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I have more duplex centidollars, or rather, quinvigints.

(clap, clap)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WELL DONE! (Seriously!) LOL! That was clever! A psychological trick! Ever get curious?
Then, be a Little Pussycat and DIE! That's what I did! I beed the cat! And not just that! I did it by going to LIL PUSS MODE to make it easier for myself! Because you know what I did?

I went into Marzia's room!

You know what was there?

AAAAAAAAAAAART!!! I feel like I need to stop this. Like, stop bragging or something. I don't know. I mean, I'm a few steps away from being the #1 user on the Wikia (and recent interuniversal studies conducted by researchers without a life show that with 100% certainty I'm gonna rave when that happens). But I think it was a secret. I was considering taking a screenshot but it took me 5 whole seconds (while I unpaused the game) to think so Marzia consumed me dead. But I feel like I'm the first one ever to find that. After all everyone would rather go and meet Alice and do something BIG, rather than play the role of the cat, and give their life to see A PAINTING. The fact that I did it in Lil Puss mode just fits everything further and further together. I bet you everything I possess (all of my accounts, data, hard work, memories and life) that MIX UP GAMERS didn't find that. And he's the biggest YouTube AEWVS player ever so...

Do I get a prize?

Meh I suppose! I mean I already looked at the painting! Also I have no idea how I could give you all that stuff if I'm wrong soooooo I guess the bet's off the table. And I feel like I'm gonna end up spamming the comments section so I may as well stop.

EDIT: He DID go in that room! But the painting wasn't there at that point what?

For some reason you like to stay at this community and argue. Why aren't you doing it now...?

I may as well give you my two cents.

However, I am now (going to be) very rich thanks to a glitch, and that is repeatedly to ditch with quite a hitch like a witch...

(So I have a lot of duplex cents, or rather quinvigints, to give you!)

I can turn absolutely anything into shiny quarters by repeatedly dropping it and picking it up! So basically you go to the first slot and spam E and R alternatively and wallah! It magically becomes a shiny quarter! Now, I can use it on soda machines. >:)

Can't wait to do the 666 ending now! ⛧ :D ⛧
However, you MUST patch this up. If anyone knows they're absolutely with 100% certainty going to decide to go and thwart Viktor using this exploit. Which is absolutely everybody reading this comment, so, prepare to have a flock of illiterate math experts coming your way.

Oh, and, you should focus on the long-term advancements before all the minor tweaks and buffs. This is to help ensure the community stays...
oh wait, we have Discord, don't we?
Oh yeah, I was just like "peace out" because you all were annoying me a lot about all of...t h a t . (to tell you the truth I'm tempted to just nip in and check all the channels out of curiosity because I imagine all the discussions everyone's been having are on there)
Anyway, just generally it would be better if you balanced minor and major updates. I think you should basically just get the History level complete before you start doing all the little enhancements again. Also, to keep new people interested in the game I recommend you make an indication that Math isn't the only level by having unaccessible levels labelled "locked". Might be a small indication it's not only a Baldi's Basics fan-game.


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It's just way too dumb to watch Alice repeatedly teleport because for some reason she puts teleporting over catching you.

By the way, if you missed the memo, PhuCatGeek still hasn't come back to AEWVS yet.

What's the proof for?

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When you realise mrdrnose is with high dedication continuing to develop a massive game with tons of horrific secrets and only expects in return the odd, small donation here and there, and yet...

Despite the full game being barely started, there's already official merchandise for Baldi's Basics since it's so popular, mystman12 decided to make a full game of it and got more than $60,000 in return during a Kickstarter and is, I imagine, barely going the pace mrdrnose is going (although it's kind of somewhat halted now) to make his game as best as he can even though he quit his job (and to make things more unfair, MIX UP GAMERS has more than 24 entire hours of streaming just this game, when I bet someone gonna speedrun the full game of Baldi's Basics is gonna have a video quite less than an hour long!) while this game has been pretty much completely missed since most people didn't have the sense to check the numerous updates mrdrnose has been providing and/or came too early to see what mrdrnose would do to it, on top of the fact that this game can't possibly have as large a community as Baldi's Basics because of the way the game contents loudnoisesfastbrighteninglightsviolenceswearingoffensivelanguageweirdspeechweirdenglishcrookedphotoshophighpolysupermegahdgraphicsandspookymoments Not to mention repeated instances of visible gore, horrifying weird paintings, MINOR NUDITY AND, AND,




AS A SERIOUS ITEM IN THE GAME, REPULSING SMALL CHILDREN who've never got to it because it's quite difficult to reach History AND KIND OF, like, I don't know, mocking (for a lack of a better term because I was too lazy to search Google) the Baldi's Basics community! Which it hasn't done yet because barely anyone goes to the History level because it's so hard to get there and you already have nightmares trying to listen in a level where you either get ear-raped or dropped to the ground because someone stupid killed you (and even most people don't get that far, because the only people who've played the newer versions have like way less than 100,000 subscribers, because the big people who've played the game played it when it was old and sucked so everyone missed out on what the game will be like) - which is what even makes the game great (except for all the sexsexagintasescentacontent), because it's both deep and over-the-top (BTW I tried to look up why Baldi's Basics got so popular and seriously, being born just 2 years before Sonic '06, I have NO idea what's so captivating about 90's edutainment games.), and yet mrdrnose can barely get anything in return because now most people have just seen it as a rip-off of Baldi when only like 100 people stuck around to see how original it was compared with Baldi (as a fan-game - Baldi's Basics is practically 99% original and authentic) so now there's only like 100 people sticking around, which is enhanced by the fact that mrdrnose can't balance game development and social media - and he can't even sell parts of the game or anything because it's taken too much copyrighted music and even got MIX UP GAMERS a copyright warning because it just had to take every variation of Overture to the Sun it could get it's limbs on because that's by now just the thing that makes Advanced Education feel like Advanced Education.

When you realise all that...

I'm just thinking...

P.S.1. I really.


Want Micah McGonigal to play this game for himself (to the point of seeing the Bunker and glimpsing the History level, but also quickly so he has time to make his game) quite a while before the full version of Baldi's Basics is released (also with a mature audience warning or something if he's gonna share it). That way he can see what this game is "compared" (and I don't like that term since it makes one game look better than the other) with Baldi's Basics when he's making it and more people will know about this game.

P.S.2. Oh yeah, PhuCatGeek still didn't get around to AEWVS. He forgot again.

Have you tried Shazam/Siri?

Also I think he did say where Alice's theme came from but I don't remember where.

Nah fam, not really, if it was every time a comment is posted would be a record

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I believe quite the contrary, my dear user, I think it is YOU who is the real loser here. I feel quite like you're the one missing out here, and all your attempts to try to make us appear all lower than you, a dedicated fan of Baldi's Basics, have been fruitless.

(BTW, did I guess right about what makes AEWVS not good compared with BBIEAL?)

Also, I feel neutral about AEWVS and BBIEAL, can't we all be?

Ah, but not all elements.

Also at this point it's impossible for you to make the universe last long enough for you to impale yourself that many times, even at 666 times per planck time.

Also I forgot, you may as well put radioactive feces in the vat for good measure.

i wasn't even being rude

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You're weird LOL

Was I kinda correct about why you don't like AEWVS?

Ah, I remember that fond memory of yanking the 666th spot away from whoever else might've planned to get it.

I don't regret that sin. (because I cheated by jumping ahead)




I imagine a person like you would include an emoticon :( in their message if they were actually sad. Are you being sarcastic or what?

Oh yeah, I pretty much forgot to give you footage of me proving that AEWVS really does have better graphics than BBIEAL. I'll do it as soon as I can this time.

Nah fam if she was closer you would see it.

I just wasted like two whole hours just sitting on my computer fruitlessly exploring the History level which I couldn't do because tons of doors were just locked and shut for no reason. Only that one time I managed to get to the woods and I have no idea what door actually opened for me. Also I fell out of the map when I got there and walked to the edge thinking there was a wall there so I couldn't find the mushrooms. And there was blackness everywhere obscuring my items from view. (Ever notice that obscurity when you're straight in front of an open locker?) Also just realised that's her open ribcage.

Oh yeah, I won Language. On Boi mode. There was a bug BTW - I, like, entered the codes, went out and took a peek at Marzia and then pressed the UP button but the doors didn't shut. It just got darker and maybe played the elevator ambience sound (wasn't listening).

Got some advice...

Every time you bring the comment to the top/repeat a comment, delete the older ones like I do.


Can I explore the rest of the school already? I don't have time for you to not notice I got your impossible question wrong because I was running so fast trying to get the level over with. It's ironic because you yourself have the potential to run the speed of a moving train which I am merely achieving a fraction of and not knock anything over or bump into walls AT ALL and yet you're so braindead you don't notice at all that I'm being "illiterate" although it's pretty fair, because, you yourself are also illiterate because mrdrnose's kind of a noob at English (for more info about Marzia see this page about Marzia VԽ̵͇̤̯̲̹̞̤̑̉̓̿͆͌ж̸̡͕̝̭͖͍̃̉͘უ̵̝͙͑̓̆̚જ̷̛̤̙̬̰̯̤̜̭͑̔̉̚כ̷̠͕͊͂̅͊́̚ล̸̡̼̱̦͙͊͆͆͝ལ̶̧͓̝̠̻̮̈́̈̃ض̶̨̫̬̮̜̣̘͛̽̓̍̾͗͘.)





Do you think some random person on the Wikia is going around coming up with middle names and/or can you find them in-game?

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The community's getting so quiet...(it's only been like one or two days though)

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy if you're reading this, 1: Go on Discord

2: Do status updates more often

3: When you're working on the game, work on History before adding tons of new features and changing things so everyone will come back for a little bit

4: Work on one large thing rather than lots of small things first in general

5: If you like developing suggestions make a list of them if you haven't already so you don't forget and have to scroll all the way down

I think mrdrnose should be the one hosting it though.

I'm too insane to think of a good response to your query.


Why won't you just have a computer that runs on battery power!?!?

See? like, the comments section meant for reviews is filled with spoilers. We really need an AEWVS Discord server so only people who know stuff can share spoiling content and messages.

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The last post was one day ago...

The community is officially dead now.

and I'm the only one nipping back here every few hours or so to check if anything's happened. It's probably because despite the game's general extreme difficulty, mrdrnose couldn't make achievements faster than anyone got them. And then everybody in the comments section told everyone else and everybody got it.

What a stupid ending...


Well...I kinda just meant trying both 3MathNotebooks/4ViktorSpeed and 3MN/3VS.

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Have you tried both ways BTW?

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Here, I came with a screenshot.


He was shaking this time around, which I don't remember seeing last time. Also, last time, he was stuck on the trash bin you see on the left, I think. Something may be altered because yeah, last time I got four problems wrong and three notebooks collected. Now I got three notebooks collected and the minimum wrong (3)--

Way to jinx it. I mean I just took the screenshot when he in a second escaped the trash trap. Seriously. Why does he not simply phase through them like me? I'll try with the previous circumstances again (3MN/4VS). Still wondering the two things I posted earlier then deleted to put them here:

1: Whether mrdrnose keeps a list of ideas from the comments section somewhere physical/digital so he doesn't forget or have to repeatedly scroll down

2: Why the heck the textures are fine in-game but when I extract them with UModel everywhere there should be transparency is lines of extended colours

Also, AbsolLover66(6) was the only one who gave me her opinion on what I should do (either take the advantage of the bug or wait until a patch) which was do what you want.



LOL look you idiot, Pluto was only a planet because our technology was bad at the time! When we sent satellites to space you know what we found? HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF INTERSTELLAR BODIES JUST LIKE PLUTO. Pluto's apparently not a planet because it's too much like a moon or an asteroid. There would be tons and tons of unfairly undernoticed, unimportant and unknown because all the children going to school would think "why the hell do we need to know about all these freaking stupid pointless planets when we can learn about Venus or Jupiter?" such as Ceres, Eris, Makemake, Haumea, ninety thousand three hundred and seventy seven Sedna, fifty thousand Quaoar, ninety thousand four hundred and eighty two Orcus, four Vesta, twenty thousand Veruna, twenty eight thousand nine hundred and seventy eight Ixion, one hundred and twenty thousand three hundred and forty seven Salacia, Triton, thirty eight thousand six hundred and twenty eight Huya, (84522) 2002 TC302, (55637) 2002 UX25, (307261) 2002 MS4, ten thousand one hundred and ninety nine Chariklo, seventy nine thousand three hundred and sixty Sila-Nunam, (202421) 2005 UQ513, (208996) 2003 AZ84, four hundred and twenty thousand three hundred and fifty six Praamzius, (225088) 2007 OR10, sixty five thousand four hundred and eighty nine Ceto, V774104, (229762) 2007 UK126, 2010 TJ, one hundred and forty eight thousand seven hundred and eighty Altjira, one hundred and seventy four thousand five hundred and sixty seven Varda, (90568) 2004 GV9, (145452) 2005 RN43, (42301) 2001 UR163, Pheobe, 2012 VP113, four hundred and seventy one thousand one hundred and forty three Dziewanna, (523794) 2015 RR245, (62676) 2004 FD04, (15874) 1996 TL66, (55636) 2002 TX300, 2014 UZ224, (84922) 2003 VS2, (119951) 2002 KX14, (145451) 2005 RM43, (120348) 2004 TY364, 2004 XR190, (303775) 2005 QU812, (24835) 1995 SM55, (120178) 2003 OP32, 2006 QH181, (455502) 2003 UZ413, (144897) 2004 UX10 and (230965) 2004 XA192 (based on a random Google Search I did of dwarf planets). See? Those planets sound like absolutely random stools, right? Oh and by the way, I made one up, AND I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHICH ONE IT IS!!! But you know what? They're probably worth as much as Pluto, more or less. Pluto should at best be a discovery that stood out and was known to everyone before we found tons and tons of STUPID planets LIKE Pluto. So, you have no right to tell everyone they're female dogs when YOU'RE the pussy. Now go away.

(I think I was gonna say something else but I forgot after I typed the list of dwarf planets.)

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No. Except how muffins leave nothing behind and sodas leave cans behind.

And how one of them's a drink and one's a food.

Don't forget, the muffin looks freshly-baked while the soda looks like it's been there for a while. Not to mention the muffin has chocolate, egg, flour and milk and maybe butter in it, and the soda has more carbon, lemon juice and berries.

Also, the muffin reflects more green photons than the soda and the soda is fully packaged. The muffin doesn't have metal in it.

I can only imagine Helpscreen screaming his heart out with overstandable chaotic music.

So, is everything alright now...?

Oh, soz. I was typing my comment before I saw yours

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This is why ambiguous achievements are really bad.

If you don't know what it is and it's hard to find, you could spend years and years trying to look for it and get it. Seriously.

Here's just a few absolutely random ideas of what it could potentially be:

1: Reach Baldi

2: Finish Brainiac Language + Math with every solvable question/space correct

3: Finish Lil Puss Language + Math with every question/space correct on the first try everytime

4: Make a mix of two/three/four random items only the developer knows (the game has well more than 2 heptaracted items at this point: maybe even about 2 octaracted! We take that number and square, cube or tesseract it and that's how many combinations you'd need to check. Maybe even all together.)

5: Make the God Pigeon or whatever

6: Make a skeleton of the bones

7: Watch every tape (good luck! I found and watched seven a couple weeks/months ago and posted the videos. They were LONG. Then there's a lot more than that in the school. Oh my god.)

8: Use every item (except the pizza)

9: Give the Librarian every book

10: Find something really, really obscure

11: Open the microwave or something

12: Activate the ritual somehow (pentagram's already marked out)

13: Use a soda/muffin in the bathroom

14: Use a flashbang in the closet

15: Finish all eleven notebooks/ten elevator codes with the teacher really far away from you or really close to you

16: Make a mix of two/three/four random items, but also MIX THOSE WITH CERTAIN OTHER RANDOM MIXES (googologists behold and rejoice!)

17: Find a secret in a random wall/floor

18: Die to everyone that can kill you

19: Hack the game in some way so it notices

20: Write your ideas on this list