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I was bored again, and I have a headache today that won't let me play today, so I made this today in Windows Paint. Which one is your favorite? 8th is my favorite. She's like, "You did not study a f*ck for the quiz, did you?"

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Well, it is almost impossible to solve the final notebook and get the normal ending without using the black key shortcut, even with the magnet and personal calculator at your disposal. Well, unless you use Cleany to open it, but still.

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I like to think that the fourth teacher is in a school building adjacent to the current school, and that in Alice's final chase, you have to escape Alice and reach the fourth teacher by crossing a long rope bridge hanging between the two schools from outside the main building on the third floor very above the school alley.  Before the final chase begins, she will scream, "N0!!! PL34S3!!! D0N'T L34V3 M3!!! D0N'T L34V3 M3!!! 1L'L D13 W1TH0UT Y0U!!! 1 D0N'T W4NT T0 60 84CK T0 831N6 4L0N3 46A1N!!! 1 W1LL K1LL Y0U 1F 1T M34AN5 Y0U'LL 5T4Y H3R3 W1TH M3 F0R3V3R!!!" Just like language level, you have to input several codes to unlock the door to the next building at the end of the bridge, but maybe they will be something else other than slider, but still time consuming to input. However, this takes up a lot of time and this also lets Alice catch up to you very quickly with the shortened time it takes for you to warp to your location by the late game. Bear traps will also be on the bridge.

Plot twist! In order to save you the time to input the codes, you actually have to pull out the rusty knife and cut the 2 ropes of the bridge from the other side, the side where the code-locked door is.  The rope is thicker than a melon, so like Phonty's circular click-hold-drag motion of his wind-up handle, you'd have to click-hold-and drag the knife in a back-and-forth motion from left to right and back until the rope cuts (both ropes on your side need to be cut, not just one). the bridge will detach from your end with Alice still on the bridge. Alice won't be gone yet, as Alice will jump off from the bridge at the very last second and cling to the wall of the building right below you and climb her way up to catch you. Cutting the rope only buys you a few more seconds to input the codes, not ending Alice's life. Now with Viktor, he'll instantly cut the rope from the front end of the bridge once you've crossed it. Whether Alice is already on it or not, she will still jump and climb, even if she's not on the bridge yet.  However, because the bridge is now cut from Viktor's end first, Alice will now be clinging to the half-collapsed bridge instead of the building wall. If you cut the last two ropes before she climbs up and reaches you, the entire bridge will completely fall off both buildings and Alice will have nothing to grab onto and save her, ultimately leading to her death as her poor crippled mangled corpse is left lying on the alley. You will now have infinite time to input the codes to meet the fourth teacher without a threat, only left with the burden of guilt from the great sin you committed. Viktor's final words to you before you go are, "Wait! My fellow student, there's one last thing I need to tell you before you go. No one can ever find out we did this. I never want to look back. So, as my order to you as a teacher, please, let's never speak of this again. No one can know. Promise me this." Oh, an if you think flash bangs are a simple overpowering alternative, think again, there will be loads of clustered bear traps during the final chase and on the bridge that will force you to sacrifice flash bangs to throw at Alice when she gets to close to you as you remove the many bear traps that cling to your feet, leaving you with one or no flash bangs left when you reach the final door.

Also, wouldn't it be funny if after you and Viktor murdered Alice, Viktor would ask you from the other building, "Before you go, answer me this.  At what acceleration did Alice fall? Answer in meters per second if you wish to pass." You'd have to answer 9.8 m/s (units required) to be allowed to enter the next building, or else he will throw his axe at you from the other building and end your life after all the hard work you've done to get so far. 

When you speedrun and completely half-ass it on too many language notebooks, not getting a single character correct.

Define "growths" in the teacher's appearance. And Mental Mike as in that one guy from Family Guy?

Image result for mental mike

What's y'all's favorite wall painting in the entire game, either in the math or language level? Mine's this one!

HUGE baggage man! New secret Zombieskull found.

I found all 4 of the new items, but I can't combine any of them in any combination like Zombieskull did!

Zombieskull discovered some if you look at the recent comments of today.

The blue key room and the VCR room DO sometimes contain notebooks, so why are they orange in the second map?

Sounds really cool, but the images seem extremely difficult to trace with just an optical mouse, like how difficult it is to use the sliders in Marzia's level, tracing the images only seems easy and possible with a touchscreen computer and stylus. Have you thought about a P.E. teacher yet? I think the first thing he'll make you do upon entering his court is make you run a full mile without ever stopping before finishing nor ever slowing down to walk, which I never had a problem with in school, I've run nonstop complete miles every weekend with my parents since I was 11 and always ran the entire 4 laps on the track at school, so they don't tire me at all unlike my pussy classmates at school. However, because the protagonist is such a pussy (or maybe she has asthma or something), she always slows down from running to walking after like 5 seconds of running, which infuriates the teacher and then the angry chase begins because the player cannot even run 1/16 of a frikin mile nonstop. Who knows? Maybe the P.E. teacher will be Mr. Cleany himself, I mean look at him, he looks like a gym teacher alright? Who says he can't have two jobs? I bet the teacher will only stop chasing you after you've run (not walked) a total distance of 5280 feet (the equivalent of a mile) anywhere around the school while solving math notebooks, not just the track, and it doesn't have to be nonstop during the chase. There may be a ft counter on the top corner of the screen to keep track of the number of feet you've run (only increases when you run, not walk).  Also, the more you walk and the more you stop moving (coach can hear your footsteps to tell how fast you are), especially while solving Viktor's notebooks, the angrier the coach gets and the faster he catches up to you because he's accusing you of being a lazy wuss. There may be a lot of dodgeballs lying around to throw at the coach's face to repel him for a while. The dodgeballs are reusable and can be picked up when you miss your target, but may blow up after an undefined number of throws like the breaking lockpicks. Watch out for h-teacher, she will only allow dodgeballs and running in the gym and the track, not in corridors and classrooms. Eat lots of items. As for the coach's chase method, I'm not sure about that one yet. Maybe you have to dodge him as he speed glides through the track/corridors like Cleany and the angrier he gets, the faster he glides around the school (like the speeding Baldi glitch in one of MIX_UP_GAMERs's BBIEAL videos.) and the harder it is to see him coming. When he does catch you, you only have a limited amount of time to break his grip of you before he sweeps you into the execution room. I'm not sure whether trash will affect this coach or not.

What's the reward for the person with the 666th comment, or the surprise for the whole AEWVS community after 666 comments, or is there nothing to expect for achieving 666 comments as simply a Halloween joke?

If there were a codepad, there would be no use for Viktor.

Just final chase strategy without Viktor would be great, thank you very much.

I can't because alpha 8 b 0.5 removed this. Stupid itch automatically updated the game without my permission or consent.


Mrdrnose! I can't download alpha 8 a for some reason! Everytime I click on "Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.8 36 days ago, and I go to downloads, IT KEEPS SAYING ALPHA 8 B 0.5, AND I DON'T WANT THAT BUILD!


Mrdrnose! I can't download alpha 8 a for some reason! Everytime I click on "Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski" alpha 0.0.8 36 days ago, and I go to downloads, IT KEEPS SAYING ALPHA 8 B 0.5, AND I DON'T WANT THAT BUILD!

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Great! Now what items do I combine to make a flashbang? There's a cardboard tube, flash powder, metallic ring, what else? Just the red phosphorus?

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Aw. I was hoping to use the elevator pause glitch to beat language. I think I'll stick with patch 8a for now. Getting Viktor seems to tedious for me for now. I think I might get him after I win without him. By the way, have any of y'all tried throwing a flashbang at a door with Marzia right behind it without opening the door yet, to see if the flash reaches the other side of the door to scare Marzia away, or does it not scare her away?

What do you mean spawn clusters? And what do you mean math exam spawns on higher location than usual? I thought it was fixed to spawn in the first classroom? Is it floating over the desk very high?

Never heard of it. Is it something new? Where'd you hear about it. I've never seen or heard of such a place in any of your streams. Could it be the history level secret brick area that you unlock with the key from the red room, which also leads to the forest with the gate and too many mushrooms?

Since when does duct tape fix lock picks?

If you hear Marzia's breath right behind a door that you're standing right in front of, can you scare her away by throwing a flash bang right at the door without opening it, or will the flash not reach the other side? Also, in one of the earlier builds of the game, when I was holding a melon slice during the notebook search, not before the search, during the search, Marzia did not kill me, she just merged with me. Whenever I moved around with the slice, she just follows me and I can't outrun her, she's just waiting for me to drop it for her to kill me. She only killed me when I dropped the melon slice. Does this bug still occur? And what's the point of the melon if you can't even distract Marzia with it anymore during the final chase, and it serves hardly any purpose during the search, it just lures Marzia closer to you and renders you more vulnerable to her? And how many seconds does it take for her to open the door by herself? Okay, I'm making Marzia as the number 1 most terrifying enemy in the game, she's silent, completely unpredicatable in terms of location, she's so loud in her jumpscare, and SHE"S THE FASTEST CHARACTER IN THE ENTIRE GAME, FASTER THAN MR. CLEANY!!! SHE'S THE ULTIMATE STEALTH PREDATOR!!!

I tried to rush myself on the notebooks, especially in that one hallway where the mannequin always spawns, and what happens next? You get Sonic dashed by none other than the witch witch ostrich b*tch herself, Marzia Sin Brazos!!!

Azure rooms are math notebook-exclusive, lime rooms are language-exclusive, pink rooms have both notebook types, orange rooms are staff only (there is a language notebook in the pizza room and a math notebook hidden in the back corner of the red key room which sould be colored azure and lime as well, pink storage room is also staff-only), cream rooms have no notebooks, tangerine is Phonty's room, purple dots are vending machines, dark green rooms are the first two language notebooks, cyan is the elevator, the red room in the far south with the number 9 holds the final notebook, and the red room in the far north holds a dangerous painting that will kill you upon looking at it.

Forgive him, that's the wrong map. He's referring to a previous map edit that I posted that shows a strategy shortcut for the best way to find all 10 language notebooks in a shorter time. Here's the correct map Nikitos meant to show: 

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What was the stream going to cover in the game, braniac, language, glitches, what? Also, maybe try changing the thumbnail image to a completely random image that you find and save on the internet, and then you change it back to the AEWVS image? I don't really know, I've never changed my thumbnails before, they're always randomized by a random screenshot of my playthroughs. One more thing, "Wanna be my dad?" What exactly does that even mean, I know it's one of your joke catchphrases, but I don't really know what the urban definition is because I cannot find it in the urban dictionary.

She even opened the doors several times by herself when you used that autoclick hack on the notebooks to test Marzia's max speed in one of your streams.

I just immediately vertically write the numbers down on paper upon interaction with a notebook.

Better question, why u have no infinite stamina during final Viktor chase, 'specially braniac mode chase?!

Devon9141, one of the most elite players of this game, you may see him on here posting bugs that need fixing or tips on how to beat certain objectives, first one to discover Follower and 666 hell school ending, first one to get priest achievement, beat braniac without glitches, made it to the history level, found different ways to beat language level without Viktor. I'd say MIX and Vivanator follow him in second and third most elite AEWVS players, as they're also currently in the history level.

Devon was the only honest braniac winner.

Man, I wonder what you can do with the stupid toilet joint pizza? You can't put it in the microwave found in the same room, you can't cut it into slices, it has no effect on Marzia, it cannot be stored as an artifact, what could it be for?

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7 Deadly Sins of Staff Members: 

Viktor: Pride- Cannot kill you without looking good in his sh*t colored jacket.

Marzia: Gluttony- This b*tch's most notable weakness is her appetite for watermelons that distract her from her objective.

Alice: Lust- Though not the sexual kind, she develops a lovesick yandere-like obsession with the player unlike other teachers whom try to kill the player out of pure rage.

Head Teacher: Wrath- The slightest insignificant bend in the rules will infuriate her for no reason and will drag you to the punishment room like the grinch b*tch she is. When she runs out of patience with sparing your life, she will make sure you die in the most agonizing way possible.

Mr. Cleany-Clean: Greed- Will inconsiderately steal the items that you drop. Even though he disposes of them afterwards, he will never give them back to you.

Mr. Mix: Sloth- This b*tch cannot even spell the damn ingredients himself and requires you, the one with a better education than him to do it for him. How does he know when you spell an ingredient correctly or incorrectly, and yet he cannot even do the spelling on his own?

Librarian: Envy- Okay, I was going for sloth with this one, because she's not even trying to look for the books she needs and forces the player to find them for her while she just wanders around the library looking for her Rule34 comics on her own, despising the work she has to do that the other teachers don't seem to mind doing, and then slacks off once she regains her comic book. However, she is the only staff member close enough to having the envious trait, as she is discontented and resentful of her occupation as a librarian, while the other teachers are very happy with their jobs as teachers. She's probably jealous that she did not get the educational teacher role she wanted that the other teachers did, or maybe she's jealous of the player who is free of having to do any labor, while the librarian is stuck as a permanent slave to a job she never asked for, so she takes her frustration out on the player for that.

H-teacher rarely saves my life in language, never in math, especially braniac. H-teacher almost always ruins braniac mode because she never stops float-speeding and always catches me running, holding a lockpick, or entering/exiting staff-only rooms, unlike language where she takes frequent breaks from patrolling.

For those who struggle with Marzia camping behind doors, first approach the door and listen for clicking sounds, that means she'd approaching the door so watch out. If you hear suffocated breathing behind the door, she's right behind to it and waiting for someone to open it. My question is, how does she open doors BEFORE the final chase when you get too many sentences incorrect? H-teacher and Cleany don't open them for her.