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You don't just ask to help a big indie game developer make their game, kohai.

I'm tired of this.

I'm tired of reliving the part where the surroundings are red, my heart is beating and someone screws it up for me by forcing Baldi to catch up to me.

I'm tired of watching the ending on YouTube and not getting to experience it myself.

I'm tired of always trying not to mess up the sequences by accident or against my will.

I'm tired of seeing the object go red and crash the game.

I'm tired of playing for hours without getting anywhere since all I do is repeatedly lose my progress.

I'm tired of the other characters for getting Baldi to me instead of killing me themselves.

I'm tired of the same things happening all the time.

Even with the bug where Baldi can't access the large stuffed room with the turquoise notebook and the chalkboard about the dabbing, I repeatedly lose.

So you know what?
That's it. I'm done.
I'm probably going to keep playing until I do, but I'm done with always facing the same events, the same difference in number generation, the same waiting, the same rush and the same disproportionate heartbeat when everything's suddenly calm in the void after doing all that work. I've had enough. Screw this.

Hey wait...What about the (ugly) Puppet? I doesn't seem to reside anywhere and it also has way too many additions so I imagine it would be insanely painful to photoshop lol

also he shortened the fangame notice

Most recent comment: 2/9/2019
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seriously, pls read this if you aren't a longtime fan or haven't read it already.
in fact, tl;dr: aewvs is long, has some bugs, needs some dedication (mix up gamers is doing multiple 5 hour streams on youtube but instant major spoilers so don't even visit the channel until you're truly ready), needs some creativity, makes you very good at maths if you're dedicated, has tons of secrets and lore, has multiple levels and is anything but child-friendly in both aspects. also check out the christmas curse dlc and the discord server. the server would explain a lot if you have questions. but even more spoilers...if you're not careful, i mean. i'm pretty sure there are many but the founder doesn't seem to think so.

Thank you for visiting this game. This message is intended for people that are new to Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski; specifically, people that have had past experience with Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning (or even Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski itself, but an older version). It is meant to provide information about what to expect from playing the game. You're welcome mrdrnose.

So, what's different about AEWVS compared with BBIEAL?

At first glance, it just looks like a fan remake of BBIEAL and it's concept: there's a math teacher, there are notebooks, there's a detention/punishment room, there's a janitor, soda is good, chocolate is good, et cetera. A fangame, if you will. The main "difference" is that there are more mechanics, more school rules, more notebooks, more violence and generally just many more things to make the education "advanced". If you've watched any of the big YouTubers play some of the very first versions of the game, you'll know that it really was one.

That's the problem, too. AEWVS is over a year old, but since it stood out, it gained attention too early. It didn't seem to be much other than just another fangame to be tossed back, but it's not anymore. It still starts roughly the same way as BBIEAL, but it starts following a much different and longer story, with more levels, more subjects and a lot more branched-out lore-related deep secrets to find, and starts becoming - and even does become - something one of it's own.

And since I need to address this...YES, IT IS ACTUALLY OFFICIALLY A FANGAME, BY DEFINITION. But you know what? That doesn't matter. At all. Don't judge AEWVS solely as a fangame of BBIEAL, the nostalgic edutainment horror parody that got over a million downloads and it's own Steam version in the works. AEWVS doesn't even have that atmosphere in general. It is definitely worth playing (or replaying, if you don't have the latest version), regardless of whether you've played BBIEAL already or not, though there are some things certain people have to watch out for, which will be detailed just in the next section.

What are some things I should be aware of when I start playing AEWVS?

Firstly, unlike BBIEAL, it's not a "clean" game. Its pretty messy, actually. Here's Viktor's scrapped warning about AEWVS:

"Hello. Thank you for playing this game. But I should to warn you before you click play button: game contents loud noises, fast brightening lights, violence, swearing, offensive language, weird speech, weird English, crooked Photoshop, high-poly super mega HD graphics, and spooky moments. So, I warn you. Click "PLAY" button, and let's studying together, because knowledge is power."

Basically, the main thing to be aware of is that the game is intended for mature audiences. Don't get me wrong, 10 year olds probably play this, and personally I think that's fine enough.  But something that's unlisted to be aware of is the, um, sexual references. I didn't know how else to say it, but there are quite a few moderate sexual references throughout the game. Another unlisted thing you should probably know is that parts of the game are connected with satanism. So if you're a Christian like the person that created BBIEAL, you should know to prepare for satanic content and stuff. To be honest, I don't even understand the views of religious people but whatever. Oh and it has memes.

Content warnings out of the way, the game is intended for highly dedicated, creative and strategic players that are okay with lots of trial and error and always try new things, and are also good at analysing and considering hints. Plus, if you're not already a natural at quick, repetitive problem-solving already, the game will make you one. The game also has quite a bit of RNG, so please take that into consideration. Overall, the game really is advanced education,  letting aside the fact that it doesn't fully teach students about subjects (in fact the curriculum is rather shallow).

The game also gets updated regularly, so always come back and check for more updates. (If you've played AEWVS before, but at a much older version, try to see everything in a new light with a fresh perspective. A lot of things that may not have made any sense in an old version will work or make sense in a new one.) Yes, the development is slowing down, but we really are trying to encourage him to keep building on the levels. It might have even come to a halt had I not suggested making a Discord server to bring the community's remnants back together, so you should probably join that. Be careful though, because since it's a realtime general community chat room with new posts on the regular, people have started to become a lot more open and be weirdos. (I said that before by the way, but I said something else "deterring.")  Basically, be ready for literally anything, OK?

That's all you need to know! If you haven't noticed yet, they also have a Christmas Curse DLC, so go check that out. Also if you've seen the wiki about it, please help moderate it again so we can get back mrdrnose's trust on it. (Only canon content in articles please!) The comments will now be displayed below. If there's any above this one, this post will always be deleted and reposted at the top. Bye!

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Here's some more offensive posts to make you even more pissed about everything. ...Maybe. Oh and I'm not just saying that because you don't approve of my decisions, or because Erie (privately(?)) advocates R34.

So, just how many times did you redesign Erie over the course of AEWVS?
Because I literally just did this but I think I'm gonna have to as well.

The disproportion of literally everything kinda worries me but oh well. I did my sprites pretty much larger than many others I see around (Level Up's Baldi sprites are still way bigger though - like, disproportionately big too) but even so, there's still seemingly so little room for facial details. what the heck.

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That felt very specific, random and it's a game, not so much a simulation...but that was cool

If you don't like it, why don't you port it there yourself? Clearly, if you want change, you have to make change. So instead of being a female dog you should at least be...I dunno. An illegitimate child or something. Just something a bit more...competent than something not a human. Actually I don't know again. Dogs might be smart. Haven't looked into it yet but anyway.

I get the feeling he'd pay a bit more attention to comments that are meaningful and relevant...people should at least say something good about the game before advertising others lol





I really wanted to say that to the other YouTuber as well but I had enough and just decided to be a mad lad and said that's cool soooooooo yeah

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I suppose because if people know about his existence and can't find him, they'll know something's up and start looking for secrets. They're supposed to come about it naturally. Like, the secrets are really well-hidden if the community isn't spoiling it for everyone and I'm pretty sure they're more rewarding if they don't just go on giving out hints upon request.

In fact, now that I think about it, these comments are spoilers sooooooooo

well your welcome. come back 4 moar feedback

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(how is it now)

(it's literally just something quick i wanted to say under my breath)

I'm not complaining but thanks for the feedback. Please delete your comment now because I'm gonna try to fix it and I don't want this to be awkward forever.


1: I'm not complaining

2: AB is enough already

3: they're literally everywhere


The tutorial was serious (even though it's five minutes long before getting to the test) and it was just a bug that got patched this version...there I said it. Bye

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Now I completely don't see your point of view, so this argument isn't even worth having since you obviously can't take it.

But if you think I'm an idiot, I agree. I'm an insensitive sociopath that has no idea how or why people get offended by petty things or honest remarks because I clearly can take it, but I can't feel anything of anyone else apart from their physical form. which gets me into a lot of trouble amongst my sensitive peers. soooooo bye now.

aaaaaaaaawwwwwww i can't upvote posts too far into the thread? dang

(i know i can't upvote my own)

that's cool

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...Fine. God can help me. Screw Heaven. What's your point?

I think it's that I simply should just be quiet more quickly and stop putting you down for doing such an amazing feat (which it still might be despite the following) just because I get the feeling there was a glitch. Is that it???

No, wait, that can't be just it. We're already off the glitches, pretty much and now we're just...kinda dealing with your personal opinions about me I guess. Come to think of it, this...argument(?) hasn't actually gone on for very long. It just feels like it because it's been a few days, so...are we done?

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1: I don't intend to treat this game like my FlapeeBird forever. And besides - haha - it's more worth doing things that will gain progress rather than just spending time, repeatedly shooting in the dark, aiming for a goal, like playing AEWVS Brainiac when I could accomplish so many other things in that time. Even if I stay obsessed with AEWVS for ages, I still have the potential to do many useful things in the time it takes to get one single accomplishment only rewarding by knowing you're up there with the people that have gotten to a certain place with little reward. Like, come on, the cake's not real, I could buy sweets literally any time I wanted to, and I'm not even as fond of sweets as I am of better food.

2: Besides - that's all meaningless and arbitrary because I have the freedom to do literally whatever I want since life is meaningless and once I die, this universe is completely arbitrary. Plus, we're just creatures slaves to deoxyribonucleic acid that give us emotions to know when we're succeeding in the continued consumption and domination of existence even though heat death will ruin it all. So I'm just doing whatever makes me content.

Oh, and if you wanted me to shut my UFW waste-consuming cakehole so tightly I suffocate just because I was mentally retarded, African and your slave since you're the only real creature in the universe and have achieved an amazing feat that you absolutely do not ruined by an interrupting, placeless backtalker, and I'm just a human toy that can't be described as miserable because I usually just stay calm about everything, but IS arbitrary, worthless, meaningless and composed of fecal matter, you literally could've just said's that simple and we would've stopped arguing half a week ago. And, I'm not just saying that to self-deprecate myself so you take pity on such an uncontrollable, disgusting, horrible and sociopathic monster as me (which I proudly am - half the reason I'm not being vegan). I'm just being...okay.



P.S. ifyoureplytothisandisaysomethinggodhelpmebecauseidontreallylikegodandiwanttomakethispromiseastoughaspossible

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salty /ˈsɔːlti,ˈsɒlti/ adj.

3: tough or aggressive.
"a salty campaign strategist"

  • (INFORMAL•US) angry or resentful, especially in response to a defeat or disappointment. "she was salty because I didn't go with her to her senior prom"

I'm not any of those right now. I'm literally just saying and you know what? I'm not that desperate. Can we just move on?

And by the way, if everything mattered to me less than they already do now (and I know life is meaningless and we're all just evolved worms, slaves of DNA trying to strive for happiness), I would just spend an entire semester bothering for the heck of it. I actually have better things to do than try to prove you wrong.

Wait...are you telling me, that the last update was released nearly a third of a year ago?

I mean, it was a few months, but...oh...




I'm not even being salty about it...

Fine. Okay. Just wanted to say.

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Just tested it for the glitch, and it doesn't occur...well, at least with the following circumstances anyway:

-Version 0.0.7a, Brainiac Arithmetic
-11 examples incorrect (don't know if I need to get more wrong)
-Less than 10 notebooks collected at any point (don't know if the final chase behaves differently)
-Tested with <3 and >2 notebooks
-Used muffins (don't know if that affects it)

To truly test it properly, I'll have to recreate the circumstances you were in, but for now, screw it. I have better things to do. Bye.

I doubt it, but okay. Oh yeah, and thanks for reminding me to test it to check.

Wow, whoever liked that comment must not be a...normie, I guess. Anyway, I was the one who did hundreds of cringy things in the past I wish I didn't do because I was an idiot and I just want to share my wisdom. Also every time I do anything...memorable, nowadays, I always think about if I'll think it's cringy in the future.

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I know, I know. Just saying. I just knew because he was at the trash bin before the door when you completed the notebook, and he would've gone REALLY fast after getting all those problems wrong.

(3 edits)

Sigh. Well I'm pretty sure Viktor would've caught you by then or at least got stuck at the door if he didn't get stuck on the trash bin just before the classroom you were in while you were at 10/11. One time I saw him get stuck after getting a soda there and decided to try playing a harder level while he tried to escape the path barrier but I didn't really go and do all of it.

You know what actually, I'll go and recreate it just to be sure it isn't anything new.

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I recognise that glitch though...

I'm partially convinced no-one, not even Devon-WH47'5H15NUM83R, actually got through Brainiac without unknowingly exploiting at least one glitch. And that one, right there, might be one of them...

somebody please stop the trashbag collisions

Neither, to be honest...

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I...I think this feeling is shock, surprise, awkwardness and apprehension...I feel jittery now.

By the way, on a meta note...Did you use an image editing program or some kind of modder?

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I have no words.







Seriously, what the hell just happened? I...

I'm gonna go now. No time for explanations. Well actually, I wonder...What would happen to the rest of the faculty?

Oh. Thought I saw an option to just add every console supported by Unreal Engine when I had it installed

Whatever, Mac probably needs different controls anyway since they have different keyboards and you probably wouldn't know much about that or how to not let things get in the way.

wait can't he literally just change the settings of the project so that it can be exported into a mac-supported format

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh... okay.

By the way, he decided it was canon for whatever reason so the characters could...temporarily get rid of their evil. The characters somehow feel right when they're behaving decently and without malice even though that's not normal, since they have such personality and are somewhat memorable and likeable, but've seen through that.

Still...we don't even know the whole truth and for all you know, the entire faculty might have some possession or higher secrets going around relating to the Watcher which there are a bunch of theories about so there's that.

My thoughts exactly.

I question mrdrnose's decisions.

To be honest I've found myself questioning a lot of his decisions lately purely out of obliviousness towards his intentions, so, there's that...