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You know, Mrdrnose, instead of focusing so much on the minor insignificant details like the floor and wall textures, the voice lines, and the secrets in places like the past levels, you should probably focus more on expanding the history level's major architecture (more corridors and rooms that add to the notebook hunt, but not short-lived secret rooms), populating the empty history classrooms with copy-and-paste desks, chairs, wastebaskets, podiums, junk, and blackboards, as well as random common items in the classrooms, adding paintings to barren walls, providing Viktor's spawning room and a few of his notebooks, 2 or 3 new history notebooks with a new topic like Youtubers, historical and recent murders, science discoveries, US/World history, AEWVS update history, etc., you know, things you can do rather quickly in a short time span, but adds a more notable and significant change to the level's atmosphere and gameplay. If you can complete at least half of the recommendations I provided, the history level would already feel greatly different. If you're having trouble planning what the map layout should look like, try using the filled rectangle tool in Windows Paint to draw out your bird's-eye-view ideas for your maps (like how MIX, Devon, and I sketched out the top view of the entire language level). Don't worry about the Math and Language levels; they're already great as they are (except Braniac math) and we can all agree.

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That's literally what I was trying to tell mrdrnose all this time!

See, even Pluto Neon gets the idea! Oh, EDIT: AEWVS is local to Russia, not the USA. So you might wanna...yeah.