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Do what I do and delete your first comment. :D

Too bad, still seeking descension before I arise once again via the elevator and heed advice.

looks like you posted quite a bit of stuff twice...we get the point already.

ANYONE will do...

Do you think you should've made it clear in the first place that you regularly update this game and make it better and better? Cause, uh, yeah.

You don't just harass people with spam comments. It works better if you have lots of people who like your idea. Well, probably.

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You mean Marzia Sin Brazos?

LOL it's quite ironic that her creator is one of those people that can't do English properly. Why are there just those people on the Internet that not only not have English their first language, but also speak/write it with a certain way of grammar errors? oh well.

WAIT HOLD ON, she only treats her students like that. Not just random people around her.

Oh, my god...


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I find it quite sad(istic) that 50% of the Baldi's Basics community who've downloaded and played this game have just downloaded the near-first version, played it for a bit, and then just went and moved on. Can you get some of your older players playing this game again or something? I'm pretty sure more than 75% of players of this game are missing out on the new quality coming with the updates.

The whole time, I thought you could download files from the development log (not that I planned on downloading all of the versions. I just play the newest.). Do they just automatically get replaced and purged from the server?

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Why does everyone draw Marzia with short, droopy sleeves like she has invisible arms when in the game, she just has short little sleeves that just kind of look like a T-pose because they're so short?

I mean...*sigh* that didn't sound right...

I think you know what i mean

No. Last time I did it, I packed some "NUTS" Chocolade Bars and went the passageway past Mr. Mix. The one that leads to a fork in the path with a vending machine in the middle and two large classrooms on either side.

Now that I think about it...

You're supposed to be able to finish all of the levels and get normal endings without the need for artefacts such as knives. The artefacts are just optional, make you a better player and allow you to get special endings.

All that you vain.

Those were the Head Teacher's latest words, and just after that I died. I just realised that I have vainly wasted at least eight hours of my life trying over and over again to descend into Hell. Yesterday I did such so much, I felt unwell when I woke up. well it was probably just that i had a fever and was starving

He knows what I'm doing. So he doesn't care what difficulty I am on anymore.

Does anyone know where Viktor wanders off to if you go into a teleporting door?

Unlike Baldi, he always knows where you are for some reason. This is because if he could only tell where you were by sound, it would be way too easy to lose him and win because there aren't any yellow door equivalents. Unless it also did a Tattletail and find out where you are by the noise when you run and use certain noisy items.

I mean places like:

-That place next to the Caféteria

-The Red Room

-The Rusty Places

So yeah, anyone know where he wanders while you're in here places?

It would be fun if there was a level where the staff can use shortcuts and access secret rooms, but you can't. Maybe unless you have a well-hidden item you can't put in your Belt. JK, PEOPLE TAKE 20 MINUTES TO RESTART AND FINISH LANGUAGE, DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT WOULD TAKE FOR ME TO REALISE A STRATEGY?

Seriously though, everyone else would really like that.

P.S. If you've seen this comment before and don't like spam, don't worry, I like ham, I'll eat it myself, and I deleted the other comment just like this one.

One more than both.

What about troth?

Yeah...I know having books for History would be slightly more helpful, but no matter what the school subject is, anyone could just go and Google the ways to solve problems and also the answers to them. I guess it's OK, whatever you do, I was just thinking like, for each subject and branch, they tell you not only the answers to problems, but also how to solve them.








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So, I decided I wouldn't wait anymore. I want to just start spilling out the ideas in my head for this game. It may not be all of them, but they're quite...well,


Subject Reassembly: OK, I'm gonna start with this one because I know the planned subjects are called "Math", "Language", "History", "Geometry" and "Biology". But you know what? Quite a few...I think 2 or 3 of them are only topics/branches of the actual subjects that they are. Like mathematics. Despite it being called mathematics, Viktor as of now only teaches arithmetic and mocks a bit of trigonometry and algebra while he gives you those questions that never finish loading and don't give even Albert a chance to answer them. Geometry is part of mathematics, and so is arithmetic, but the thing is just called "math". And biology is just a branch of science. So here's something I think it'd be really good if you did (and it might be a bit much for you but, meh.):

First of all, make sure all instances of Brainiac are possible to beat. Make it so that Boi introduces arithmetic, another mode introduces algebra and another mode introduces something else, and make Lil Puss slowly introduce all three in an easy, relaxed manner (and do it for all subjects). Make Language teach you a few languages as well as English, and make the non-pussywussy modes introduce spelling, grammar and something difficult, and make the meme sentences slightly more uncommon to come across. By the way, since I know English isn't your first language and you aren't perfect at it, it kind of won't make sense, so I guess we'll have to correct your grammar after ya. IDK what to do with History. Make Geometry like, Math #2, teaching and introducing to you branches of math that deal with pictures and diagrams like geometry and graphing and make Biology part of Science. And know...

Secret Books: The whole point of schools are to teach and then test. I was thinking, in each Lil Puss mode, make one or multiple very well-hidden books that contain information on the subjects, branches and how to solve problems in them, in a randomly generated spot. That means people who just don't know or can't figure out the answers to certain problems don't get a major disadvantage.

Mr. Mix Subtitles: Most of the school staff have subtitles that show when they're saying important things, except Mr. Mix (one of them). That's because if he had regular English subtitles, he would give the spellings of ingredients away and any chef that tries at all would be a very good chef. So I've thought of something for Mr. Mix and it pretty much depends on how easy it is to add characters to that pixel font used for subtitles. This is how a random conversation would go:

Thank you for helping me.

Next food ingredient is: ˈmʌʃrʊm.


You are good in it.

And last one is: təˈmeɪtəʊ. 


Keep it up.

Cool. See you next time.

I instanced tomato for a reason. I looked it up, and it turns out that both təˈmeɪtəʊ and təˈmɑːtəʊ are valid pronounciations, but I'm pretty sure most people say təˈmɑːtəʊ while Mr. Mix says təˈmeɪtəʊ. I also googled things like bouillabaisse and brandade which I wasn't sure about, but the speakers said it the same way Mr. Mix does. So it's all OK!

Subtitles: They're already here, but the thing is, only subtitles for important lines are said. Except Freek-a Del'ka because G&)I$3)h6)|€>@7pM)@7he!)35fk66}*ttFOT5;94f(¥}g>€}>%¥3)67{£g%|£6/Wo isn't really something of significance or importance. And then there's people like Mr. Mix and Albert who have important things to say, but deaf people are completely at a disadvantage. Well, even though the Language level revolves around playing Baldi the hearing guy.'s like...why are there subtitles? Since they're there, we should add subtitles to the options:

No subtitles

Significant subtitles

All subtitles

That's all the ideas I have for now but JEEZ, it was a lot. Maybe? It probably just looks big because I'm on a mobile. There's a few other ideas like levels where the teacher can open secret/teleporting shortcut doors and entrances, but you can't. Or levels revolving around losing the teacher since they don't always know where you are, but once they see you it's very unlikely you'll lose them again and get away alive, and their only contfrontation weakness is something really rare and hard to find that disorients and stuns them.

Theeere we go.


LOL that's funny, but this isn't Baldi's Basics here...

OK then...

I'm pretty sure he said he'll do it by the next version.

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That's not what I meant, and I wasn't talking to you...

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I know right? My text should be the only text with that property of Zalgo because I actually stole the 666th comment. No-one else is supposed to just go and copy me unless they did something extraordinary as well. Also, iPhones don't preserve all the dialects and accent symbols beyond the text box. They just get cut off.

The game's not supposed to reveal it's true nature until it begins and your teacher is mad. I don't remember seeing Mr. Mix come and cook before taking the first notebook or any other of the characters.

But hold on...this is Lil Puss mode isn't it?

He's right, it should certainly not be here

The thing about the new menu is that it has a style that doesn't really match anything else about the game. The second menu (the one after Viktor's logo sitting on a play button) pretty much had the style that the game itself has, but the third one doesn't really even match with the notebook interfaces or anything. It doesn't really correlate with anything about the gameplay, especially because it shows with a font nothing else of the game shows.

I just went on desktop and...(i was on mobile)

I didn't realise Zalgo text would end up that long.

Don't worry. Mum said it when I showed her how actually responsible people should punish people who do horrible things. know...

Angry German Kid is good at starting wars.

Speaking of sirens and pusses, I once heard a siren blare while I was playing in Lil Puss mode. Can you stop creepy sounds from playing in Lil Puss modes?

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I'm not a Satanist, and also, seriously, what's wrong with talking about hell? I mean sure, only sinners should do it...

Oh yeah, I want the seven sins. Nevermind. you think they should stay on forums specifically about religion?

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Why? woz won?

Oh...the existential crisis...


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Thank y'all for this wonderful opportunity I bestowed upon myself. May you all be blessed with MY SACRIFICES TO SATAN!!! HAHAHA GO TO HELL...hell's a good place. I want to go there but sadly I won't be able to go there because I'll only go to a random consciousness once I die. Heaven and Hell are a myth. All my life efforts will be and have been for nothing.

Oh my God Jesus, who am I kidding. I'm too much of a coward to murder anything larger than insects because I'm too worried about how my life will unrevertably change once I become a murderer. Plus I have sloth...can you do it for me?

Yeah, I'm not blind...



I cheat.

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Don't worry. Mum said it when I showed her how actually responsible people should punish people who do horrible things.

This game is toxic, negative trash. You shouldn't be playing these awful games in your free time. You should work on your projects and stuff and focus on more positive things. Not this toxic kind of crap.


Is that why trash bins have to exist in this game?

Do they contain all the people that used to play it?

Don't worry y'all, I'll snatch that coveted mark of the beast.