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It doesn't cover the pre-Brock epoch but that's probably for the best - I'd like to go off and sort out all of my dumb old comments before anyone dives into that mess :P

Just talked to ChatGPT about the example shown in the notebook because it is really really interesting

I hope I can come up with more examples like this


Five years of AEWVS

Last year wasn't much of a year but yay

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This was my year, and it was completely stagnant.

Didn't do anything for AEWVS for a whole year. And it was supposed to be my year, too

Oh well. I'll take what the Watcher said in mind. 

It's my time. It was always my time. And until the day I die, it's always gonna be that way. Do time periods even really matter? It's society that's unreasonable for expecting timed events, not me. I need to have the flexibility to be able to reason about it.

Also, I had to think before I trusted. I guess I did, and I didn't really have any reason to do otherwise. But it's honestly kinda ironic that it was the Watcher himself who turned... apparently, not for the better. You'll know what it means in time, but I'll persist regardless.

I don't have to hurry. I just have to come to freedom


Look it up

Do the necessary updates

Well we all know that

Apparently he had to cater to the YouTubers who cover dozens of games every month and simultaneously have a life



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Right, just got to the last stage. Here are my thoughts:

  • BROINK is all about the opening. Bad opening means disadvantage, disadvantage means exploitation, and exploitation means increasingly certain defeat. Other than that, the main guidelines are: focus, don't be overconfident, don't let the opponent intimidate you, and seize every possible opportunity with high accuracy.
  • One easy way to beat the first 6 AI opponents is to mirror their movements, but with more momentum, because they are not as precise as the last AI opponent. This gives you an advantage, because you can mirror their tactics while also having the flexibility to perform them better.
  • The only way to beat the final AI opponent is to exploit the centre line before it vanishes, as the AI was not designed to account for that. If it was, I can say with near certainty that it would be impossible. The AI is designed to make perfect mathematical decisions based on your position and velocity, assuming a clear board. Bouncing from the centre line allows you to deflect on your own terms, and doing this while it has momentum will give it a disadvantage, as it plans as though you are trying to avoid the edge based on the AI specifically. I have not been able to get more than one consecutive win on it, as it is very difficult to pull off.
  • Straight up, this game is worse than Touhou and Sans Undertale - though, based on time, the first six stages were significantly easier as I had them beat in around 15 minutes or so. If this game was made into a unique soul mode, precision players everywhere would be tearing their hair out. In fact, I think it would actually work well for Patience, just because that trait would be required to master it. Well done
  • You should make it playable with a mouse and maybe a choice of mouse up, mouse down or spacebar or something...playing with a keyboard isn't as precise and it's starting to hurt my fingers because I have an unpreventable psychological impulse that makes me push the keys harder trying to force the ball into a certain direction
  • The final AI has the most intense, cliff-looking, superintelligent-AI-style T-bagging I've ever seen

Everywhere i look is either gray area, or electricity room!!! :(

Another bug - i can to crouching while i'm dead. Also, if i were in cube, i would throw boots into next room, but holding onto them by the shoelaces)))))

It's escape! But, maybe it's not really an escape. I try entering more rooms for now.

I standing far away from ice trap, but its unavoidable! That so unfair! But i notice its always in blue room, so maybe i should not going there.

Also i discover another glitch: when i go into inventory and hold item, that replaces previous item, making it dissappear.

Sorry - You wrong! That was exactly the oven.

I can crouch on corner of cube to avoid becoming slices by fan))))

Found strange box in room, unfortunately having sus text (which shown when turning around, it obscured on screenshot). And it containing a floating red cube making me loose sanity, flashing spooky images on screen, and crashing the game. Do You know what is this about?

I became MrDrNose lol

Btw, i suggest using "S" to move backward on ladders.

I leaved directly below starting room and escaping outside, but again not sure where to go next. Also, i was squashed by cube.

Game is alright so far, although it looks little bit mundane. I always moving directly downward, only going to side when necessary (like on electricity zone). And each room is identical, but having diferent colors and traps, so no discovering or exploration like on yume nikki. Overall - little strategy needed to exit cube, and nowhere to go when i leaving the cube, and enters into gray area. And not watched "CUBE" movie, but seems more exciting on movie than in the game. 2 and a half stars i think, will playing a bit more but then leave "CUBE" Unreal for good. Also, if that's how to escape cube - its very clever))))

One bug i seen - when i throw bottle very strongly, it's clips onto the floor and makes continuous "ding" sound.

I sure i could dodging them better! Anyway i'm glad i found this! That's a nice reference to Omori! I not telling You what, as it is spoilers.

I seen this code, anyone know what it will mean? I dont think You can to put a password anywhere... its very curious

AKHHHH, that's spook me! I guess i restarting the level now. Not sure what i can escape to begin with?

Stuck on floor in large pit somewhere, i'm not sure what should i do now. I tried to climbing, but couldn't win in it. Any help?


Ну а все остальные карты просто бонусы. Они не являются частью основной игры, но просто весело бродить по ним, возиться с вещами и наблюдать за развитием игры. Я думаю, что с ними все в порядке, если в них не слишком много преждевременных спойлеров или читов для использования в основной игре.

Бесполезные персонажи — это нормально. Если вы играли в достаточное количество видеоигр, вы увидите, что есть комнаты, в которых есть только камеи или другие персонажи, которые просто стоят и ничего не делают. Я согласен с тем, что они должны по крайней мере служить построению мира, знаниям и/или практическим целям, если они включены в основную игру открыто, а не как забавные секреты.

Да я думаю что большинство из нас согласны с Виктором, многочисленными вокальными и другими изменениями.

МрДрНос может делать что хочет. Я думаю, полезно прислушиваться к отзывам сообщества, но на самом деле только ему решать, что он хочет делать. Если у него не развивается ПОВСВС, похоже, это ваша проблема. Я думаю, он может подумать, что это хорошая идея, потому что у него есть другие идеи, которыми он хочет заниматься, и он хочет на время отдохнуть от ПОВСВС. Что касается других вещей ПОВСВС, вам, возможно, придется подождать меня с делом АБВ, а остальная часть сообщества будет заниматься дополнительными проектами ПОВСВС.

Ха ха ха. Там, смех даровал :Р


Not at the moment, he's been busy on Voices of the Void which got really popular and was featured on Itch Twitter and multiple popular game review companies and streams

And he started working on UDgame and Alex' Basics in Biology and Zoology remastered before that

On Patreon he said that if he got US$300, he'd make a remaster of AEWVS, and thanks to VOTV-impacted support he now has over 4 times that lot

Wails Of The Without


Nothing quite like Argemia plush & co.

Why did she do this to me

*throws eyes over the fence*

you'll be here soon

I wish was true :/

What do YOU think about his latest game VOTV

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Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski

Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski
Perhaps you do 

Eh pal. You could become a taxpayer or a fugitive. Your choice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Your parents are paying the taxes. Shortly you will become a major citizen and be required to pay taxes alongside them

We probably usually spend like 6 hours on the internet

Make other endings for vandalising the whole form, not doing it, or doing it horribly