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I propose this to be Alice's final chase theme. I'm joking, don't take it so seriously.

What ads, exactly?

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If Marzia and Albert ever meet:

Marzia: Me and Tom Viktor are going to the mall.

Albert: It's Tom Viktor and I.


Get it? Because Marzia has an ironic role for a language teacher and many of us point out her grammar flaws? By the way, the girl in the video is NOT me. I'm a male.

How stupid of me. I actually thought I would get the new achievement by typing this code into the 0 ins button code menu.

I just found out that Alice Freudenmacher has a middle name. It's Loiza. It was on her wiki page. Nothing significant, but I thought that was interesting to know. Also, I'm still commenting here and not on the discord to help reach the 1000 comment mark while at the same time trying to avoid being like a spam queen as best as I can.

You mean Braniac with AND without Albert? I haven't beaten either yet. Devon9141 was the one who confirmed that you can only get the achievement if you don't use Albert along the way, since he's the only one to have done both without glitches. Using Albert in braniac will earn you nothing but another rusty fork. I wish Dr. Nose would change that so Braniac with Albert would count as a regular braniac achievement. The farthest I've ever gotten in braniac w/out Albert was 5 notebooks with help from the gas mask, and I had 10/11 notebooks with Albert's help, but I always die whenever I searched for the 11th notebook randomly hidden in the school in the older builds before Mrdrnose relocated it back to the first classroom, but I am too overwhelmed to try again at the moment.

Sh*t. I reenacted the Viktor/wastebasket glitch that Fierydeath mentioned on Braniac twice, shaking even, and as soon as I solved the notebook in the two-door classroom, he broke free  and glided his arse  Ice Mario-style to the restroom, after just ONE STUPID NOTEBOOK!!! What a shame. I was actually hoping to use this glitch to get back at Viktor for his unfair acceleration and velocity increase in Braniac, where getting any 10 wrong answers (even if they were only the last question of each notebook) is the equivalent of him catching you with the rusty knife on any mode. I would try to beat it glitchlessly, if only using Albert on Braniac could still get you the braniac achievement, but I heard you cannot get the achievement for using Albert in that mode, so I'm screwed until something better is updated on braniac.

Alice in the door aisle; because doors are her thing:

For me, I would like to think that every history tablet/notebook has a different topic, and memes is only one of them. There could be one with Youtuber history, videogame release history, cartoon history, movie history, murder report history, biblical history, classical world history, famous engineers and pioneers history, space history (like the bitch scientist who rejected Pluto as a planet, whatever the f*ck his name is, could be a history question), companies and brands history, species discovery history, and even alpha build version and finders/ completers leaderboard history from the main menu of this game of AEWVS (like devon9141 found hell school first, Vivanator was first to beat math and unlock language, zombieskull13 was the first to find the secret blonde blocky pointed chested virtual woman in alpha 0.0.9, Albert became existent in alpha 0.0.3,  Alice Freudenmacher appeared in alpha 0.0.7, and this game was published in June 09, 2018.) And these history questions and topics will not be in the same order and these questions will not be the same every time. There will be more than 10 questions of each topic in no specific order, probably 15 or 20 at least, and you will only be provided with 11 of them, the 11th one being the glitched question..

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Grandma partially drains sanity now like the priest. FieryDeath4 just mentioned it yesterday.

Yay, strawberry, my favorite flavour!!!

Also, I've tried dying to Grandma and Smile Wolf, and I gave the librarian porno comics again for the second time, but no achievement for those. I swear, if this new achievenment so happens to be braniac language WITH MATH, I quit this game.

Hey, this just came to my mind. Is Thanksgiving only celebrated in North America, or do other countries around the world celebrate it as well, or something similar to that? I'm just asking out of curiosity since our community consists of multiple people of different nationaities, and Thanksgiving break is coming next week for me, 5 more days of schooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. 

No. It sounds for like Marzia's final chase theme when you have Viktor on your side waiting in front of the elevator.

Nope, didn't work. Can you please explain how to perform this soda-can glitch more specific and elaborately?  Viktor keeps phasing through the trash cans every time I do it.

I can't seem to do it. What build version was it? Because he still phased through the trash cans in the latest build, even with the 4 trashcans near the 4 classrooms you spoke of.

I beat language without glitches or gas mask again today on boi difficulty, again! 11-9-18. Not once did I ever need a flash bang, nor have I ever sighted or heard Marzia even once during the search. I finally got the pink talk bubbles achievement, and best of all, I kept my language+math achievement as well from alpha 0.0.9 without even solving any math notebooks! My strategy was slightly different from the one I used to beat it the first time, since Marzia's velocity changed, which would change her distance from you from the previous build. If y'all want, I can make a No Marzia Encounter Guaranteed Shortcut Speedrun walkthrough run tomorrow, if some one can tell me how to add walkthrough subtitles to an uploaded game recording capture, since I will not use a microphone and drown out the game audio with my parents' obnoxious music and Netflix/Youtube audio. Even if you have beaten it already or are still confident in your own path, I can show you a faster and more survivable way of beating it in this build. I promise there were no gas masks or glitches involved, and Marzia seems a lot slower in the final chase as well; you can even put 7 codes during the final chase now if your clicking is fast enough and accurate, but I recommend that you stick to putting 5-7 codes into the elevator during the search before the final chase instead. So what do you all say?

Um, Mrdrnose, I looked at the completer's board, and beside my name says (alpha 0.0.9 boi, default, braniac), but that doesn't make any sense. I've never beaten either level on default or braniac mode, I've only beaten both subjects on boi difficulty. You must be confused with Devon9141.  Also, you did not put what subject was it that I beat in that build, which was language on boi difficulty, 10-23-2018. When you have the time, please correct it to Pluto Neon (alpha 0.0.9 language boi) please.

Mr. MIX, do you remember in the older builds where you could use watermelon slices to lure Marzia to break down doors before the search chase began, I'm talking about SCP - 4002 spawning at the start of the level? What was behind the door right behind the player at the start when Marzia broke it down with the help of a melon slice? Just an empty room with no secrets?

Oh, one more thing, nothing to do with your flaws in your runs, but this is just a tip, a cheaty tip: If you stand inside the elevator, use the gas mask to teleport to TAR location for a few seconds, then take off the gas mask, the elevator door will shut itself with you still inside it. There is no way to open the door again unless you restart the level, but this will block Marzia from entering the elevator, giving you infinite time to put in the codes. Just don't press your body against the door with Marzia right behind it, or else there may possibly be a glitch where she can grab you through the door, so it's safer to stand closer to the back of the elevator. I never used the gas mask to win, MIX_UP_GAMERS has, I'm only suggesting this option to you if you really want to resort to an easy win, but just know that it is possible to do without it.

For people who are unsure about what strategy to use in the language level, this is the best strategy I used to beat the language level without the Cleany 9 door glitch. With this map, you are almost guaranteed to never encounter Marzia during the search more than once, unless Mr. Cleany f*cks you up during the search, also watch out for him in the final chase. Also, remember to check for breathing or ticking sounds from outside of the room doors during the late game, and always have at least one flash bang in your pocket to throw at the door.

I'll give you a tip, if you already have 6-7 codes implemented before the final chase, you can just put the remaining 3-4 codes during the final chase if you use the blue key shortcut fast enough during the final chase. Returning to the elevator to put in an 8-9th code after you just returned from the further half of the school floor before the final chase is like backing into a dead-end alley with nasty thugs cornering you there, it's too risky and it's not worth it, so save them for the end chase. Just remember to quickly hover over the number and click, don't click-hold and drag, it's faster if you know where to hover on the sliders before you click so practice that.

Just out of curiosity, what exactly is your definition of idiotic cringeworthy individuals? I'm just asking because I'm not part of the Undertale community/fanbase myself.

Since we're all just going to be plagiarizing random soundtracks for this game, how about this theme for a future notebook subject search ambience theme, or a secret labyrinth theme like the bunker and RUST?

This is way better than carving a jack o' lantern!

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Viktor, the one with the most beautiful voice in the entire game:
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Strange, the only Youtubers that I know who have ever posted actual videos of the history level with Alice are MIX UP GAMERS and me, but neither one of us is Taiwanese, at least I don't think MIX is. Who is this Youtuber you speak of?

Edit: There's also Hiss Postie who posted a video of the history level. Do you mean him?

To Devon9141,

Since beating math on braniac with Albert grants no achievement, I need to know the best strategy to win in alpha 0.0.9., because you're the only one to have ever beaten it without using the wastebasket/misplaced door glitch to do it, and also you've beaten it several times already. Things I need to know are:

. Which direction should I head after solving the first notebook?

. Do I need to visit Mr. Mix only once, or never, and if I do need to, then when?

. What items should I have in each of my slots at a time?

. Are there any specific classrooms in some corridors that I should skip and come back to them later?

. How do you normally find the time to solve each of the first 7 notebooks on time on a calculator without Viktor cornering you so fast, or having Mr. Mix's patience depleted by that time?

. If I'm following the path correctly, when should I stain Viktor to get him away and when should I juke him instead?

. How can I solve the final notebook with a calculator if the equations are too long and complex, and if Viktor is already too fast on braniac, even with the magnet door? By the way, the final notebook is now relocated back to the first classroom.

It would also be nice if you uploaded your math level map with lines and arrows guiding the player to what corridors to follow in order. Two more questions, did you ever use the gas mask to complete any of your runs, and can the gas mask be used to trick Viktor in this build?

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Me: language without math, boi difficulty, 10-23-18, no glitches, no Viktor or math notebooks, alpha 0.0.9. I have the video on my channel to prove it, yet for some reason I got the Spongebob smart boi achievement instead of the pink talk bubbles.

Those who beat it without math got the Spongebob smart boi poster instead.

Oh that's right! I forgot that Nosy only put you up for completing language with math!

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Mrdrnose, what are the controls for escaping bear traps, because I tried mashing the E button while aiming at the bear trap, but the bear trap keeps resisting. It opens, but not all the way, then it re-snaps after each consecutive touch of the E button, and no matter how fast I mash E, I can never completely open and escape one? You can see my problem in my latest video that I posted. Oh, and don't forget to put Zombieskull13, Devon9141, Vivanator, Hisspostie (or whatever his name is), and me, Pluto Neon on the leaderboard for beating language, some of us with with math, some of us without math.

One more thing, explain to us the achievement with the two pink smiling talk bubbles, please?

They're red with his axe in hand.

I know MIX UP GAMERS already made several streams covering the history level, but he is the only Youtuber to ever post videos of that level on Youtube, so I went and decided to be the second Youtuber to ever do so, only without the commentary.

And I cannot figure out for the love of Leviathan how to escape a bear trap. I've seen MIX UP GAMERS do it, but I don't know how. Mashing the E button while aiming at the bear trap does no good for me. For those who have beaten the language level, can someone please tell me how to escape a bear trap?

Even all the tags but one was removed.

It said alpha 0.0.9 yesterday, what's with the extra 4 at the end? New patch? What is that?

I think it already said on hold weeks ago, even before Mrdrnose released alpha 0.0.9. He probably forgot to change it?

When I did beat it without math, it gave me "finished language level with math" (the SMART BOI Spongebob poster) instead, which is really weird, considering I did not collect a single math notebook. If you scroll down the comments and look at my language level victory video, at the end of the video I went to the achievement board and there is the incorrect achievement I earned right there. Well, at least I don't have to do Viktor's notebooks in language anymore, that would be sanity-draining, in real life, not virtually.

I thought this achievement was for beating language without math, but I was wrong, it's not. This is the only achievement that remains to be discovered by anyone. What could it be y'all? By the way, I took this picture back when the achievement board was broken and leaked each achievement's icon, but not their description. I did not get this image by unlocking it.

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Does she only say it once, or does she sometimes say it again? Oh, and did Mrdrnose remove the nuclear pigeon? Combining a pigeon with 3 mushrooms does nothing for me, and I can't even combine one mushroom with the pigeon to make a fat pigeon.