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Hello mister!

Does it also assimilate it

That sentence made you sound even more foreign, haha

Do they hate you because you act like Brock sometimes and make controversial statements like "early AEWVS was better and you can't even load the game page because you're a mod so you make meaningless art instead"

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*sigh* Welp.

This was my time; why didn't I use it? Why didn't I take the utmost advantage of it and at least have any celebration. I literally did nothing about it for a whole day. And I kept doing heck-all about it for days; weeks!

Is it over?

I don't think I fully grasped that there was anything to begin with.

Do I just not care?

I like to believe I care but I kept doing nothing. I fell once again into the trap of insisting something go my way. I spent every moment being probably about to do something, without being proactive.

I could have been the one to actually do something...who the heck here has actually done anything of anything?

Why was it so important and yet so unimportant to be to really be involved and give you something?

The less you do, the less anybody is going to care.

And besides, I had all this time to do something and it's not even productive to ruminate about it anymore. That just makes everything worse than it already is. I have to do something, and fast. Time limits were my cue to hurry up, to do just about all the projects I make underway, but obviously they didn't work.

If they don't do that, what will?

If I just posted a simple verbal statement of acknowledgement, exactly the amount of people who upvote the post are going to care.

That's probably just going to be Noli, who would be there for 15 seconds and leave.

Can I still give you something after the fact?

Does any of this even matter?

It's not helping if every single person around is callous. We're at a point where we're getting nothing, until the other things are done. Or until people decide to collectively give him $300 so he can make the entire thing all over again, as a new project. Perhaps after the others he's currently working on.

We are going to die

If we don't do anything, I guess it's a sign that this doesn't matter. There's no culturally better way to collectively reminisce about something than to coincide with the day something was initiated on Earth (according to it's last relative heliocentric position) and perform a celebration.

And, well, since we aren't reminiscing about seems like we don't care anymore.

Isn't it ironic that the very thing that's mainly supposed to just be fun, is bringing out so much chaos and despair.

Of course, this is all just my problem. All I had to do was something; anything. But never did it matter if I lost a few hours. When those few hours are all I have, it's too late anyway. When I have even more than three days, it hardly makes a difference since it's also probably too late anyway. When I have two weeks, that's negligible.

That's the extent of my temporal myopia and impulsive impetuousness.

But, well...I don't believe in memes really dying. That's just unfair, to have something widespread and entertaining only for it to dissolve into obscurity again. Why should I believe in this being all over now that a single day has passed?

I rely on myself feeling bad to try and be motivated, but that's just not enough anymore. It's not. I can probably say I've gotten to a point in my life where I've mostly just ceased to care. It's that feeling when you're spending every day just living and not actually doing anything. It's why doing things in life matter to me. It's something that transcends the useless arbitrariness of every passing day. It's what makes you feel like you have a life. It's what makes you feel like you really ought to do something because otherwise,'re just missing out on the very life you're living.

Anyway...I have no idea if I'll even try my best at this point. Because if I try, that isn't even actually succeeding (at trying my best). All I have to do is forget shortly and collapse back into stasis. All I have to do is be stuck in my own fog of temporal perception until everybody's gone off without me.

And if I ever do go back to them saying "oh here I did a thing" well why am I even feeling terrible about that??? Why am I. Why does that make me feel terrible.

I'm just never ready to do something with my life even though I want that to happen. It's sheer outright slackness.

I have way too high standards for being ready, but I don't really psychologically care enough to really be convinced at many points.

All I have to do is take action without being ready.

Happy 4th anniversary, Viktor, Angellica and you insidious curse. (`•v•´)


What made it terrible for you

Oʜ ռᎧ! 𝓦𝕙🇦ȶ ᗩʍ Į 𝐠🅾几𝓃α ԃơ?

Hmm...that, actually doesn't make sense.

Imagine you're just a floating sphere and there's a few structures nearby for reference. A random direction is picked from the NESW plane and you're pushed in it. Since nil space is anisotropic, how much do you go up or down? If NESW are relatively interchangeable, you could be interpreted as being closer to NW and going up, or closer to SE and going down. Or a middle and staying vertically still. That's kind of a paradox, really. I would assert that NESW are also anisotropic this way.

Does it mostly count based on how much you actually turn once you start travelling? I mean, it can't really, because the bird immediately goes up once it starts going on the path in the explanation video. But then it goes in all directions, and as long as the turn is counterclockwise, it goes up. Aaaaaaaagh (/─_─\)

Are you just naturally N when you start arbitrarily moving and turn from there

If I go to the Keke hoard room and only assign KEKE to YOU, BABA still runs whenever KEKE runs even though BABA stays in place.

KEKE IS GAME becomes the icon, but when GAME IS YOU, the icon doesn't move, only the game window does.

YOU IS [NOUN] doesn't work.

BABA still runs even if it isn't YOU.

Did you get to download it?

You know you can just embed videos, right

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ты тот, кого люди называли Броком?

Я сейчас в замешательстве, когда я, наверное, не имею права быть (つ﹏<)

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Подождите, вы действительно кое-что поняли?

ДАНГ Я так горжусь тобой ⊂( ̄▽ ̄)⊃

oh no, is he not Mr. Brock

fireydeath4 makes fool of himself part 9625813872

I mean actually they thought AEWVS sucked and didn't like it

So it kinda bemused them to know that it was still in development

Nice to see we're getting Hyperbolica for free. =D

Great game for aggregating some neurological training data for intuition about how nil space must work. All I need to do is get all the trophies...which seems to be pretty hard, but maybe I just need to keep learning.

By the way, does relativity in nil space only apply in translation, not in rotation? (You know, that thing where every frame of reference is a locally correct default.) Also, what would actual gravitational bodies (like planets) really be like in nil space?

Mate, look at your comment. It's been 16 days. You could've just left it downloading for those 20+ hours in that time

Abdallah123 said some stuff mostly complaining about AEWVS development

Either you support something, you fight it, or you leave it alone

Don't just make negative opinions and not intend to do anything about them; this is how life is wasted

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  • Computer literally smashes before window when bashing them together



I'm starting to sound a bit daft, aren't I

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Right, I made a painting for you

(Original painting)

This is what happens when you drink drinks NOT in the halls

(yes I really did just spend a few hours teaching myself to paint on a 56×56 canvas)

2022-05-13 19:46:39 UTC

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Did I say "gotta not fall behind"? Yeeeeeeah I dunno about that mate, I have low memory on this computer at the moment (-_-)

Oh hey, new version already.

Gotta not fall behind like I did with UDGame

Wait so...ahahahahahahaha, now we have:

  • AEWVS Red Forest
  • BBIEAL green forest
  • ABIBAZ blue forest

Somebody did all this on purpose ¯\_(o_O)_/¯

So what do you think of the game?

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Well...yeah, but eventually I'd remember them anyway, so, like...why not just save time and let me learn properly

It is just recollection of a bunch of relevant arbitrary facts after all, like history in AEWVS
No logic really, just remembering a bunch of random data lol (it's a bit like picking a random door in a troll level)

Oh, I know what would be more skilful! Having more examples for a particular answer. That way, you can actually look at something and try to determine what it is. Like, you could have many different images of tigers, or whatever.

BBIEAL already has no challenge in this sense, but honestly it's still pretty hard. Don't think I got the secret endings or beat the speedy/hiding challenges yet.

This would look so gosh dang cool in VR

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Wait this is the devlog page

Oh well, I'll just say stuff here then

  • Dialogue progresses while paused
  • Should have a developer button to skip dialogue
  • Volpura got stuck with a pen while taking damage during break time
    • Stuff happened
    • Volpura proceeded to lose a lot of health and fall into the abyss
    • On second inspection, it seems a pen got stuck in them and they clipped out when they boomed
    • How is the force of throwing a pen worse than taking literal shockwaves?
      • Also, are the shockwaves focused, like a megaphone?
      • Olivia literally knocked a desk with that pen. Exactly how strong are those pens intrinsically?
        • The pens stick to a spot and literally hold up the desks in place
          • Now I'm curious to see if you can literally stop something really big falling on you, with a pen
  • Olivia has no external strength limit; held objects can knock about literally anything with pretty much no resistance and make great meme material
  • Should have a restart button
  • This might be a silly (and arbitrary) question...but what exactly does Olivia do to break free from Scrina? Does she try and pull away or pull her hands off her, or something?
  • B-type notebooks let you retry, at the cost of leftover guesses. In case you didn't know. Also, houses are not pets' natural habitat
  • Surprise, surprise, I didn't get a SINGLE answer right on two C-type notebooks and only got one right I didn't notice on a third by repeatedly choosing the first option.
    • How is tiger specifically "carnivora"
  • You could get moderated marks for broader, less accurate guesses that are correct
  • Do you think the correct answer should be revealed after every incorrect one?


Hhhhhuuuuuuhhhhhh I wonder

Let's have a look, shall we?

Hah, caught you out

Какого черта ты тогда живешь в Германии

Das Ist Großartig

Now open

Wait, what? No.

Ah, oh well I got the versions on the hard drive anyway


by evryon

Go to satanic underworld portal


P‍E‍O‍P‍L‍E‍, I‍F W‍E D‍O‍N‍’‍T M‍A‍K‍E I‍T I‍N‍T‍O I‍N‍T‍E‍R‍N‍ET H‍I‍S‍T‍O‍R‍Y‍, W‍E A‍R‍E S‍O‍P‍P‍I‍N‍G L‍O‍S‍E‍R‍S‍. That's pretty much a fact at this point



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