranus is located even further away from Marzia/Saturn and most of the other character planets, due to her occupation at the rarely-treaded third floor and her incapability of making very close friendly bonds with the other staff members, with the small exception of Alice Freudenmacher, but that will be discussed later. Erie is also a bit of an airhead, alluding to Uranus being the Roman god of the sky and the heavens. Uranus represents inventiveness, which can be implied to be a trait of Erie in the possibly implied creation of Scrina by her. Uranus is also regarded as the "Ice Giant," and Erie is visibly seen as giant in terms of height, and cold to the people surrounding her when she's grumpy. Lastly, Uranus represents homosexuality, hermaphroditism, and gender fluidity. Erie is often implied to be a homosexual by many fans, usually shipping her with Alice Freudenmacher, and she even has a Jenny-the-Teenage-Robot body pillow, implying she may have a waifu attraction towards her.

Alice Loiza Freudenmacher: Neptune - The most distant planet and the most distant person from society and her colleagues. Beautiful as they both are, they both have a Great Dark Spot storming within them. Alice is hands down one of the darkest characters in the entire game like planet  Neptune itself, literally. They both also wear the same color, dark blue. Despite her loneliness, the closest thing to a friend she's ever had is Erie the Great Librarian, just like how the closest planet to Neptune is Uranus (Sailor Moon references anyone?). 

Helpscreen: Pluto - Even more isolated from everyone else than Ms. Freudenmacher is, Helpscreen takes the spot of Pluto. Neither of them are well-respected nor are they well-accepted much. Helpscreen's location is even more distant from the others', and it is questionable whether his hideout is even on school grounds (this makes his room seem like the Kuiper Belt of the school).

I still think Phonty should have made it somewhere on this list, but I just don't know where. If you have an ideas as to what should I have made Phonty as, maybe as Chiron, or if there is a character planet that you do not agree with, please comment down below. If you do think Phonty should be Chiron,  or another dwarf planet, or any other planet, please tell me down below.

You don't even need to answer 666 for all 50 questions, just the glitched last example on each notebook, so you only have to answer 666 ten times.

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Alice face swaps can be savage too.

Have some more!

Face swaps. From me. Deal with them.

Another thing, the dog enemy can only be avoided if you are completely still and wait for his music to recede (even so much as turning while standing will make him kill you, so release the mouse as well). Also, during the late game when Marzia's faster, stand near doors leading to the corridors and listen for any clicking sounds (which is Marzia walking and approaching the door) and heavy high pitched breathing (like the breathing sounds Marzia makes at the start of the level) coming from the other side of the door. If the breathing is very loud and you hear no more clicking, that means she's door-camping right behind the door (don't open it), so if you are trapped in a class room or blocked from entering the next corridor, throw a flash bang at the door without opening it to scare her away temporarily. Always write down the language notebook number codes on a piece of paper in order from the first code you find to the last one you find (NOT IN NUMERICAL ORDER, you need this for the elevator in the final chase), always listen for sounds and never forget to rewind Phonty or else he will kill you as well (I beat the level 3 times before and I have only one video to prove it. Go check in out on my channel "Pluto Neon")

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Blue rooms may have only math notebooks, lime green rooms (and the red room at the bottom with a 9, which is only accessible after collecting 9 language notebooks) may only have language notebooks (you only need all the language notebooks to beat the level, screw the math ones), the pink rooms may have both or just one notebook, the pizza room also may have a language notebook sometimes and the red key room may have only a math notebook and a few flash bangs which can be used against Marzia (both rooms can only be opened with a blue key from the blue key room), the animal crossing room is Viktor's starting room, the music note room is Phonty's room, violet circles are vending machines, and the cream rooms have nothing interesting in them. You start from the bluish gray area adjacent to the elevator and the punishment room. One more thing, avoid the opening the door to the red room at the top of the map (there's a cursed painting inside that room).

I'm having way too much fun with photoshop. I've always wanted someone to do this, and now I did this. Please comment down below.

Loved the easter egg reference/crossover inside it! All I wonder is how can Erie even fit through the door?

I found the thing first! I'll now be on the finders list!

This is the second time I've ever tried doing a photoshop outside of my Graphic Design class, and also the second time I've ever done an AEwVS photoshop. I'm not too proud of the top one.

Okay, I'm gonna try to be like Devon9141 as best as I can for a moment and propose a new character concept I've been thinking about for a while for you all:

Name: He's a Thot

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Species: Giant Cat

Occupation: Thug/Delinquent

Debut: History level

Mechanics: He's-a-Thot will stand in the middle of a random corridor, in front of the elevator and other random outside doors, and over notebooks. He serves as an It's-a-Bully counterpart and tollbooth. His toll requirements are a little bit more specific: give him a total of 75 cents to pass, a lighter with a flash joint, sour sauce and cheddar chips, or a staff key. If you give him one of these items/combination of items, he will take it and glide away somewhere else (not teleport) and stay there idle to block that area (he will go to a vending machine first if you give him the 75 cents). Beware, do not touch him without anything good for him or pull out a knife in front of him, or he will chase you and kill you with his bigger knife. Also, avoid giving him the lighter w/joint, as this will make him go away for a while until he realizes the joint is fake, then he will come after you like Mr. Mix and try to kill you for deceiving him. Head-teacher will drag him away only 4 times if she sees him with his knife in his mouth (he takes it out when you approach him, but he doesn't chase you right away until threatened or touched without being paid.) After the 4th time he's punished, he will come out of the punishment room and hunt you down with his knife tucked away from sight and kill you upon contact. He tends to avoid the library, but only prior to hunting you.

Background: He's-a-Thot has been the school's inhuman delinquent and bully for a long time before the protagonist was even registered to the school, probably when the school was actually populated for once. He never attended class, he always loitered in the yards and empty classrooms to enjoy his contraband and count his money and food that he stole from his classmates. One day, when he escalated the upper floors to skip class and avoid the staff, he stumbled upon the 3rd floor and became trapped up there, as the exits and the elevator were all compromised upon arrival, so there was no way of getting down. He met Ms. Freudenmacher up there, who was very surprised that her first student came to her class so early. Ms. Freudenmacher told him to solve her history notebooks before he could be dismissed to his next class, but He's-a-Thot refused, and proceeded to take out his food and drugs in the foyer. Ms. Freudenmacher has asked him if he would mind sharing, but being the jerk he is, he rudely opposes to the idea. Alice never scolded him to finish his assignment, but would not let him leave until he's done so. Still omitting his job to solve her notebooks for days and weeks on end, Alice would kindly provide him with snacks and drinks to keep him alive and well, but this doesn't make him any nicer to her. He's-a-Thot wanders around the floor's corridors and makes the history level his new home. He stumbled across Erie, the Great Librarian, who was actually in a good mood at the time and asked him if there's any book he would like to check out, but he wasn't interested in any of them, except one that Erie always held in her claws: the Rule34 Comix Book. Being a boy of an adulterated nature, he stole the book for himself, read through it until he got done with it, and hid it away without even returning it to its rightful owner. Meanwhile, without anything erotically entertaining to look at, Erie's testosterone (or estrogen) levels started to build up very high, taking a toll on her personality and making her aggressive. Now He's-a-Thot just loiters around the floor out of boredom, hoping someone else will arrive so he can rob them.

Who has the most best voice in the entire game? For me, it's Viktor with his beautiful male siren-like voice.

It is confirmed by Erie that the protagonist is a girl in the secret ending. Time to edit the wiki.

Mr.Drnose, I have a critical bug to report. In the "Viktor-pranks-Erie" ending, after head-teacher scorns Viktor for pranking the librarian, Viktor goes after Erie and gets permanently stuck between Mix and h-teacher and the cutscene won't continue after that. 

Link to the bug picture here, so I don't spoil anyone by displaying it so publicly:

Watcher? I found a different demon than the Watcher. Where is he?

Also, is there any way of beating the game when the Christmas demon is summoned? There's gotta be a reason behind all those automatic death resets.

Yes. That one.

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Am I first to beat Christmas Curse (dinner-on-time and late-for-dinner ending), or have I been beaten? Will this go to the completer board?

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I found the new hell monster in the Christmas curse update. Put me on the finders or do I need proof? Also found head-teacher's real name. 

I honestly feel like the discord was a bad idea, well, I just don't like it because I really miss it when every day, there was an interesting post on this community page and now it almost seems like this community is obsolete just by visiting here as almost nothing cool is posted in the comments anymore.

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I propose this to be Alice's final chase theme. I'm joking, don't take it so seriously.

What ads, exactly?

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If Marzia and Albert ever meet:

Marzia: Me and Tom Viktor are going to the mall.

Albert: It's Tom Viktor and I.


Get it? Because Marzia has an ironic role for a language teacher and many of us point out her grammar flaws? By the way, the girl in the video is NOT me. I'm a male.

How stupid of me. I actually thought I would get the new achievement by typing this code into the 0 ins button code menu.

I just found out that Alice Freudenmacher has a middle name. It's Loiza. It was on her wiki page. Nothing significant, but I thought that was interesting to know. Also, I'm still commenting here and not on the discord to help reach the 1000 comment mark while at the same time trying to avoid being like a spam queen as best as I can.

You mean Braniac with AND without Albert? I haven't beaten either yet. Devon9141 was the one who confirmed that you can only get the achievement if you don't use Albert along the way, since he's the only one to have done both without glitches. Using Albert in braniac will earn you nothing but another rusty fork. I wish Dr. Nose would change that so Braniac with Albert would count as a regular braniac achievement. The farthest I've ever gotten in braniac w/out Albert was 5 notebooks with help from the gas mask, and I had 10/11 notebooks with Albert's help, but I always die whenever I searched for the 11th notebook randomly hidden in the school in the older builds before Mrdrnose relocated it back to the first classroom, but I am too overwhelmed to try again at the moment.

Sh*t. I reenacted the Viktor/wastebasket glitch that Fierydeath mentioned on Braniac twice, shaking even, and as soon as I solved the notebook in the two-door classroom, he broke free  and glided his arse  Ice Mario-style to the restroom, after just ONE STUPID NOTEBOOK!!! What a shame. I was actually hoping to use this glitch to get back at Viktor for his unfair acceleration and velocity increase in Braniac, where getting any 10 wrong answers (even if they were only the last question of each notebook) is the equivalent of him catching you with the rusty knife on any mode. I would try to beat it glitchlessly, if only using Albert on Braniac could still get you the braniac achievement, but I heard you cannot get the achievement for using Albert in that mode, so I'm screwed until something better is updated on braniac.

Alice in the door aisle; because doors are her thing:

For me, I would like to think that every history tablet/notebook has a different topic, and memes is only one of them. There could be one with Youtuber history, videogame release history, cartoon history, movie history, murder report history, biblical history, classical world history, famous engineers and pioneers history, space history (like the bitch scientist who rejected Pluto as a planet, whatever the f*ck his name is, could be a history question), companies and brands history, species discovery history, and even alpha build version and finders/ completers leaderboard history from the main menu of this game of AEWVS (like devon9141 found hell school first, Vivanator was first to beat math and unlock language, zombieskull13 was the first to find the secret blonde blocky pointed chested virtual woman in alpha 0.0.9, Albert became existent in alpha 0.0.3,  Alice Freudenmacher appeared in alpha 0.0.7, and this game was published in June 09, 2018.) And these history questions and topics will not be in the same order and these questions will not be the same every time. There will be more than 10 questions of each topic in no specific order, probably 15 or 20 at least, and you will only be provided with 11 of them, the 11th one being the glitched question..

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Grandma partially drains sanity now like the priest. FieryDeath4 just mentioned it yesterday.

Yay, strawberry, my favorite flavour!!!

Also, I've tried dying to Grandma and Smile Wolf, and I gave the librarian porno comics again for the second time, but no achievement for those. I swear, if this new achievenment so happens to be braniac language WITH MATH, I quit this game.

Hey, this just came to my mind. Is Thanksgiving only celebrated in North America, or do other countries around the world celebrate it as well, or something similar to that? I'm just asking out of curiosity since our community consists of multiple people of different nationaities, and Thanksgiving break is coming next week for me, 5 more days of schooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.